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    VIdeo Card

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    popup problem

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    how to ship a sub?

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    how to ship a sub?

    I have to ship a sub back to klipsch for repairs. Ive never shipped anything before and was wondering where I could get some shipping materials like a box and some bubble wrap for free or cheap? Im going to ship fed ex. SHould bubble wrap and a box be enough to ship a sub? I wasnt sure where...
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    what is this was on ur new xt800? O_O?
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    Budget PC!!

    Im building a new pc but dont know how to get wht I want without going over my budget. My budget is 300$ and I want it to be able to play HL2. Is it possible?
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    Well I got a new Ipod today =) Well Actualy a Ipod Mini with engraving. it says 1-3 weeks but how long has it taken you guys to get yours? I dont wanna wait 3 weeks =(
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    VIdeo Card

    My friend wants to buy this when he has a 9700 because (taken out): man i want one of those (taken out): 8x agp (taken out): all i have is 4 (taken out): that is 2x faster =-O the sad part is hes serious...
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    Im going freaking crazy -_-

    Well first the problem started when I turned on my comp and my sound wasnt working.. wtf? So I reinstalled drivers.. It works again. Was teaching my friend how to play Sc all of a sudden he reaver dropped me and my sound goes out again... GAH!!!! Reinstall drivers to no avail and to top it...
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    My poor computer =(

    First let me start off with :( :( :( :( Okay heres the story, I was playing CS when all of the sudden I heard something wierd happen in my computer. It sounded like my hd was spinning up again like it does when my computer starts up. It did this like twice then my computer completly...
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    Galapagos pengiuns / cupholder thingy for lans

    okay I need to find the evolutionary history of Galapagos pengiuns anyone wanna help me with that? also My moron idiotic brother wants to buy this Because he thinks it will make all the girls at the lan partys like him. This is the...
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    popup problem

    How do you get rid of those windows messenger popups? sorry if its offtopic I didnt know here to put it.
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    SATA and hosting.

    First of all what are the advantages of using a SATA HD over a regular HD? and does anyone know a good place to upload images and videos for hosting?