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    Ex 07: Messages Delayed

    Straight and to the point: messages to a domain are delayed. In the outbound queue the error shows that the "Primary Target responded 421 4.2.1 Unable to Connect".... Note that responded part, seems to verify comms work. HOWEVER I cannot do a "telnet 25"- connect failed...
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    Sharepoint + Shared Documents?

    Has anyone kindof merged both of these together? Basically I'd like to setup a folder structure (A folder for each customer, and sub-folders in that), as well as has inter-company folders (finances and whatnot). I could use a VPN or something to grant inter-company folks access to what they...
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    Logitech Z-5500 good for home theatre?

    I currently have The Z-5500s. Totally great for using to listen to music off my laptop on the desk. My question is I want to move them (maybe- seeking your input) and using them as a home theatre setup. I really don't want to spend a whole lot of money on a higher end setup. I could see...
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    New Woot Thing?

    Anyone see Woot's homepage? What's up with that?
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    Run cable through two story?

    Any tips? It's not hooked up for speaker wiring, I was just curious how one would do that... It's not like there's a drop down ceiling or attic I can get into to run it for my two rear speakers.
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    How to float a div to bottom of another div?

    Basically I've got a header div. Inside that header div, I've got another div that the horizontal menu sits in. The menu works fine, but it's appearing at the TOP of the header instead of at the bottom. How do I float this div down to the bottom of the header div, so that the menu appears at...
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    Logitech Z-5500, make rear speakers wireless?

    I've got the Logitech Z-5500 (,en) I've been using these just for my laptop, but think I'm going to repurpose them for use as Home Theatre surround. Digital input is fantastic... However, I don't want to run...
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    LED vs LCD vs Plasma vs DLP

    Now, I know this has the possibility of turning into a flame war so PLEASE just keep it civil, folks... I want to keep it objective to hopefully find out what's the best thing on the market right now. Granted, I think OLED and Laser will both kick the pants of all of these formats, but since...
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    Google Sync iPhone Outage Now?

    Anyone else using Google Sync have all their contacts vanish right now?
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    SBS 08 Exchange Database Location?

    I have not yet run through the Wizards that configure email yet. So, my question, is does it ask me in those Wizards where to store the Exchange data? I mean, I want it on my Data partition, not OS partition. I just want to get it in the right location from the get-go, obviously. I...
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    TV Shows Online?

    What's the best way to do it? I'm really sick of cable. Not enough stuff that I'm interested in to pay for. Plus, I'm basically paying to watch ads. Anything else in the world that has ads is free. So, I was thinking of dropping cable and just using Netflix on my 360 or something. But I...
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    My iPhone Review

    Alright, I've had it 3 weeks now, here's my review of the iPhone 3GS 32GB. Please note, this is from a PERSONAL vantage point. The iPhone still cannot hold a candle to the capabilities of the Blackberry in a business environment (Which add up to more than just Exchange support). In a basic...
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    Remote Monitor/Mouse/Keyboard

    Let's say I want to stick my tower in a back room somewhere, and just have the monitor/mouse/keyboard kindof in a kiosk fashion... Anyway to do that? I'm thinking perhaps some sort of IP KVM but not sure. I don't know how like watching a DVD would perform over the network like that. Edit- Or...
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    New to SBS 08- Backups

    How are you folks doing your backups? My thought was getting some external hard drives and backing up daily to those, and having a manager take them home every day. However since I'm not controlling the physical access to the hard drives at his house- encryption is the first thing that...
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    SBS08 Install Issues

    100% clean install. The first go-round, I installed it- configured some stuff- and then it updated at some time. After the reboot- it's like the thing was a P2 on 256MB of RAM... Explorer wouldn't pull up, I can't launch any programs, can't open Network, can't open IE, etc. But Safe Mode works...
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    TechNet downloads down for anyone else?

    Logged in and now anything I try to download it won't let me, saying my Live ID isn't linked to a TechNet account... Don't know if it's just me or if anyone else is having the same issue?
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    SBS Server

    Just looking for a tower (There's no rack) for an SMB... About 50 users, only a max of 20ish signed on at any given time. I was thinking of SBS 2008, what are you folks sticking into SMBs nowadays?
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    Document Imaging/Management

    I thought I'd make a thread in here and see if I can get ideas I might've overlooked. Basically the situation... small company (IE; just getting a server is a big step, getting a server AND $5K in Sharepoint licensing is killer). There's more employees remotely, at any given facility (Their...
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    Imaging Systems

    What do you guys use? Mainly I'm looking for something I can place documents into... Assign them to a customer somehow, and then a customer can signon and see their various documents and stuff (sales orders, invoices, stuff like that). I'm not sure if SharePoint would do something like...
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    Basic iPhone questions

    Might possibly be getting a 3GS and had some questions. The turn by turn directions- is there an app to do this? I just don't feel like bending over and letting ATT charge me another $10 a month Same thing about the voice dialing and stuff, it seems like ATT charges for that, too...
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    Cell Phone For Me? Pick one!

    Alright, folks. Looking for a personal phone. Since it's personal, don't care about Exchange or enterprise features (which means the iPhone (*shudder*) is actually in the running). Here's the thoughts about where I live... TMobile lacks 3G here. Sprint's had 3G the logest of any carrier...
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    Home-Built Server Randomly (Suddenly) Shutting Off

    I'm sure I can troubleshoot this but just wanted to run it by you folks and make sure I'm not missing something simple. Basically, for the past few days this server randomly shuts off. Abruptly, suddenly. There's other devices plugged into the UPS that don't- so I know it's not the source of...
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    Replace my DC?

    What I'd like to do is add a second server on the network, transfer the roles, and repurpose the old server for something else. Any step by step guides out there that cover this? I just want to make sure the network isn't dependant upon the old server anymore. I know the basic process but a...
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    ATT Shady Practices

    This is an email I sent off to an ATT manager one day. That manager never responded, so true to my promise: I'm making this readily accessible for anyone that wants to research this problem, or these agent's names. The short story is this: I caught ATT's reps making up terms of service that...
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    Folder exists shared, not locally... ??????

    D:\Home Folders\user is the path to all the user's home directories on the server. One user has this problem. Can access his data just fine, from any machine (including the server itself) using the \\server\home folders\user path. But going through D:\Home Folders\user that user's folder is...
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    Hosting: For those of you that have been long-term (1+Year) with your host

    Lots of advice on hosting comes from folks that have only had short-term experience with their webhost. Who here has used their current webhost 1+ Year and can share your experience with them? I'm currently looking at Site5 or Bluehost but, being shared hosting- I don't know how good they...
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    MW2... Missed one laptop/intel... Where is it?

    I have no idea which one I missed, but I missed one- SOMEWHERE. Is there any way I can tell where I missed it without having to play the entire campaign again to make sure?
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    Find out what a device IP is based off MAC?

    So a network device I've got has been moved to a new network on a new location. Because of this reason all the arp caches are worthless. So how on earth do I find out what the IP of this device is? Anyone? All I've got is the MAC. (Yea I realize I could reset it however I also lack a...
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    Recommend a Cable Modem

    So, the past 2 days my internet takes a dump every few minutes. Sometimes it'll last fine for hours, and tonight it does it every 10 minutes. Well, I cannot ping the interface on the modem when it does it. I can wait it out and it comes back on just fine. At any rate, to...
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    Restoring WHS Files?

    So, let's assume we've got all the machines in our home network all backed up to the WHS. Then let's also assume we've got WHS backed up and offsite in case of fire. Now let's say your house burns down. How on earth do you actually restore the data within WHS? It looks to me like it...
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    WHS Speeds

    Seems to be alot of folks with WHS slow transfer speeds. Can everyone do a quick file copy on their WHS (Those that have them) and see what the active speeds are? Also include wether you're on 1Gbps or 100Mbps network.
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    Where can I find info on this WLAN card?

    I've got a Dell Wireless N 1520 card in my notebook. Basically I was wondering what kind of N this was, is it dual band or ..... ???? I cannot seem to be able to find ANYTHING online about this thing.
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    Gmail/IMAP... Contact Sync?

    I mean what the crap is with this... Google can build a Mobile app to throw on my Blackberry to where I can access my Gmail contacts but I can't do it via IMAP? They can build an app for syncing the Calendar but not the Contacts? How can I sync my Outlook's contacts with Gmail? I don't know...
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    Vista and IE8: History not clearing

    When I start typing "hard" into the address bar, it has all the history for it come up. I've tried using the Delete Browsing History (and yes- I untick the option for the Favorites website data so it deletes EVERYTHING), and it still stays in there. I've even completely exited IE, ran...
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    Anyone here use Mozy (at home or in Small Biz)???

    Basically my plan was to get all my PCs backed up to the WHS... Then run Mozy on the WHS to keep it all offsite. I mean, $5 is ridiculously cheap... Anything I'm not seeing in the fine print here? Or Carbonite? Anyone had experiences with either?
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    HP Home Server- Beefy Enough for Exchange?

    AMD Sempron 2.0Ghz 2GB RAM Anyone ever stuck Exchange 2007 (Probably 2010 when it comes out- 2010 is supposed to be even more efficient) on WHS?
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    Cheap (Maybe Free?) Email Hosting Place (For Home Use)?

    Basically I was going to buy a domain to have a "personalized" email address. Cheap enough, few bucks a year. My question is who can host the email? Like who can I point the MX records to? Anywhere cheap to do that- or even free? I was figuring once I got the mail onto a server at some...
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    Get out of your Sprint contract FREE! Ends 1/31/10

    Anyone who wants it, thought I'd pass this on. This could also be used to probably get free stuff (they'll offer to give you stuff to keep you with them). But mainly, this is for folks that want out of contract. You'll have 30 days from 1/1/10 (Or from the time your bill shows these new...
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    Cookie Issues

    In reference to the prior post: I'm having the same issues, actually. It's happened over the past week or two. I thought it was perhaps the flaky internet connection, but I just had it happen AGAIN on another network with another internet...
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    Zune HD 16GB $179.99, 32GB $232.99

    Currently the best deals, now that Walmart 20% Cashback is dead (Walmart is still a bit cheaper but after tax, it kills it). 32GB $267.99 at Amazon minus $30 gift card minus $5 MP3s credit = $232.99 16GB $204.99 at Amazon minus $20 gift card minus $5 MP3s credit = $179.99