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    P8Z77-V Pro or Maximus V Gene

    I'm trying to decide between these 2 motherboards for my upcoming build with a i5 3570k and I can't make my mind up. I only plan on using 1 gpu for the foreseeable future along with my Xonar Essence STX soundcard. I'm confused as to which board would overclock better. The Pro has a 12+ 4 power...
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    FS: Dragon Age 2 $10

    mods please close
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    GeForce 290.53 Beta Drivers

    290.53 Vista/Win 7 64-Bit
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    NVCP TrMSAA not working?

    I just purchased a GTX 470 a few days ago mostly because I wanted to see how its AA modes compare to the ATI 5xxx series. For the most part I'm pretty impressed, especially since I found the tool that lets you do full screen SGSSAA in DX10/11. The Coverage Sampled AA and Transparency SSAA modes...
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    What's the best BIOS for ref. 5850?

    I have two reference Sapphire 5850s that I'm trying to overclock past CCC limits but they don't play nicely with afterburner or amdgputool. I've heard the MSI or Asus BIOs are the two main choices but which is more recommended overall? Are the overclock limits in CCC the same with either and...
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    Differences between symbolic directory link and directory junction?

    I'm trying to grasp what the major differences are between a directory junction and a symbolic directory link. Neither type takes up any extra disk space. Both seem to point to the target directory, and unlike hard file links, because the data isn't duplicated, when the target directory is...
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    5850 benchmark problems

    I received my sapphire hd5850 reference design last week. I've overclocked it a little bit but mostly I've been just benchmarking it at stock settings to see if I get any artifacts or errors. I ran Furmark for about 6-7 hours and the temps went up to about 87C and I couldnt see any artifacts. I...
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    Best 1 slot PCIe x1 card for physx?

    I was wondering if there was any decent PCIe x1 card that would work decently with nvidia physx or is there nothing good available. I would be using it with a 5850CF setup and a PCIe x1 card with a 1 slot cooler is all I could fit in my motherboard.
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    Best cleaner for LCD displays?

    My LCD is very bright even compared to other LCDs, so for the most part dirt goes unnoticed and I don't feel the need to clean it as often as my old CRT. I'm looking for a good streak free cleaner that doesn't leave any noticeable residue and that is safe to use of course. I've already purchased...
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    Auzentech Prelude and FP Audio questions.

    Ok so I've been using an Auzentech Prelude 7.1 PCI sound card for about a year now with headphones. I had them connected with the basic line out port on the back of the card but now that port has gotten loose so the sound cuts in and out at times. Now I'm trying to just use the front panel...
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    Free Ventrilo for 30 days

    I got a flier with something I bought that offers a free 10 user Ventrilo or Teamspeak server for 30 days. Go to and use discount code: XH32KMS7HFLU if you're interested.
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    Best way to get FO3 expansions?

    I bought Fallout 3 right around the time it was released last year through steam. I played through it once and really enjoyed it and decided I wanted to wait until all the expansion packs came out before I played through it again. Now I need to figure out what would be the best and cheapest way...
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    Looking for a good cheap lapel mic

    I've been using a gigaware USB lapel microphone with a 1/8" rca adaptor built into it. It's been working great since I bought it about a year ago but the clip on mechanism broke off so I need a new one. I'm looking for a good cheap one either usb or 1/8" the only one i see at newegg is this one...
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    Looking for mouse with excellent tracking & response

    I've been using a Logitech G5 r2 mouse since I bought a new pc last year. Before that I had only used cheap optical mice and I obviously noticed the much higher sensitivity but I hate how it tracks and it seems to skip all the time. I have the latest Setpoint drivers installed and I've turned...
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    USB traffic causing mouse lag?

    I just recently purchased a 1TB WD My Book Essential Ed. Ext. Hd and have it hooked up to a USB 2.0 port on my PC. I also have a USB 2 Logitech G5 mouse and G15 keyboard as well as a USB 2 mic all hooked up to USB 2.0. ports. It feels like my mouse isn't as responsive as before I installed the...
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    Any good Vehicle Combat games out there?

    I keep remembering how much fun I used to have as a kid playing the twisted metal and carmageddon games but I really haven't seen anything out there the past few years that has vehicle combat in the same vein. I'm really hoping RAGE goes in that direction but in the meantime is there anything...
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    OK to buy cd key only for games?

    A friend of mine just bought Resident evil 5 for the PC so I've been looking where I could find a copy for the lowest price. I see cd keys for sale for like $12-13 which seems like a great deal but is it a totally legit way to buy a game. I'm asking about buying games in general like this...
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    Lost Planet Colonies Edition Whered everyone go?

    Ok so I did this with Sacred 2 a few weeks back now I'm playing Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Edition. I just beat the single player campaign and loved the fun boss fights but i was hoping for some gundam like multiplayer action. I heard the colonies edition is still going pretty strong...
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    Sacred 2 Where'd everyone go?

    Ok so I finally found this game for a good price of $19.99 and theres a new expansion suppossed to be coming later this year as well so I figured id get my feet wet with another arpg. I played a few hours in single player and I dug the gameplay enough to start a hardcore character. I checked the...
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    Q9450 will these temps work?

    Ok so I've tried reseating my Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme heatsink about 7 times now with different amounts of thermal paste and using different methods. I tried to spread out a small out over the whole processor, I tried putting a thin line across the middle, tried a small blob in the...
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    Where to find crysis benchmarks

    Ok I'm looking for a crysis website that people frequent alot and post benchmarks. Is there a really popular site like this around?
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    Future Outlook for Socket B/1336

    Ok So i7 uses the new Socket B 1366 pin LGA and I know that the upcoming i5 and i3 processors will use different sockets as well but those are mainstream processors. What about the upcoming Westmore 32nm processors based on Nehalem, probably still Socket B right but any official word on that...
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    Going 4890 xfire is my rig good enough?

    Ok so I'm planning on grabbing a couple 4890s for some crossfire sweetness and I'm sure my rig will be a bit of a bottleneck because its not top of the line. I'd just like to know if there will be any major performance letdown. I have a p35 board still but I'm going to upgrade to an X48 mobo for...
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    GTX 295 on PCI E 1.1 Bottleneck?

    Ok so I've done alot of searching on this already and have already seen some reviews on gpu performance in games and benchmarks for PCI-E1.1 x16 or 2.0 x8 vs 2.0 x16 and it appears in most games theres no noticable difference but in some it can be quite noticable. X48 vs P45 Xfire Review...
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    Whats the most difficult game you've played?

    I'd like to hear what all of you think are some of the hardest games you've ever played. I'm talking about single player games but I guess that could include coop as well. I've played quite a few games this past year and have noticed that in general games from 10 or so years ago are noticably...
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    Q9450 too hot?

    Well I've been searching for what other people usually get for temps with my Q9450 and I can't figure out why my temps are way hotter then what other people report. I'm getting around ~70c load and ~55c Idle 1.29 Vcore @ 3.4 and at stock (2.66) im getting ~60c load and ~50c Idle stock Vcore. Im...
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    Lost Planet which version to buy?

    Ok so I played the demo for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and I thought it was pretty decent so I'd like to buy this game but now I see that there's a new version out called Lost Planet: Colonies Edition it's like a gold edtion with new multiplayer maps and weapons and a few other things. My...
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    I need a good gamepad for some games need help

    Ok so I just bought the PC version of Devil May Cry 4 a few days ago but I noticed right away that the keyboard/mouse setup just doesnt work well at all for this game at all so now I need to decide on a good gamepad to buy. I do own a PS3 and I did find some drivers that suppossedly make the...
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    180.48 WHQL drivers released

    So these are the Big Bang II drivers I presume. It says multi-monitor SLI is enabled on these too. Also: Hope to see some of those gains especially warhead.
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    Cant listen to OGG Vorbis files in WMP

    I'm using Windows Media Player 11 on my Vista x64 SP1 rig and I downloaded these Illiminable Directshow filters version 0.71.0946 that should let me play Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Speex, Ogg Theora, Ogg FLAC and native FLAC files on any Directshow player including WMP I try...
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    Playing Farcy 1 Theyre shooting me through the walls help!

    Well I just bought this game again off steam so its all updated with the 1.4 patch and I'm at the 4th level i think and now the badguys are shooting me through walls like they have xray vision or something :eek:. They dont shoot through foliage though. I haven't played this game since around the...
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    Getting a 4870X2 have questions

    Ok I decided to get a 4870X2 that will replace my 9800GX2 and would like the transition to be as smooth as possible especially considering so many people have been having problems with ATI Drivers. My resolution is 1920x1200. 1) Do I absolutely have to reinstall my OS/reformat or would it be...
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    Obivion GOTY worth it for $50?

    Well tommorrow I plan on going to best buy to purchase Fallout 3 but I'm also very interested in trying their previous hit game Oblivion Elder Scrolls 4. I checked their website and it says I can get the Game of the Year Edition which includes the 2 expansions The Shivering Isles and Knights of...
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    How do I connect my PS3 to my soundcard?

    Ok I have an Auzentech Prelude X-Fi soundcard that I'm connecting to my PS3 through Toslink optical connection. The output device are my headphones that are connected to the line out 1 from my prelude. I'm not getting any sound though. I've changed the output sound device to optical in the PS3...
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    How Good have ATI been about Drivers HD 2000/3000 series?

    Ok so I'm really close to pulling the trigger and buying a 4870x2 the only thing that really has me worried is ATI neglecting to release new drivers on a consistent basis and/or when a game scales really poorly in Crossfire. I'm especially worried about drivers when the the next ATI architecture...
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    How to run Crysis in DX10 mode? General 64-bit DX10 Gaming questions

    Ok so Im running Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 and I have a 9800gx2 video card which is DX10 compliant, and I'm trying to figure out how to run crysis in DX10 mode. I see in my crysis folder that there are a bin32 and bin64 folder. In the bin32 folder there is 1 executable but in the bin64 one...
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    Which Display mode for blu-ray movies?

    Ok I just bought a PS3 this week and I'm pairing it with my DS-263N 1920x1200 res monitor. The PS3 as many of you know can upscale to 1080p. For games I know what to do I just set my monitor to aspect mode after setting 1080p display mode in the PS3 settings, but for the Blu-ray movies I'm...
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    Which console to buy 360 or PS3?

    Ok I know you've probably heard this question a million times by now but I have to ask you all which console would be the best fit for me based on my criteria, or possibly it would be best to not buy one at all, you tell me. First of all I have a high end PC (but nothing spectacular by [H]...
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    Does Vista have color management like Firefox 3 does?

    I recently ordered a Doublesight DS-263N Wide Gamut LCD monitor and soon saw for myself the way it oversaturates normal sRGB content in every application that I used and its really been bugging me more and more over time. I downloaded the new Firefox 3 alpha yesterday because i heard that it had...
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    Which front panel connector do I use (AC97 or Intel HD)

    I just received my computer system a few days ago which includes an Auzentech Prelude X-Fi Soundcard that has a front panel audio connector, The case I'm using is a Cooler Master 830 SE full tower case which includes both AC97 and Intel HD audio front panel connectors. When I received my system...