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    9600be temps

    Ok well i just got a 9600be for really cheap and am having a few temp problems Do these temps look odd to you? room temp is 18-19c Rig is water cooled this same water cooling set up could just barely tame my q6600 @3.6ghz (1.45v core) idle Load what program would be the most...
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    Quick question (fx-62)

    Was wondering what the max v-core is for a fx-62.
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    Pos commando

    i was wondering if anyone here at [H]ard has an asus commando? reason im asking is because mine is so shitty its not even funny. ever since day one this thing has been difficult. when i am overclocking once i get to 380-400fsb and higher it just wont boot and i get detdram. so i figured...
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    Is 500 watts enough?

    first id like to post my voltages 3.3v rail is at 3.28 5v rail is at 5.07 12v rail is 11.72 im currently running a q6600 @3.6ghz (G0) an 8800gt got one hard drive one water pump 2 dvd burners When my computer is fully loaded cpu and gpu all i can smell is my power supply...
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    overclocking results for an 8800 gt

    well i got mine today and overclocked it as soon as it was in my computer. from stock 600gpu/900mem/1500 shader to 730/1065/1800 really i was wondering what you guys have been getting on your 8800 gt's post away (my first nvidia card. Not looking like the last one)
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    New to water

    got this from ncix i got all the air out if the system. idle temps are great at 19c but once i put 100 load it jumps to 60-70's (seems really high considering my shitty thermaltake V1 works better) flow seems good and it all hooked up right Pump,cpu,rad,res im just wondering if you...
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    3dmark 05/06 and vista 64 bit

    is there a way to get 3dmark 05 to work on vista 64 bit?
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    e8400 spoted

    if you guys want an Engineering Sample of the e8400 heres one on ebay for $470 can
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    Commando Overclocking

    ok guys i picked up an asus commando a few days ago thinking that i will get some decent overclocking numbers. Cpu = e6300 (using a thermaltake v1 cooler) Mb = asus commando Video card = x1950pro Ram = 4x512 pc5300 (ocz) Psu = Cooler master 500w well i cant get passed 375Mhz bus...