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    nede new motherboard what hot now ?

    Hi my old Supermicro X8ST3-F-O have got som bug I have think is was a SW fale but can se it now are a HW fale whit my motherboard what motherboard can you recommend IPMI big plus
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    ZFS pool SUSPENDED can it ben save

    Hi I got this from my zpool cabels look ok the 4 TB hdd have not run that much I haqve google but I will rely dont fu...k it up so sorry if I ask stupet
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    Supermicro 8-Port AOC-SASLP-MV8 and 4TB

    Hi are there any there know or that card can take 4TB disk I have google and finde one there sid he use it but cant finde a official info but it maby just me that not are good to google hope one can help me out have 6 4TB whating for me:D...
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    backup of my zfs server

    Hi time has com to I nede loking for som backup of my data on my zfs server I are loking on 2 ideas 1 Synology DiskStation DS411j + plug and play and move off site + small + cheap - not zfs - no ecc ram...
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    When will ZFS use RAM ?

    When I was building my ZFS server I read zfs nede a lot of ram but my zfs server max use 600mb I have 12GB on it and space for upgrade to 24GB, are it only if you use deup or will it ben use when I get more raidz2 I Got one on raidz2 whit 6 X2 2TB now
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    Are there any good reason not to use ZFS Compression ?

    Are there any good reason not to use ZFS Compression, I got a quad core xeon and 12 GB ram I can se I get 2-3 GB off af BLU-RAY iso files. that will be compres are bluray iso and dvd iso and tv show I rip to mkv it will be stream to my popcorn hour can it give som problems when it compres...
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    ZFS going from a normal cabinet to 4U what whit the pool

    hi I are going to order a 4U 24 Hotswap Bay Mini SAS cabinet but what do I do with my zfs pool it are on sata cables. now how do I move the pool so it not get me data destroyed the 4U are that hope...
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    cpu stress test Solaris

    can som help me with howc I can get my cpu on 100% load on solaris so I can se my max watt on load cpu 4 core with HT
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    Supermicro X8ST3-F + xeon cpu and cpu temp in solaris

    have just got built a zfs server whit solaris, and this MB and cpu but I cant get a cpu temp in °C in Supermicro IPMI VIEW it sid the cpu are LOW only and no temp in °C with temp and system are 33 are the system the cpu temp or ?, I have google to try to get som temp but it will not show cpu...
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    Different hard drive models ind zfs

    hi I have just order the last HW to my new zfs server Intel Xeon DP L5630 12GB (3x4GB) Kingston ValueRAM DIMM Kit PC3-10667E ECC CL9 (DDR3-1333) Supermicro X8ST3-F iX58 it are runing under solaris I have 6 hdd to it but also me old hdd from me unraid bult I will add to a vdem when the data...
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    ZFS write speed go down over time ?

    hi I have make a test machine to test zfs os solaris 11 express cpu E2200 ram 2GB DDR2 HDD 4 2TB WD Green raidz1 so I make af samba share and start to transfer the over whit 33-70mbs most 60-70mbs but when I have transfer 1TB it dropp down to 33mb and now it only 18mbs. why it drop down so...
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    rebuilding times with zfs

    have thought to switch from unraid to ZFS but I are worried of the rebuilding time it I go to ZFS it will be raidz2 with 5 X 2TB HDD I hope som have real life times of 6TB DATA rebuilding times
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    Bestbuy and DDR2 ram 2X 2GB kit ?

    Hi I cant se som on there site so are it real ther dont havde som ddr2 2 Xgb kit a last pc2 6400 ?
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    Radeon HD 3870 X2 price

    what will Radeon HD 3870 X2 cost ?