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    Unsure what he's asking for..

    I don't know anything about that JD Edwards AS/400, but for an inventory system, he can probably just nabb an opensource library system, like Evergreen or something.
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    Anyone gone to Ubuntu 11.04 yet?

    My desktop didn't like 11.04 much, due to ATI drivers not being ready. My Tablet PC did fine with 11.04. My desktop is now happily using Debian testing. My Tablet didn't like Debian due to it's poor wacom drivers. Ubuntu puts a lot of effort into getting good drivers working, but the 6 month...
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    Linux for parents

    If you go with Mint, consider the Debian Mint version. It gets a system out of Ubuntu's 6 month cycle.
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    Linux quad monitors

    It can, but you may have to deviate from the gui tools, due to the two different cards.
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    Excel question

    Assuming all the worksheets are saved in the same workbook file, you can create links between them quickly with simple mouse action. You probably already know what happens when you click other cells when setting up a cell's equation, so referencing the other sheets is as simple as doing that...
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    Nested RAID contraption idea for home Linux file server

    Thanks for the input, but I've already done the thing where I have tons of separate drives, and this is designed to replace that arrangement. I will no longer have to worry about filling one drive and moving it's contents to another drive, or having another power supply go bad on another...
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    Controlling my swap space?

    What on earth are you doing that eats that much RAM? Is this a home machine? I guess you could delay your disk swap a little bit by enabling compcache. I've used it on some laptops to stretch memory a little, without a problem. I have no idea if it's reliable enough for a server situation, but...
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    Controlling my swap space?

    How much RAM do you have? How much swap partition/file do you have?
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    Very basic question on designing a front page

    Essentially. The closer their defaults are to your intended use, the less work is there for you, so shop around. They will all have specific server requirements, such as database and server side scripting and stuff.
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    Very basic question on designing a front page

    Most of the modern things you listed are variations of content management systems. Instead of writing each page by hand, they let you style the whole site in a single act, and do page updates by just entering plain text in a simple form, or by clicking buttons. They are good for if a developer...
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    Nested RAID contraption idea for home Linux file server

    The big drives are 2TB each and the little drives are 500GB each. There are 4 of the 2TB drives and 2 of the 500GB drives (My diagram shows the wrong number, but I didn't feel like updating it). After the 2TB parity donation I figure it will end up with around 7TB of usable space for my stuff...
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    Anyone know of an open source HTML image map creator?

    Why not just use a text editor?
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    mac vs pc which is better for photo editing?

    I'm completely happy using Linux. Gimp, Inkscape, and Hugin do pretty much everything I care about doing.
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    registry cleaner whats a good one wxp 32bit

    I vote for ccleaner.
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    Learning Linux, how?

    Do you want to make a living from it, or just use your computer better? Most things are pretty easy to do, and when you want to do something new you can look it up at the time. The command line is nothing to be afraid of, it's like DOS with case sensitivity, and you don't need to use it very...
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    Nested RAID contraption idea for home Linux file server

    It would be simpler, but I think I'd lose a lot of capacity that way.
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    Nested RAID contraption idea for home Linux file server

    I've recently been making upgrades to an old PC, so I could have my own little linux file server at home. My thought was to use a few big disks in a software raid5. Nothing too fancy, and I'll probably just use Ubuntu for simplicity. While looking at the pile of disks of data I intend to...
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    Is there such as thing as...?

    I don't need this device to be bright enough to light the subject photographically, my flash actually does fine for that. I'm simply starting a pitch black dark environment and want my hands free from holding the flashlight. It's just pictures of bugs and toads and things at night. I'm not...
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    Is there such as thing as...?

    This might sound like an odd thing, but I'm feeling inventive, and I wondered if maybe one existed already. Basically I want a flashlight mount that could hook into the threaded tripod spot on the bottom of my camera. It doesn't have to be especially bright, just bright enough that I could see...
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    Do We Really Need Swap?

    My swap has been empty, but I like having a safety net. A little hard drive space is cheap.
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    Computer running slow - not malware

    Have you tried deleting some old files and logs, maybe run ccleaner? Generally I hate to install extra TSR's on Windows, but there is a little app called Process Tamer that can make a single core system a lot more bearable to use. All it really does is jockey process priorities when it sees...
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    Why no Windows 7 benchmarks by OCP?

    Even with better performance, XP will unfortunately not be supported well enough on future hardware. That's just the way things always are. Ideally Windows 7 will live on new faster hardware, so the performance hit may be unnoticed. Of course it's always good to ask why things are different, to...
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    XP still faster than 7 ?

    I can see 95 to 98 being faster IF 95 had IE4 installed beforehand. Otherwise it seems unlikely, because 95 was very slim before IE4 was introduced to it. Naturally 2k was an improvement over ME/98, it was the nice NT kernel. With the way the consoles are taking almost all of the games, I...
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    XP still faster than 7 ?

    It will see a megabyte out of the box, and can make use of 4GB with HIMEM.SYS loaded. Why anyone would need 4GB of ram with DOS I couldn't say, I guess they could run a really nice ramdisk. Not really the point anyhow, LOL.
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    XP still faster than 7 ?

    WinXP rightfully should be faster than Win7, and Win2k should be faster than WinXP, and WinNT4 should be faster than Win2k, and DOS5 should be faster than them all. It would be pure fanboyism to pretend differently. Not going to get much use from 8 gigs of ram or USB3 or blueray in DOS, or much...
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    What can I do with with my midi keyboard

    There are adapters you can get to let you plug into usb.
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    Why you chose linux

    I use Linux for many reasons. Linux runs faster then Windows on the same computer, it makes an old computer feel powerful. Linux is full of the latest full featured versions of most of the apps that I have to download and install from multiple sources when on Windows, and the Windows...
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    Do You Use Ubuntu?

    I'm surprised this hasn't been moved yet, they used to be quick about that, unless I'm thinking about someplace else. Oh well. It is slightly irksome having to wade through a Windows forum to get to the Linux forum, but it's been that way for a long long time.
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    You're OS progression on your main PC?

    On my main PC 1. Commodore Vic 20 Basic 2. MS DOS 5.0 + Windows 3.0 3. MS DOS 6.22 + Windows 3.11 4. Windows 95 5. Windows 98 6. Windows NT 4.0 7. Windows 2000 8. Windows XP 9 Ubuntu 7.04 to 9.04
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    Win7 Is it worth finally giving up XP?

    When did I say it was better? All I said is that it's purpose is to do the job is was purchased for. XP is as safe as the person who uses it, and the same goes for Vista or 7. If XP is run under a normal non-admin account, it is for the most part already sand-boxed. It's even more secure if...
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    Win7 Is it worth finally giving up XP?

    The purpose of the OS is to run other software. If the current OS is doing the job without problems, there is no real reason to change.
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    Your MUST-HAVE list of software?

    Firefox Gimp Inkscape Hugin Virtualdub OpenOffice
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    What is the "audacity" of video editing?

    Virtualdub will give more control over the quality of the output than pretty much anything, but you have to take the time to learn to use it, it isn't designed to make the decisions for the user.
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    Video Conversion Software

    Virtualdubmod should be able to do it. Avi-mux might do what you want too, depending on the original file's codecs.
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    Trouble with Computer Lab PCs

    This may help you out: You should be able to turn it off, make your changes, then turn it back on.
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    Trouble with Computer Lab PCs

    There should be a default user in the Documents and Settings directory off the root of your c: drive. Anything you change in the default will be reflected in newly created accounts. 1. Backup the default user folder. 2. Create a temporary account. 3. Log in to temporary account. 4. Set...
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    What was that software for new computers?

    There is a program called win-get, that would allow you to script a nice list of things to be installed, but I don't think the project is being updated, or at least a lot of the apps in it's list look like very old versions.
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    New mechwarrior in development

    I'm going to be very disappointed if the mech lab is watered down like MW4 was. The strategy that the lab brings in was huge part of the fun. Too many decisions were taken out of the players hands in MW4, which was such a huge irritation after the great plethora of options that MW3 allowed. Ugg...
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    Trouble with Computer Lab PCs

    So the user profile is being deleted each night on shutdown? You could try to overwrite the default profile to a state after initialization, it might remedy the issue.