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    Did I get a good deal on this HP dv5t?

    how'd you get a $400 coupon!?
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    Bitspower Water Tank Z Plus Liquid Cooling Reservoir - (Tank Z Plus)

    what r1ck said try adding some distilled water until the foaming stops?
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    waterblock too heavy?

    take the block off and try it with the heatsink its probably just the weight, its fine, they've tested waterblocks with the products just make sure not to push down on the card further or to weigh it down anymore, because that make cause problems PCB can flex slightly
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    Need Help Pci-X Riser + ATX + External PSU

    then get an HTPC case, those are already motherboard size with just enough room for 1 optical drive and 1 or 2 hard drives
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    parents? :p
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    Watercooling for Overclocking - what gets hot?

    stick with just a CPU loop unless your going to voltmod your GPU since the temperatures are fine and you'll reach a voltage related wall for overclocking your GPU theres really no point in cooling SB/NB unless your using phase or ln2 to cool your CPU since you'll reach your motherboards...
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    Best place to get 20"-32" Monitor/TV +HDMI

    just use google shopping or price grabber to find the cheapest price on the one your looking at there is usually no one place that has the lowest prices across the board sure some place may have generally lower prices, but then again, other places off price guarentees such as TigerDirect...
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    Common TjMax values?

    whats boxen? and also, you can get below ambient without nitrogen you can use a TEC with water or you can use a chiller (converted A/C) or dry ice
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    I need some help on my new computer

    with a 19" monitor, definately go for 512 MB then... resolution is 1440x900? also, overclocking is quite simple... and even with stock intel cooling on a e2180 you'll be able to get to minimum 2.6, 2.8, 3.0 if you won't overclock, the e2180 is no good... you'll need to get a processor with...
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    Sunbeam Freezing Storm Review (56k WARNING!)

    meh, well you can always permanently remove the center brace, think of it as a nice extra its also movable to the right a couple centimeters
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    Need Help Pci-X Riser + ATX + External PSU

    I agree with Danny, a server rack is definately not portable... not to mention the weight! those things are meant to be placed... in a rack! and to stay there permanently for transport only when switching things... Get a shuttle, they have the best small form factor parts that are all...
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    Need advice on case fan placement

    are you kidding me? I'm sure that there is no noticable change... not even a dB
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    wow that desk is sexy... holy jesus, amazing looking setup however that G11 should be painted black... ruins the setting
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    Sunbeam Freezing Storm Review (56k WARNING!)

    eh, why? I think the inside is actually pretty decent one of my few gripes with the case besides its weight is the window placement... why does it show the edge of the PSU and the 5.25" drive bays? also, I personally don't like the ventilation and fan mount on the window because it clouds it...
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    DDR2, 1T?

    higher frequencies are probably better, but it doesn't hurt to try just get some memory benchmarks and test it out to see which works better for your particular set/configuration
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    I need some help on my new computer

    yes PCI-E x16 2.0 is backwards compatable with 1.0, it just won't be able to utilize all the bandwidth which no graphics card today does anyways... the e2180 is a great CPU which can do a lot if you are willing to overclock it. also, the 256 MB won't be a problem unless your on a decent...
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    Painting insides of computer case with can of paint and brush?

    why would you want to use a brush... random? anyways, just use a clearcoat or something to seal the existing factory paintjob in so there won't be any rust or just wax it... wax'll make the existing paint shine like crazy
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    Sunbeam Freezing Storm Review (56k WARNING!)

    Buy this case here! Up for review is a Sunbeam Freezing Storm ATX Mid Tower case. First Impressions This case is quite heavy and won't be something that you'd want to lug around from place to place... Its made mostly of steel although the front bay panels are made of plastic as well as...
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    How do I unlock my case?

    yeah, go to a locksmith they probably will already have a premade key just for the occasion or the type of lock you have
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    How did I manage this? (pic)

    I personally don't like the "radical" look of the case... sure, its great from an OEM and has all the nice tool-less features, but bleh, it looks plain weird
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    Painting Questions

    spray painting is not accurate and doesn't work nearly as well air brushes are for intricate painting or for higher quality coats and are generally used by proffesionals or hobbyists while spray paint is definately more accesible and easy you could make a stencil for that and it would be...
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    Common TjMax values?

    doesn't the dude who makes real temp actually calculate the TJmax by removing the little cover off of the CPU? and lol... 65C? temperatures don't cause stability errors until you reach temperatures which will damage the actual CPU itself, atleast in most cases you probably just had an...
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    DDR2, 1T?

    going from 2T to 1T is a large jump... if its running at stock settings, then 75% of the time you won't be able to get to 1T... otherwise they would market it at 1T! however, as mentioned, you can loosen your other timings or lower your frequency to attain 1T
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    1 VRaptor - Best Solution For Gamers?

    I don't think thats actually true? Atleast for me, with my measly 2 GB of ram, I never get 100% memory usage... I've tried with 3 GB as well, and I didn't see a change at all... also, don't forget that all 4 GB of that ram won't be available to the OS/Applications without a 64 bit os I...
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    Samsung F1 1TB unreliable?

    there is probably a 1-5 year manufacturer warranty as well, so don't worry too much and the Samsung F1 drives are touted as one of the best TB drives... so I doubt that there are that many failure problems
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    Replacement Fan for Zalman 9500-LED?

    shouldn't you ask for the seller to cover the fees for the new fan? unless you bought it knowing the fan was cracked...
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    Weird Driver Installation Problem

    run msconfig and startup in diagnostic mode or with all non-microsoft processes off, see if that fixes the problem
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    Is this a good 8800GT?

    yeah, make sure that you get the 512MB version because higher resolutions require more texture memory! also, WOW will be fine since its not a very intensive game, but you might struggle on higher settings on many other games... I'd take a go at a 8800 GTS 512 if you can... just use what you...
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    I have a list of dremels.. Can you please help me choose the right one..?

    post a thread with your results, I'm sure a lot of other members would be interested with what happens as well
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    Simple Fan Question

    dB levels sound definately be a deciding factor lol... otherwise you could go with a computer decked out fully with Vantec Tornadoes... which would literally be deafening
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    Small, light and ultra portable mini case needed- recommendations?

    budget? number of hard drives? as mentioned, shuttle cases are amazing... you could buy a prebuilt system or just a barebones
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    Acrylic Cases,...

    i agree with the metal inside... the acrylic itself looks nice even if its not see through (mesh + acrylic is just plain sexy) so if you have metal parts all around the inside with some visiblity, it'll look super amazing cleanliness is totally important and dude... hold your camera steady...
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    I have a list of dremels.. Can you please help me choose the right one..?

    get a piece of sheet steel or aluminum similar in thickness to your case... then try it!
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    Why don't budget cases have...

    another thing to discredit your idea... most people who spend money on HS's/coolers that require a backplate can afford to spend good money on a case...
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    Why don't budget cases have...

    think about it... thousands of cases have to ahve that step added to them... not to mention the cuts have to be inspected to make sure they are done correctly and/or sheated to prevent people from getting cut on them not to mention many of the budget cases build their structure around the mobo...
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    Can't believe how easy lapping E6750 was

    you might want to buy some stuff to check how well the contact is with your heatsink... also, no 800/1000/1200 grit for that super shiny surface?
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    Where did you buy yours?

    that place is awesome, its a nice small retailer unlike the massive corporation run places like newegg lol all the shipping labels actually come from a person! not a company! (well both names are on it...)
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    I have a list of dremels.. Can you please help me choose the right one..?

    if you need to save money, just buy a different brand name rotary tool... just make sure it has a decent warranty you'll probably never use many of the Dremel brand specific attachments (flex light, flex shaft etc.) and thus you can live with just the actual bits/mandels/chucks themselves...
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    Where did you buy yours?

    newegg doesn't package large items, they just send it in the manufacturer's box with stock protection so just read up on reviews of the case your looking for newegg will also give you great customer service so if your case is damaged, they will pay for shipping back and for a new one sent to you
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    looking for case - please help

    good point zepper usually removable motherboard trays are only there on expensive cases...