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    GTX 460 without Windows 7?

    Would there be any point to an upgrade to a GTX 460 from an 8800GT if I am still running Windows XP? I have been very wary about upgrading to Windows 7 mainly because I will lose all my files and such from the transfer. I know I should do it anyway. In the same breath anyone have any...
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    Is it worth $80 to get another 8800GT for SLI?

    I have been gaming on my 8800GT for a while now quite happily. It runs almost everything at decent framerates and settings. Right now I game mostly at 1680x1050, but I have a 1080p plasma that it might be cool to game on. Do you think it is worth $80 to get another 8800GT for SLI and get some...
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    Slow USB on new MSI GD-65

    So I have windows xp SP3 running on a new Core i5 with an MSI GD-65 mobo. My problem is right now my USB ports are only running at 6MB/s. This is 10x slower than supposed spec, but still faster than 1.1 so I am pretty sure it isn't a driver issue as it says I have Intel enhanced controllers in...
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    New CPU/MOBO/RAM combo

    Well I am about to bite the bullet and form a new core system as my last blew out. My biggest question is about AMD vs. Intel of course. Right now I am looking at this AMD combo That contains a Phenom II 955 Black...
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    Blown system?

    So I have had an older Athlon 64 X2 system running for years now using the same power supply. My roommate unplugged the computer moving stuff around. When I plugged it back in a really super high pitch noise came from the power supply and nothing would power on. Although the motherboard power...
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    Which Chipset for a new Build?

    So my old Athlon X2 939 and mobo finally bit the dust and it just doesn't seem worth it any more to try to keep it going. So I am looking for a new Mobo/CPU/RAM combo. Looking out at the landscape now is awfully confusing. I can't make heads or tails of it. Which, is the best chipset if I am...
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    Mobo fried?

    So I turned off my computer normal as usual, and then a little bit later tried to turn it back on again. Nothing. I checked the power cord and unplugged and replugged it in. The case lights, fans, cpu fan, and gpu fan all spin up and things seem to be going just fine, however, I get no post on...
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    Mobo fried?

    So I turned off my computer normal as usual, and then a little bit later tried to turn it back on again. Nothing. I checked the power cord and unplugged and replugged it in. The case lights, fans, cpu fan, and gpu fan all spin up and things seem to be going just fine, however, I get no post on...
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    Can't seem to get any overclock on my A8N...

    Alright I figured someone here might be able to help me. I just upgraded my old s939 system with a x2 3600+ in hopes of lengthening its life a bit. Now my rig is as follows A8N-SLI Deluxe mobo BIOS rev. 1016 Mushkin 2x512mb 2 2 2 5 DDR400 RAM Athlon x2 3600+ Galaxy GeForce 8800GT Now...
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    Super-Budget Intel Mobo Suggestions

    I am looking for a super-budget Intel Mobo that is just ROCK SOLID. My only requirements are Pentium D and Core Duo accepting (not sure yet if a Pentium D would cause a power problem, PCI-E built in sound (doesn't have to be awesome, just there), built in NIC, can use SATA HDDs, and isn't...
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    Random Stalls

    Alright, I am running WinXP on an Athlon64 3200+ and 1 gig of ram. I have been getting pretty consistent random stalls. I am watching the performance window of Windows task manager and randomly ever minute or couple minutes I see the CPU usage peak up to ~60-80% without performing any actions...
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    Display Set up and Testing Programs

    So I have gotten my new Sceptre 20" widescreen monitor. Now I really need to properly calibrate it. What programs are there that I can test the quality and settings of my monitor so that I can get it just right and make sure everything is working properlike? All help is much appreciated.
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    Any sense in upgrading 939 with new Socket?

    I was lucky enough to build a system early on during Socket 939 with PCI-E. My current system is a Winny 3200+ on an Asus nf4-SLI with 1gig of DDR ram. Now the more I look at what my future upgrade path will be the more I see that I am looking at a COMPLETELY new system going forward. AMD is...
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    Panel Tech Listings

    I was just thinking that a great addition to this page would be a simple sticky where we could list which monitors use which panel technology. It is the one thing which is almost NEVER mentioned in monitor specs and can be so tough to find, which can have the greatest effects on viewing...
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    Hi-Speed USB devices on an A8N SLI

    I know this must sound awfully dumb, but I can't seem to get USB 2.0 working on my A8N SLI. I have SP1 installed which is supposed to confer USB 2.0 drivers, but it says that none of my USB ports are Hi-Speed and run at slow USB speeds. Anyone have any clue to correct this?
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    Mushkin Lvl2 V2 Black 1GB $218

    This one seems to be a hot deal. Newegg has Mushkin 2225 TCCD RAM on sale for $228 shipped with a $10 rebate. That makes it $218 for 1GB.
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    InstallShield Wizard problems

    Basically it appears my Installshield wizard is completely screwed as nearly everything I try to install it corrupts or states is corrupted. Is there anything I can do short of trying to reinstall windows?
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    SP2 installation killed internet

    So I am using an A8N SLI and using the nForce4 ethernet adapter. It was all working great on my first try last night until I installed SP2. The Nforce4 firewall worked appropriately. Now with SP2 I cannot connect to any server despite it saying I am connected and sending packets. Also I...
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    Working on the first try?

    I am on my new A64 SLI system. Worked on 1st startup with no issues!! Now to get everything installed and fast! Wahoo!
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    Point me to a decent PC Builder Guide

    Basically I have my components all in a row. I have a knowledgable friend to help, but he isn't completely up to date on building a modern system. All I want is a decent guide that will just give me a general guide on the step by step of what to connect first and what to install first as I go...
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    PCI-E powersupply with possible SLI in future?

    Hi, I am putting together a system based around the Asus A8N SLI mobo and a 6800 GT along with the usual stuff (1 HD, 1 Optical etc). In the future it is of course possible that I will go the SLI route. My question is can I get a supply that will be able to expand a bit along with my computer...
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    NewEgg 1-day Half-Life 2 $30 free shipping 12/27

    This is good until 12/28. Half Life 2 boxed for $29.99 free shipping.
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    X800 XL Availability

    Now they have supposedly 'launched' the X800 XL and it looks like a damn fine card. The thing I want to know is when will it actually be available? This seems to be the ATI card of value at an MSRP of $350 with 16 pipelines and 256mb of GDDR3. I am not in a particular hurry because I am still...
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    6800gt Pci-e

    You can't really get a PCI-E 6800GT for less than $500 and I was wondering is nVidia just passing on PCI-E until their refresh? I mean I love the 6600GT, but a 128mb 8 pipeline care just won't cut it. I really like the 6800GT sweet spot. I haven't heard any of their refresh plans or a greater...