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    Favorite MGS

    Personally my favorite metal gear soild game has to be MGS3 just for the incredible story and emotinal impact. Although i think MGS4 really perfects the controls, mgs 3 has got to be my favorite in terms of overall impact on the my perception on the series. But please, voice your opnion.
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    360 Racing Wheel Lag?

    I recently picked up the MS 360 Racing wheel and while beeing failry impressed i cant help but notice a sense of lag when steering. When i installed the PGR 3 disc with the drivers i was expecting some kind of initial set up or loading screen, instead the disc went straight to the game. The...
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    Locating Guitar Hero 2 in Canada

    I have been having a brutal time trying to track down a copy of Guitar hero 2 for the 360. I live in Calgary. Everywhere i phone is completley sold out but i did talk to a EB games employee who said Guitar hero 2 has actually been recalled. I guess that would make sense as Futureshop and Bestbuy...
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    GoW or R6 Vegas

    I hate to be one to do this but i simply cant decide and i really need a new game for my 360 so. I am aware Gears is all the rage interms of gaming but i cant help feeling that with all the hype and all the info and videos i have seen, i am already tired of the game. But, it is gears of war so i...
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    Xbox 360 breakdowns

    Im rather curious to see how many people who own 360s have had any kind of problems that would result in repair. Keep in mind i am not a flamer or any kind of fan boy of either 3 man consoles. Im not talking about the occasionaly lockup now and then. I mean actual breakdowns that require...
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    Xbox 360 Hard Drive problems

    Ive heard all kinds of problem about the 360 but today it came to my attention that the Hard Drives are having problems. I know about Overheating and the disc problem. Fogive me if there is already a post about this becuase i did a search and it came up usless and google sure doesnt seem to...