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    KiNeCt!!! Who picked one up!?

    I'm surprised there are no kinect threads. Is everyone too busy playing? :confused:
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    Controlling my swap space?

    Hi guys, Recently I've been doing a lot of memory intensive stuff, and as a result i've been swapping all the time. As soon as my box enters swap land, it gets slowwwwwwwwwww. Does anyone know of a way to say... halt everything and bring up a prompt if i'm about to swap? Also occasionally...
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    bunnyhop to prone

    How many of you are sick of this crap? Every time i play cod there's at least one idiot who has to hop to prone to get kills. Does anyone know of any games where the player takes damage from hopping to prone? Realistically if you were to do it you'd get the wind knocked and possibly break...
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    dual 22" widescreens, or one 24" widescreen

    well, i have 2 samsung 220wm's i can put side to side or i can sell them and get a Soyo 24" 24DYLM24D6 I do a lot of 3d work so 2 would be beneficial but i dont have a tv so.... i can't decide! help me! :p
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    Cannot install this hardware

    Hey guys, I recently purchased this USBlink, to connect the ECU of my car up to my laptop to tune its fuel delivery etc. Anyways, I've tried installing it multiple times on this machine, using the recommended methods (install driver package, plug in, hit "no, not at this time," then install...
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    get 20 bucks to your paypal for trying an ebay service

    if you PM me with your email addy so i can refer you. Ill give you $2.5 of the ref. bonus. Don't know if everyone has seen this, but It works great and the money is transferred to your paypal account pretty fast. From SD: What to do exactly: 1. Go to and on the...
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    Anyone have any spare ram?

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    anyone else have this problem with lumines?

    well, i just got done playing challenge mode... got 104,730!!!! and unlocked about 4 more skins. so after i got done, it said "now loading. are you sure you would like to load player data" or somethingl like that. so i clicked ok... and it didnt save my high score or skins. this has happened...
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    could a video card limit the system so badly like this?

    well; its between the ram and the vid card on my dads computer...i just cant figure out which is having more of a negative affect on his. ok specs: amd athlon xp 2100 soltek sl-75kav mobo 640mb pc133 ram (eugh) using built in sound and ati rage 128 graphics (i believe this is right)...
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    gt4 photos

    yes, its ANOTHER gt4 thread! been playing a while, and i just spent a while taking some pics. so post up your cars/etc none of mine were edited, just cropped/resized. cone punt death imminent DIE DIE DIEK DIEK DIE and the...
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    awww yea.... gt4 tomorrow

    who else has it pre-ordered? i cant wait.... i loved gt3 and gt4 just looks amazing.
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    where are all you people?!

    so i got into scad with a 10,000$ scholarship.... here is my latest tinker image that i did tonight. its winter and i miss the beach, so i made the sea. wow thats big.
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    simplest way to take a screenshot from an avi?

    well, i want to make a photo sequence from this AVI i have of me... but i cant just take a screenshot with windows media player. anyone know of a simple way to take screenshots from avi's?
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    simple free stop motion software?

    me and my friend just took a bunch of pictures in succession; and now we want to make them into a video. we tried some slideshow programs, but they just played it slow, and all the stop motion programs... suck.... all i need is something that can take the images, and make them into an avi...
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    who likes pot?

    haha i tricked you nah nah
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    metroid prime: hunters demo for the ds... what do i do!?!?

    well, when i got my ds i just skipped the metroid game and went straight to mario64. Now ive been playing it alot lately becuase it shows off the graphics capability of the ds... but i always get to a room in the first level thing and get stuck. i get stuck in the room with the sliding...
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    well, i think im gonna ask for a tablet for christmas this year. ive been lookin and i have been told to go with the Intuos2 6x8; but damn they are expensive. where did you guys get yours?
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    nintendo DS.... thoughts?

    Well, i know some of you picked these up; and ive been itching to trade in my ps2 + games and get one today. They look pretty fun, as are most nintendo games. i played metroid, the graphics were pretty good; n64 quality, but the stylus thing was really damn cool. So, of those of you who...
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    fastest you've gone in nfsu2

    well, post some screenies! i was going down 21 at this speed, and just as i reached for f12 i hit this....
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    Destin Balcomy. Simple scene. CC if you want

    wire: took about 6 hours to create, spread across 3 months because i forgot about it now off to look at colleges this weekend! :( :(
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    probably an easy/dumb question, but...

    in winxp, is there any way to format,but leave select files on the computer? or is there any way to just re-install the OS but leave all the other stuff i have on my c: drive?
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    finding torrent files

    What are some good search engines you guys use to find those perfectly legal shareware torrents? :confused:
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    stock trading software?

    probably a foolish question, but are there any programs that can automatically buy/sell stocks at a given time/cost? :confused: :confused:
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    vector carzzzzzzz

    tinkered around in pshop for about 2 hours came up with this tips?
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    image stretching per resolution

    Hey guys, my website is only optimized for 1024x768 right now, and its kinda bothering me. using css, is there any way to get the top banner and white divider to stretch per resolution? the website in question is thanks
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    hosting your own site?

    currently, i have a spare box sitting in my closet running my ftp server. i also have 1 unhosted domain. is there any way i can use that spare computer to host a site with that domain? thanks
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    What are my options (on the cheap)

    ok, heres "the situation" i have a spare computer lying around that i want to run my ftp from (as it is half as loud, and i cant use it for anything else) ok, heres "the problem" My router only has 4 ports, and they are all full. the spare computer will be in my closet, not 10 feet from my...
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    just a quick (probably easy) html q

    Ok, well i dont know nearly anything about html, but i managed to wip up the problem is, the buttons/banner/etc have to reload on each page, despite the fact that they were already loaded on the previous page. Is there any way to get the banner/etc to re-appear fast? maybe...
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    8 new HDR images for download

    I recently went on a road trip down into florida, then through texas and into new mexico... stopping along the way. To make the trip a little more bearable, i decided to bring along my chrome ball, camera, and 2 tripods as i had hardly any of my own hdr images, and there were few floating...
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    UAV concept, the Crusader

    well, i came up with this a while ago, so here it is.... its a concept UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Like the ones you see on tv developed for the military, this is flown via remote control. The camera in the cockpit is used for surveillance/intel. hope you all like it!
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    saturday at the races

    still tinkering ;)
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    Anyone else doing the 3dbuzz 3dsmax training courses?

    I just started them this weekend and im on my first paper. A bit odd; i heard it takes a while for them to be graded. While i have been working in max for a while now, i feel this is a good opportunity to strengthen the skills before i go off to college. anyone else doing this? what do you...
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    post yo 3d rims!!

    havnt we all designed rims, being it out of boredom or just becuase the car needed them? Post em up!!!!
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    yay for hdri!

    yay!!!! goddamn 12 hr render. shoulda made it like 320xwhatever instead :rolleyes:
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    Cellphone services?

    Well, the search is down, so im asking this: what is a good cellphone service comperable/better than verizon in the new jersey/new york area? Verizon nailed me and about 20 of my friends with hidden shitty fees... booming our damn rates to 45$ per month instead of 25. So we can all get out of...
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    is there such a site?

    is there a site/forum where people post jobs, projects, or requests, and people reply with their ideas/designsto later be chosen by the requestee (is that a word?) it would be a great idea for anyone in need of experience....