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    New house networking - need advice on network, hardware and entertainment system

    I would also run two cables to the APs, with newer AC WAPs they can use both links to increase the bandwidth with multiple clients. You would also have a backup cable if one goes bad down the road without having to run a new cable. I am not going to get into the CAT6/6A for data but if you have...
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    What all do you run for software / servers at home?

    Running on VMware ESXi 5.5: 1 Server 2012 R2 - DC, DHCP, DNS, Print, WDS, and MDT 2 Server 2012 R2 - DC, DNS 1 Server 2012 R2 - Windows only vSphere programs. (mainly update manager right now) 1 FreePBX - Home Phones off Google Voice 1 OmniOS + nappit - NAS/SAN, 8 disks passthrough, backing...
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    VMUG Advantage EVALExperience

    I just purchased and within 3 hours I has access to all the key, very impressed with the speed. This was posted earlier today and answer questions about vSphere 6
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    VMUG Advantage EVALExperience

    It looks like they are looking into the number of CPU issues.
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    @xtream1101 What are you using to dampen the sound in the rack and how well does it work? And how do you deal with the heat dissipation then?
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    Help with fiber setup

    I understand, I am trying to be cheaper than $30 for a SFP. So I ordered a WS-G5484 1000Base-SX GBIC for $3.99 and will get a 1000Base-SX SFP for the Dell for about $11.
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    Help with fiber setup

    I'm confused about the "SC Cisco 100BASE-FX SFP's" would I be able to get one or put it in the PowerConnect and connect to the Cisco 2924 XL?
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    Help with fiber setup

    Any thoughts?
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    Help with fiber setup

    This is the really the first time I have connected anything with fiber that is not the exact same and I am trying to make sure this will work without problems. I am trying to connect my Dad's shed to the house network and they are about 160 ft away. The area has a lot of lighting so I want to...
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    VPN setup for home use, recommendation

    I have pfSesnse setup at home as my router and VPN server. It connects to my laptops and Android devices. Very simple to setup. I also have a pfSense server running on an old Dell server at my parents house that has one NIC connected. Just using it as a site-to-site VPN to my house.
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    ESXI, ISCSI, Fiber Target and Drive Bender

    I apologize, I know better than that. You are correct it is the OS that supports the FC and then Napp-it is a front-end (GUI) for the it. I am using OmniOS with the Napp-it appliance and have got compliance with my wording. I know _Gea added snapraid support to Napp-it a while back which...
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    ESXI, ISCSI, Fiber Target and Drive Bender

    So I agree that it "should work" but it sounds complicated with a lot of points of failure like patrickdk said. I do not know much about Openfiler just that I have not heard a lot of good things about it and I did not pick it for my NAS/SAN. But I do know that Napp-it does do FC targets...
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    1st ESXi Build: looking for Gen. Advice/Suggestions

    I am not sure what is happening with the installer. It almost sounds like its not booting into the installer but ESXi itself. I used this guide when I installed ESXi last. As for the...
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    How is your home data organized?

    Mine is very similar to this. Most all of my major data is stored on my NAS but I still have a share that is really unorganized of really old files from all over. Then I have a few old external drives floating around that have data on it that need organized.
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    1st ESXi Build: looking for Gen. Advice/Suggestions

    What you are wanting to do (Flexraid in a VM) will require you to have two different hard drive controller. One will be for ESXi as a datastore that you will store the VMs on and the other will be for your Flexraid drivers. I am not using Flexraid but ZFS but it works the same, some call this a...
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    Beta Testing - Free Online Cisco Lab

    I really like it and the idea behind it. One thing I see that could be improved is more clarification on the "Schedule New Appointment" section that says that all the times are in PDT, I know it is on the main scheduler but I missed it till I got the email. Also what are you using to create...
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    If you setup MDT and use litetouch it will ask you what the computer should be named, it also lets you install applications and updates at the same time.
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    Unifi Setup

    The AC version need 802.3at (PoE+), the Pro uses 802.3af (PoE). This is due to the more power needed for the AC radios.
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    VMware EVC Mode

    I'm not at all an expert with this but a little Googling I found It looks like to me there is not much to gain from splitting them into different clusters unless you have applications using AES-NI then I would break...
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    Small datacenter build-out

    What do the network cable colors represent?
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    Can you work in IT/Networking with a BS in Computer Science?

    This is what my current job is, I have worked for my university the whole time I have been in college, I moved up from a simple helpdesk consultant to a senior student technician. Tasked with everything from full computer lab refreshes to installed 16 new network drops. This is given me valuable...
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    Good NAS for Home Use including VMware?

    I am running an All-in-one system with OpenIndiana and Napp-it . If was to rebuild my box it I would use OmniOS and Napp-it. I have ESXi connected via NFS and the rest of my servers are connected over SMB. I have all my media server on VM's and the media on ZFS NAS/SAN
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    Thoughts on this university?

    You have to be careful with this now, the government is really starting to cut back any and all tuition assistance programs. You also want to make sure the military is the right choice for you and you can meet the requirements. That is like what I did, I joined the National Guard as a 25U...
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    Questions on moving data from one pool to another

    That is what I did when I moved drives/pools made it simple. I didn't need to change my applications and servers that accessed the pool and worked well.
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    FreeNAS vs NAS4Free

    If you use ZFS it like RAM not just for deduplication but as read cache. It depends on your use case, for backup and media you shouldn't need more than that for most applications.
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    FreeNAS vs NAS4Free

    I have not used either personally in a long time, but I have a friend that is using FreeNAS and loving it. I think now that FreeNAS was acquired by iXsystems it has become a much more developed software. In the last few releases they have started to add a lot of new features. SMB3 was added in...
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    Backup Storage Device Ideas

    I think I would stay away from Nexenta at least till 4.0...
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    R710 home lab purchase advice appreciated..

    Depending on your workload RAM is going to be your limiting factor, I would try and get as much RAM as possible. I am by no means an expert in with hypervisors but I do run a home lab server with 24GB of RAM and I am maxing out with only about 7 VM's running all the time. I have been looking...
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    Setting up a small company network -- need some suggestions

    I have only played with it a little but you might want to look into ownCloud, I think it would work for your use case. It it like a self housed DropBox.
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    ESXi 5.5 and HP Switch Vlan help

    With VLAN's they are meant to be on differer subnets. Example: VLAN 300 192.168.300.x/24 VLAN 400 192.168.400.x/24 You will need a router to talk between VLANs. This router can be a physical router or software based one. I currently run a PFsense router on my ESXi server to route traffic. How...
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    What is the best online storage solution...

    I like CrashPlan, I have been using it for about a year now with the family plan. I have it installed on my workstations and my NAS's. I have over 4TB of data stored with them, they don't limited you on space or speed. I looked at both CrashPlan and Backblaze and from a lot of the reviews of...
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    What VMs are you running and why?

    Running on VMware ESXi 5.5: 1 Server 2012 R2 - DC, DHCP, DNS, WSUS, Print, WDS, and MDT 1 Server 2012 - DC, DNS 1 FreePBX - Home Phones off Google Voice 1 OpenIndiana - NAS/SAN, 8 disks passthrough, backing up to CrashPlan 1 Ubuntu - Plex Media Server 1 Ubuntu - Hamachi gateway, media gathering...
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    zfs storage system help

    When you are testing the speeds I would recommend you try it with and without the ZIL. If you don't have a fast ZIL it can slow you down. Gea has done some benchmarks testing it.
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    OI and Napp-it Problems

    Thanks Gea, I'll look into that, I saw you talking about BE's and settings not being saved so I changed the DNS setting then created a BE restarted and it still didn't save it. I have started to have a lot of problems with ESXI and VM's on my local datastore so I have been working on that...
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    OI and Napp-it Problems

    I have had a AIO ESXi system running for about a year now, I haven't had much problems with it but I have found a problem that I think has been happening for a while and I still have not been able to fix. My current system is running ESXi 5.5 Free running OI_151A8 in a VM with a M1015...
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    APC Metered PDU and SNMP question

    A little Google fu later and I found this site. Looks like it is not present. "powerSupplyTwoNotPresent (3) "
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    Best Sollution for backing up photos

    This is close to my setup. I have a NAS that all my photos are on. The NAS itself is backed up to CrashPlan. Additional all of my computers are backed up to CrashPlan. This ensures that the files are be backed up even when away from my home right after they are copied off the camera. I also have...
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    ESXi Home server Checkup

    Ok, I understand. So you will be creating a raid for the local datastore.
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    ESXi Home server Checkup

    Looking over your parts list it looks like you will have four total hard drive controllers, is there a reason for that? How I understand your setup you are doing an all in one with all of your 3TB drives on the M1015 that will be passed to your storage OS, and then a small hard driver...
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    APC SMT1500I vs ESXi 5.5

    My assumption is that it would work fine, I am using the same script to shutdown the host with my IPP setup as with powerchute from what I remember and that is working fine on ESXi 5.5. I have not upgraded the host running powerchute due to it being 600 miles away.