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    Retro: When did flash ROM replace traditional ROM + CMOS chips?

    In other words, when did motherboards start using flash ROM chips to hold both the system BIOS and the CMOS settings? What were some of the first motherboards that used re-writable flash ROM chips, while ditching the CMOS chip entirely, or relegating the CMOS chip to just keep time? If any...
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    Ode to DoubleSight DS-263N, stopgap until 4K/144/FALD/HDR >27"

    DoubleSight DS-263N: March 2008 -- August, 2017. With nearly 9.5 years of service, it's the single best piece of hardware I've ever owned. 25.5", S-IPS, 1920 x 1200. At $700, 'twas one of the first, large IPS panels significantly below the $1K threshold (also $200 less than the Planar with an...