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    Video formats and power questions

    Hi guys, I'm looking at either building a PC (unlikely) or buying a base 2011 Mac mini (preferred) for use as a file server and basic music server for my hi-fi. While any old system would be good enough for these purposes, the chances are that its uses will be expanded in the future to include...
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    OS X mouse acceleration: What works and what doesn't!

    Hi all, Considering that I've had problems with this and finally got it sorted, I will cut to the chase first, then explain. I'll post this on a few other forums as well, so you might see this elsewhere if you don't just hang here. Mac OS X has built in mouse acceleration - itself, not a...
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    CoD2 uninstall/reinstall issues

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble with CoD2 multiplayer. I went on a Polish server, and it downloaded the "All Weapons" mod. Now, the menu is stuck in Polish. However, I've uninstalled, with the registry entries being deleted, and the CoD2 folder being deleted. When I reinstall, it is still in...
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    Multiplier won't go below 8x!

    Hey guys, I have a P5K-E Wifi AP and an E4300. I can't get the multiplier below 8x, as it won't boot. Also, I can't do 400mhz FSB at 1.2v (FSB), though it might be a hole there. Please give advice. Thanks!
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    Motherboard screws, damaged thread...

    Hey guys, One of the screws on my motherboard is stuck, it will turn and turn, but no matter which way I turn it, it will always stay in the same place, as I think that the thread is broken. How do I get this screw out? The rest of the screw is fine. Also, the standoff mite be damaged. Please...