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    Win7 doesn't recognize free space on network storage

    Hi guys, Wasn't sure whether to post this in the Network section or here. So this is the issue I have: I've got the ASUS RT-N66U router and I recently plugged a 4TB USB drive to it (WD MyBook 3). The drive is formatted as NTFS. I crated a bunch of Samba shares on it using the ASUS...
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    Gigabyte 760 not working with 3D Vision?

    Hey guys, I just got the Gigabyte 760 today and for the heck of it, I can't get it to work with 3D vision. I've had the ASUS VG278H for over a year but had an ATI card so didn't really use the 3D. It did work over HDMI. Now I got an nvidia card and I can't get any 3D options anywhere. The...
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    5Ghz wi-fi lag spikes (2.4 is good) - what to do!?

    Hi guys, This has been driving me nuts. I have the ASUS RT-N66U and 2.5Ghz works flawlessly, but on 5Ghz I get these lag spikes and I have no idea why. I use WLANOptimizer (which was a God-send that resolved my stupid Windows network-search spikes) and I get full 300mbps on 5Ghz, but it's...
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    So anyone got their Oculus Rift sets or can point to some impressions?

    Searched the forum but it's all old info and the net doesn't yield much either. I'm curious to hear from first-hand users that already got their sets (if they even had enough time to get it going). If anyone has any info or links, it'd be appreciated, thanks.
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    SetPoint not detecting apps

    Hey guys, So I got the G700 and it's a cool mouse but the SetPoint software won't detect applications and switch profiles automatically. I tried it with Batman AA, Crysis and Dirt 2 (2 steam games and 1 non-steam) and none work. I'm running Vista 32bit, SetPoint version 5.46.10, Driver...
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    Big Typhoon on LGA1155?

    Hi guys, I have the Big Typhoon HSF on my current 939 setup and am planning on going 1155 (ASUS -V or MSI 65, still on the fence). It'd be super-awesome if I could re-use this guy on the 2500K but I'm not sure I can. I read about some guy making it fit on some ASRock board but not much...
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    So which memory for a new system?

    Hi guys, I'm building a new system, Z68 (most likely will be going for ASUS -V/Gen3), 2500k, radeon 6950. Tried to find out what memory to get and from the info I gathered it seems I'll be good with 8GB 1600 dual-channel sticks. My question is - which brand to get? I see that GSkill...
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    Need help getting another 1GB DDR!

    Hi guys, I currently have 1GB DDR OCZ Performance series in dual-channel mode (2x512). I'd like to get another pair of 512, cause I think I might benefit from it since my memory usage is often at >95% while gaming. I must note that my system is OC'd, FSB is at 265. Is it ok to get a...
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    What FAN to get for x2 4200+ (939)?

    Hi, I'm about to buy an OEM x2 4200+ for 939 and wish to bring it to at least 2.6ghz. I don't want to pay much for a cooler and would like to buy the cheapest thing possible that will get me to that speed. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks a lot.
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    Is A64 3000+ stock fan good for A64 X2 4200+?

    [sorry for re-posting the same message, just thought this title might be more appropriate for my question] Hi, I currently have an Athlon 64 3000+ (socket 939) with stock fan. I plan on buying an X2 4200+ OEM, so without a heatsink/fan. My questions is - will I be able to use the old...
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    What is the X2 4200+ stock fan speed?

    Hi, I currently have an Athlon 64 3000+ (socket 939) with stock fan. I plan on buying an X2 4200+ OEM, so without a heatsink/fan. My questions is - will I be able to use the old heatsink/fan from my 3000+ with the x2 4200+? Could someone with the 4200+ stock fan post its speed? I believe...
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    Comp won't boot - total weirdness, need advice

    Hello, My gf's comp is behaving really weird and I lost any ideas as to what might be causing it. About two weeks ago she turned it on, it displayed the eMachines logo, froze on boot and when she turned it on again it wouldn't show anything anymore, it just hung there frozen. I did a...
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    Which case should I get, Antec or Thermaltake?

    Antec P160W or Thermaltake SWING VB6000SNS? I can't decide :(
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    G15 LCD positioning question

    Hi, I was wondering if any G15 owner could tell me how far back the LCD can be tilted, eg. can it do a full 180 degrees from a closed position to a "flat open" position or does it open to only like 45deg from a vertical position. The reason I'm asking is that I want to know whether it...
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    How to boot to linux after Windows XP install

    Hi, I had Win2k/Mandriva dual boot (both OS's on separate hdd's). I bought a new hdd and installed XP on it and still got the Linux on the old drive. I understand that LILO won't naturally show up on booting but is it possible to access it without reinstalling the whole Linux? Like the whole...
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    300 Barracuda 7200.9 or 320GB Caviar SE16?

    Hi, I'm trying to decide between the two drives in the topic. They list the Caviar as having a lower seek time, but the Barracuda has a better price/storage ratio and also offers NCQ. Any thoughts??? Thanks a lot Michal
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    Can video card manufacturers determine whether a card was overclocked?

    Can video card manufacturers determine whether a card was overclocked or not when it's returned?
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    Damaged WinFast 6600GT?

    Hi, I was playing some NFS:Most Wanted today and the game froze (screen went black). So I reboot, everything is fine, I launch the game and artifacts appear all over the screen. The desktop and Windows is fine, but whenever I launch a game (any) now there are artifacts. I can still see the...
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    Quake 4 low-res texture problem

    Hi, I got a weird problem with Q4. Namely, whatever I set the graphics quality to, when I start playing the textures look like they are very low res and blurry. I got an A64 3000 (OC'd to 2.4Gh) and GF6600GT it shuld run fine on Medium quality which looks decent, nothing like what it looks on...
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    Is it OK to switch LCD on/off frequently?

    Hi, With my CRT I developed a habit of turning it off if I left the comp for like 15 minutes or longer. Is it ok to do the same with LCDs? Say I turn it off, leave for 20mins, come back and turn it on again and do the same after 2 hours or so? Or is it better to just leave it on the whole...
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    FEAR and LCDs

    Wow, up till now I thought my LCD (193p+) was pretty decent with games. But I got FEAR for Christmas and man, does that game ghost. Kinda disappointed :( How are ur LCDs with this game guys?
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    What is SED?

    I read about LED LCD's, but I'm not sure what SED is and would appreciate if anyone could write what they know about it or post links. I did a search once but what I found wasn't too satisfactory, basically they wrote that it's some kind of an upcoming combination of CRT + LCD or sth like that...
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    How to use MagicBright calibration: a guide

    Ok, since at least a few people seem to have problems with the Samsung calibration software (MagicTune) here's how it works: When you launch it, you get that funny small square within a large square, on a background. The point is to try to match the brightness of the big square to that of...
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    Samsung 193p+ pic anyone???

    Hi, Can anyone post some home-made pics of Samsung 193p+??? Thanks a lot.
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    Samsung 930B info needed

    Hi, Could anyone with SyncMaster 930B measure the distance from the desk to the bottom of the VISIBLE screen (not the frame, but the visible area) for me (with the LCD not tilted)? Thx a bunch.
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    191b owners plz help!

    Hi, I've read a lot about the 191b and it all seems good, but one thing that I couldn't find too much info about is backlight leaking on this LCD. Just wanted to do a little stat. Heard a lot of ppl having problems w/ VP930b and was wondering if 191b had these issues as well. Can u report...
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    ViewSonic 191b OR 930b backlight leaking

    Hi, Sorry for posting a separate thread that is similar to an existing one, but I want to get info on 191b as well, not just 930b. I am very interested in one of these monitors, but I have read about numerous people having problems with backlight leaking in the corners. I have had a...