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    Asus x99-A PCB SLI connector

    I recently ordered an Asus x99-A and I'm planning on using one of those fancy pcb sli connector. Would anyone with this board happen to know how many millimeters is there for the 2 way sli?
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    Question on DDR4 UDIMM on a 5960x build.

    To start off I just picked up a 5960x earlier and I'm trying to be cost efficient on the other parts to make my budget work. Now I'm starting to look for inexpensive ram to partner with any msi board as they seem to be the lest expensive of the x99 boards I've seen at the store. So, my dilemma...
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    UBS speakers having drop outs on win 10/

    Anyone having issues with their usb connected device specifically an audio speaker? I upgraded to win 10 when it came out and have been having issues with my Audioengine A2+ where there would be a random thumping sound and audio will be lost for a second and then it would come back. I did a...
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    recovering question

    is there a way to recover pictures and files after a fresh install of OS?