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    Reverse deal - Sell your $160 RX 470 for $350-$400 now on ebay.

    Wish someone would remember the 44+ hashrate on the 7990... I need to offload mine!
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    OFFICIAL : GTX 970 SETTLEMENT check thread

    I put in my serial #'s have my claim number, blah blah blah. Filed September 14, 2016 on my 2 cards and still nothing.
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    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    The one time I wouldn't have minded living in Texas...
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    Microsoft: New CPUs Will Require Windows 10

    Never been a huge MS fan, but just always used it cause it was what was around for me since windows 3.1 days. Now it looks like it's finally time to move on, especially after the 8.1 support dropping BS.
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    Google's Creepy Plan To Kill The Password

    This... I have only ever had one account compromised, and it was my own stupidity. Stop forcing certain password types, let me determine my level of security needed for my information. It's even more annoying at work, now that they don't let us recycle PWs and I have to get a new one every 30...
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    28" 4K Monitor for $360

    says 1 ms everywhere I checked?
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    28" 4K Monitor for $360

    I thought coupon codes didn't work on the monitors?
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    $78 16 GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical CAS 8 DDR3 1600 1.35v

    I keep wanting to buy some more of these... already running 16gb of them in main machine and 8gb of samsung "magic" in the 2nd bleh
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    AMD Accuses NVIDIA's Gameworks Of Being 'Tragic' And 'Damaging'

    I recently switched to Nvidia cards for the first time since 2006, thanks to the BB deal on the gtx 970s, little faster than my 7990 was. All Nvidia has to do is drop their prices and they would finally tighten AMDs self made noose.
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    Monoprice 11567 Headphone Amp & Dac combo is on sale for $69.59

    I own this amp/dac and I love it... pairs perfectly, for my ears, with my hd600s
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    Objective 2 (O2) Headphone Amplifier $70 + Free Shipping

    I have never tried this, but i have the monoprice amp/dac and I also had the schiit magni/modi (bought used, and sold around last thanksgiving when I picked up the monoprice amp) I think the monoprice sounded tons better with my hd600s... from what I have read/heard the magni/modi and o2...
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    EVGA GTX 980 - $236.54 for Price Matching ONLY

    BB will surprise ya... I bought a 3770k and z77 ud3h from them a couple years ago for about the same price as Amazon and technically paid nothing for it thanks to video game flipping between BB and Gamestop. Turned a couple Arkham City's/Rage's/Bulletstorms/FFXIII-2's into 1800$ in credit...
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    EVGA GTX 980 - $236.54 for Price Matching ONLY

    Problem now is, the memo went out... not to mention BB removed it from their website for shipping and in store pickup (might get lucky randomly running into one after people forget the memo) I wish I could have picked up 2 gtx 980s instead of these 970s but eh
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    EVGA GTX 980 - $236.54 for Price Matching ONLY

    Lol, I doubt it... I have price matched much larger amounts before... Besides, it already is pretty restrictive.
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    EVGA 970 superclock - $143 Price match only

    I took mine in without selecting a store, I did my normal well I could just drive to Cambridge (like an hour and a little from here,) but I have a prius so it doesn't bother me much. Two kids were there, the Team Leader not much older than the other kid, and zero issues. At first the kid said...
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    EVGA GTX 980 - $236.54 for Price Matching ONLY

    I wish I got in on the gtx 980s... but I guess I will be ok with gtx 970s... The question is, should I replace my 7990 with them? orrrrr??? Hmm going to be a rough few days of deciding.
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    EVGA 970 superclock - $143 Price match only

    I just picked up 2 myself... oddly enough the first Nvidia cards I have owned since my 7800 gtx KO
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    $319 playstation 4 monoprice

    It is not backwards compatible at all, this is new. Also, there's 15% BoA cashback for those lucky enough to get the offer. Would make this around $272 shipped.
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    Shadow of Modor $37.49 @ Greenmangaming

    Love, love this game!!! just spent 4 hours kicking ass, doing story, had most of the chiefs/etc dead, then I go after one of the main guys, and I suddenly have 5 of them on me dying two times in a row... I just lost all 4 hours of progression, minus my upgrades. I am still happy as hell and...
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    AMD Catalyst 14.9.1 Beta Driver for Windows out now

    As usual issues with my main card :/ This time 7990 problems. Getting tired of AMD, might have to jump back to Nvidia for the first time since my 7800 gtx KO
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    Which State Is Torrenting The Most

    Of course Her is the most downloaded movie in MA per their data... damn hipsters!
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    Legendary Sierra Entertainment Rises Mysteriously from the Grave

    crap can't edit, I forgot to add Lords of the Realm II !!!!! Spent so many hours on that game as well
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    Legendary Sierra Entertainment Rises Mysteriously from the Grave

    Ahhh, the good ole days when anything Microprose or Sierra were no thought insta buys for me on release day! Lords of Magic is my all time favorite Sierra title, would love to see it modernized! (not by Activision though :/)
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    PlayStation Now Is Still Way Too Expensive

    This is why i always keep my old systems hahaha... So much cheaper to play the games on ps2 or ps, or dreamcast/etc then to buy reboots/blah blah. Everything since my SNES is still chugging along strong! I even break out the ps2 a couple times a year for Everblue 2
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    Monoprice 12th anniversary: 12% off sitewide

    Exactly, but newegg's descent has been longer and slower... I just actually filled out a questionnaire the other day about how horrible the egg is and has been every couple years when I try to piece together a new rig, or even the in between when I am setting up something for a friend or family...
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    Monoprice 12th anniversary: 12% off sitewide

    Same here, I haven't really shopped there since like 2011 after a few bad buys in a row.
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    Sony Agrees To Settle PSN Hack Lawsuit With Freebies

    Didn't we already get free games and psplus back when it happened in 2011...? Or is this another situation?
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    Trace repair on motherboard

    I am decent with soldering, but this thing is tiny. I have huge clumsy hands :/ I can always give it a shot, but I am still trying to get in touch with Gigabyte to see if they can do anything for me. Thank you!
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    Trace repair on motherboard

    Took it out, tried it on cardboard with multiple sticks of ram (different brands/speeds etc,) tried it on 3 different psu's, etc etc. Also stand offs in both cases are already in from factory. *edit* New pictures: Took a couple more shots with a much better camera. Hopefully this...
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    Trace repair on motherboard

    I was using my note 3, I will have to break out my big camera and try to get some better macro shots. It appears to be superficial, as if I just scratched the protective layer, but I don't see why it would be shorting out otherwise. I will try to take some better more detailed pictures...
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    How important is the proper application of thermal paste?

    Ha, I always do the 3 thin lines these days. I think it is a habit from reseating my 212+ so many times. I will be doing the X from now on =P
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    Final Fantasy X-X2 HD (PS3) $20 at Amazon

    I want this for FFX but still have it on the ps2 sitting in the basement. I am waiting for sub $10 on this one, but from what I have seen it looks like a good remaster!
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    Trace repair on motherboard

    Bought the board in 2012, something like September I think it was? Don't know if it is RMA able? Sorry for not uploading the pics yesterday, had a bunch of family randomly show up and it turned into a BBQ. Just got out of work and took some pics and noticed something else that I didn't see...
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    Onkyo C-7030 Audiophile Grade Compact Disc Player $139

    So wait, there are CD snobs now? It's like vinyl snobs in the reign of CDs. I haven't owned a standalone cd player since the 90s, and just use them in my car these days. What makes this thing better than say my optical out on my ps3/ps4/etc?
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    Acer K272HULbmiidp Black 27" WQHD 6ms - 329 shipped

    I am liking it so far, had some coil whine yesterday though. I haven't been able to replicate it yet, but working on doing so (so I can return it before the window expires)
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    Trace repair on motherboard

    I was moving my z77x ud3h to it's new case and while unscrewing something in the case I sneezed and ended up dropping the screw driver tip into the board. I hit a trace near the middle of the ram slots and now the board is acting as if it is shorting out. I have breadboarded it, tested across...
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    Seiki 39" 4k TV/Monitor - $329

    I can't wait for them to release hdmi 2.0 spec'd ones! Then I can finally get rid of my vg278h as my 2nd monitor.
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    Acer K272HULbmiidp Black 27" WQHD 6ms - 329 shipped

    I picked one up, ty. I was on the fence about the korean monitors, but this just seems more safe!!! Thanks OP :)
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    Electronic Health Records Ripe For Theft

    blah, my phone corrected the last part of that sentence. I meant to say, My hospital is starting to lockdown more areas and require key card access for every area that a patient may accidentally wander to
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    Electronic Health Records Ripe For Theft

    Longtime healthcare worker here... Almost anyone can get in and out of a place if they're wearing a name tag/badge of some kind and the right uniform. My hospital is starting to lock more areas and require key cards for every area a patient accidentally wander to.