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    IE 8 and Google search

    I am being rerouted thru Google Canada for some reason. I had to reset my homepage for Google's us site; whenever I type in Google into my web browser it tries to send me thru .ca as if I were in Canada.
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    New Build // Hybrid Computer

    Final Build (ordered already): Silverstone Crown CW02S-MXR Silver case Intel i5 CPU 750 Gigabyte P55a UD3 Motherboard Corsair TW3X4G1600C9DHX 4 GB Dual Channel DDR3 XFX 5770 1 GB WD Caviar Black 1 TB HDD Corsair TX650w Power Supplies Win 7 Professional Full Retail (the $30 student...
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    New Build // Hybrid Computer

    thank you for the responses, I will check out your suggestions and post once Ive figured out a semi-final build.
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    New Build // Hybrid Computer

    ) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc 1/3 home theatre, 1/3 general computer, 1/3 gaming (Total War, Dragon Age, next iteration of Battlefield series, etc.) 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1,100, yes 3) Where do you live? CT...
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    Another 'best of' thread: soundtracks

    I like the Sins of a Solar Empire soundtrack Warhammer 40k: Dawn of war Quest for Glory V had one of the best soundtracks ever; lol the company actually made a profit on the sale of the music CD (and the game lost money lol). its worth listening to imo; I ripped it all off my old CDs recently...
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    Is it safe to say AoC is another failed MMO?

    you best preorder asap, my udnerstanding is that many US shops are selling out of the CE. In parts of Europe its alreayd sold out the entire pre-order.
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    Is it safe to say AoC is another failed MMO?

    wow, judging a game from a pre-release stress test beta lol. FYI< I beta tested WoW and holy smacks was there problems. Many of said problems were NOT fixed by release and release was a nightmare with major issues b/c the devs underestiamted demand. Ultiamtely however the devs got it...
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    New Windshield 3-D Navigation System

    I love this, its basically a better display system for a GPS. Trust me, if you ever get a job where you have to drive as part of the job, this would be great. I routinely am driving to areas/streeets I am not familiar with and sometimes the GPS, even the high end Garmin I use, simply does not...
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    Apple's iPhone Sales Sluggish in Europe

    ok while I know people in the EU make more, asking them to pay 1k Euros was pretty far out there. Also, as others ahve stated, it doesnt have the most advancaed features. In the US we are behind the curve in cell phone technology; Europe is more advancaed than we are in terms of consumer...
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    Sony CEO Talks Blu-ray, PS3

    if they arent going below $400, then they lost my business as well as that of mainstream America. My Plasma only displays 1080i to begin with. Oh and re: upconvert SD to 1080p... I sincerely doubt you could tell the difference between a player upconverting a DVD to 1080i or 1080p for...
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    90,000 HD DVD Players Sold In One Weekend

    You gusy arguiing this was a one tiem sale do have calendars in your offices right? This was a pre-Black Friday sale. I have yet to see any sale in november that is no eclipsed by the Black Friday madness. Esepcailly as every retial executive in the country just sat and watched this, you...
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    90,000 HD DVD Players Sold In One Weekend

    While I feel BR is a superior technical format, I am of the opinion HD-DVD will win based primarily off of price. Those of you arguiing that people will buy the player that can handle their content forget that most consumers are strongly inhibited by entry price of the hardware. I cant count...
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    Is AMD Really a Sinking Ship?

    The merger was a mistake imo; have yet to see anything good come out of it. Instead the company is fighting on two losing fronts. Is there potential? Sure; creating a single platformt hat works well togetehr is a great way to get alot of OEM orders. But they have not executed on this much...
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    $198 Toshiba HD DVD Drives

    this is a great move to get hd-dvd beocme more mainstrea. I do agree a sub-$1000 would be the kicker. Once you drop to <$100, people will literally fight over them; I recall when DVD plaeyrs first fell under $100 suddenly I started seeing them in everyone's home. But when I shelled out $200 for...
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    EA Acquires BioWare, Pandemic for $860M

    I think many of the more senior people will be drawing up their resumes. Some may choose to go with Obsidian, otehrs may choose to try to startup their own studio. I dont see anyone with any talent hanging around for long after EA takes over though.
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    EA Acquires BioWare, Pandemic for $860M

    A sad day in the world of PC Gaming, one of the last few indep devs just sold out. I thinkw e all know and love EA around here, oh yes sir we do. yech Shame, I was actually hoping Bio would go with their IPO idea they floated a year ago; I would have been lining up for that one. Better ways...
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    NVIDIA Readies 3-Way SLI Technology?

    Releasing 3 way SLI when regualr SLI is buggy as hell and few applications can really take advtange of it. Utter waste of engineering resources and time; I really hope AMD gets back in the game soon, this is the kind of crap we can expect in a one horse race.
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    Fasa closes its doors

    Ok, so as many alreayd know Fasa closed its doors today; MS pushed them into an utenable position of making a Vista only game too early in Vista life. News link on the front page of [H] Anyhows, I dont care about Shadowrun., what Im wondering is, does this release the Mechwarrior franchise...
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    Wow, longest thread ever. This page 263... Im interested in this for use as a monitor, altho I will likely buy on Black Friday or thereabouts. Price drops on flat panels will be extraordinary I think.
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    G92 November 12

    Anotehr possiblity: its using DDR4 mem instead of DDR3. Hell DDR3 is showing up for sale for motherboards; when was the last time you saw the same speed/standard being used for both mobos and graphics cards? I think it was back in the day of the original GeForce I last saw that. If it is...
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    Ooohh - slamming deal on a Logitech G7 Laser Mouse!

    Out of left field, but Ritz Camera ONLINE has a slamming deal on a Logitech G7 cordless Laser mouse. They ahve an aggressive up front price along with a limited rebate (only a handful of companies are elgiible for the rebate). $30 AR plus $7 S&H. $37 for this mouse is as low as it goes imo...
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    Good HD tv around $1000?

    For tv purposes, the difference between 1080i and 1080p is minmal; only if you are watching something with alot of movement on screen will you notice. Sports in particular is bad about that. THe short version is that Interlaced (the "i") is only displaying half the images that Progressive is"p"...
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    New Fangled 1600 Mhz DDR3 from OCZ make DDR3 worthwhile?

    So I am planning my next system upgrade and I was wondering if this new fancy OCZ 1600 MHz ddr3 finally made DDR3 perforomance worthwhile. I read reviews on DDR3 both here and on Anandtech but those were using FAR slower modules than the newly announced one. Id love a [H] review of...
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    IPhone eBay Schemes Not Paying Off

    For those of you laughing at line campers: I waited 3 hours in line and made a $227.68 profit. Thats $151,000/yr. I wish everyday was a day just like it (and Ive been paid, recvd positive feedback; its done at this point). The problem is the people who get greedy and try to make...
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    IPhone eBay Schemes Not Paying Off

    I would blame AT&T before I blamed Apple. IPhone is actually pretty neat, I gotta admit to wanting to keep one. Sell my iPod and my current cell to helkp finance it. AT&T on the other hand, couldnt figure out how to activate my CU500 onto the 3g network. The cu500 was the flagship phone for...
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    IPhone eBay Schemes Not Paying Off

    I actually did the iPhone scalping thing and it worked out; my bidder payed me already (highly rated bidder; phone/address are listed, real people basically) and I made a decent profit. Then again I put up every restriction eBay and Paypal let me; including only allowing accounts with Paypal...
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    PotBS signs deal with SOE

    Im tellin ya, they are going to trash Pirates good. Will be so easy; I see them unbalancing the factions (and we all know which one would get unbalanced given the title) and it will ultiamtely ruin the game. SOE has a low opinion of user content, crafting, etc. Basically anything that...
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    PotBS signs deal with SOE

    So its official, FLying Labs has signed on with SOE to be the publisher and billing/customer support/host for Pirates of the Burning Sea. Thougths and opinions? Its a shame imo, I was really hoping for this game to be good. I think most likely what happened is the devs ran out of money...
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    Rome 320 A.D. Digitally Recreated

    grrrrrr You made it sound like it was ready to go! AS another poster mentioned, I visited the site only to be disappointed with nothing but a handful of images of some physicla models. Will be great once complete though; I look forward to it....for 2015 or so,.
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    Legalizing Net Gambling?

    I hope they do legalize online gambling. I liked being able to bet on my favorite sports teams without having top drive 2 hours to the nearest casino. I was also impacted by the inability of financial regulators to differentiate between games of chance and sport, and betting on financial markets...
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    IBM Buying Back $12.5 Billion In Stock

    Essentially what they are doing is shifting away from using equities for fundraising to using debt. THere are alot of circumstances where this can be beneficial to the company. I have no idea the particulars of why they chose this route but there are financial and corporate strategies that they...
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    Those of you thinking of getting the EVGA 8800GTS 640 from the Egg

    That screenshot looks like puke to me. You can tell he took off all the eye candy and ran purely on resolution, and a very low resolution at that. Fact of the matter is, all the benchmarks run with the new DX10 cards with decent settings and eye candy ahve come out puke. To be fair this may just...
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    Zango Sues Anti-Spyware Tool Maker

    I hope they lose and PC Tools counter sues them. I use Spyware Docotr and I absoltely hate Spyware/Malware of all types. I feel most adware suites should be illegal and the fine should be a hell of alot more than $3million.
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    4gb or 8gb?

    4 GB is the most any current game is really going to use (wont even use that tbh). To really go past 2 GB I assume you are using a 64bit OS; mostly wasted on a 32bit OS. - There is an extension that allows SupCom to address more than 2 GB of memeory; there are otehr threads on this forum...
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    Microsoft To Dump 32-Bit After Vista

    You know I actually was unaware of this fact, that Core 2 Duo/Quad were native 64 bit. Thats really awesome; if I can go for Vista 64 for my next upgrade, it uses the quad cores more effectively AND it allows me to go past 2 GB of RAM, which I have wanted for ahwile now (I HATE Virtual Memory...
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    Intel FUD Versus AMD Fact

    I sincerely hope AMD do get their act together; for my part, Intel's planned flood of the market for Q3 looks like a tasty upgrade. Honestly, CPUs are ahead of GPUs in terms of what we need (GPUs, while evolving quicker than CPUs, just arent enough for current games/apps whereas few games...
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    Bit-Tech Drops Real World Testing

    I liked Bit Tech; I will likely still visit their site altho not palce as much emphasis. Re: style of benchmarking, I prefer the [H] way over 3dmark and standardized time demos; its just too easy to cheat on those and both NV and ATI ahve proven they are willing to cheat if they can find a...
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    Dropping 1600x1200 for testing

    You actually use a CRT at 60 Hz? <shuddder> That used to give me headaches (no kidding really did) and made me buy an LCD years ago. Part of that stupid MS Windows thing at 60 Hz is prob why I am so jaded; up the 1680x1050s!
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    Here are some early DX10 Benchmarks

    I dont care if it is bettert at DX10 if it cant at least hit 45 fps in DX10 (talking FPS games here). Arguiing that its better b/c it can do 20 fps instead of 15 fps is pointless; it basically means this card (and the 8800s) are really Dx9 cards with some DX10 support; as such its not a terribly...