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    Gaming Issue

    Hi all. Long time since I posted, but I'm having an issue with some of my Steam games. Mainly it is Skyrim Special Edition. I start a new game, and during the initial opening wagon run, my PC will shut down and restart. I've noticed it does the same thing with Bioshock Remastered, but...
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    Android Streaming boxes

    Anybody try or have one of these? Like the SkystreamX or the like? Any good? I like using XBMC for my media, but would like to stream netflix, hulu, and amazon prime as well. These look like just the thing....
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    New Build. Thoughts? Ideas?

    The V1 cooler is going on my sig build so I thought since I've been rocking the Q6600 for about 7 years now I thought it was about time for a new build. I'll be using this for my htpc and gaming. Basically all around media center. And now, the specs; Corsair 16 gig 1600 vengeance ram Asus z87...
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    Geohot has nads...

    found this the other day. Geo has some balls.
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    PSP Keys found in PS3

    Well there it is, hackers digging around in the PS3 have found the key for the PSP. Now both consoles are open for homebrew.
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    Verizon's app store

    So Verizon has rolled out their app store recently.....I got the upgrade early this morning. First impressions are meh. ...apps are average 4.99 a pop. Some go as high as 9.99. I'll stick with the market thank you.
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    Life with Playstation

    I keep getting an error could not connect to server message when I boot this up. Anyone else getting this? My connection is fine cause I just got done watching Hulu. Any thoughts?
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    Hulu Plus Invite

    Hey, got my invite from Hulu this afternoon. Anyone else get theirs?
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    Playstation Plus

    So I decided to take the leap and sign up for playstation plus yesterday. One thing I noticed while signing up is sony will automatically put funds in your wallet and renew your subscription when the time comes. Not sure I like that. Just a heads up for anyone who is thinking of signing up.
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    HTPC Question

    I'm thinking of turning my sig rig into an HTPC. I'd like to replace my 8800GT with an ATI 5xxx series card to bitstream to my Onkyo HT-R670 through HDMI. I've ripped almost my complete DVD collection and would just like to play my blu-ray movies, not rip them. Looking at Total Media Theater...
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    I finally finished Bioshock!

    Well, it took a few years of leaving it and coming back, but I finally finished Bioshock the other night. On a console, no less. Life kept getting in the way but it was significant for me because it was the first game I have finished since Resistance: Fall of Man. Great game I thought. I had...
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    Compromised....once again.

    Well, I was online just now checking my balance in my bank account and found 0 dollars. It seems my card has been compromised again. A debit purchase from what looked like Tx Houston HostGator com. I have recently purchased from the Monoprice website so I am assuming this is where it stems...
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    Quick question on Belkin

    I have a Belkin wireless N+ and have recently had someone log into my network and use it. This happened last night as I live in a rural area and there's enough room between me and the neighbors, I didn't feel I needed any security. While watching a movie on the PS3 I looked over and saw the...
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    Youtube streaming killing gateway

    Strange problem with win 7 64bit ultimate. I watch a few videos on youtube and the gateway disappears. I have to have windows reset my connection and it always says Gateway was unavailable. I've heard it may be the network drivers from nvidia as I've just updated all the drivers from a fresh...
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    Time for a new card?

    Been hearing alot of discussion about the new ATI cards and was wondering if I should upgrade. Been looking at the 5870 but wondering if my rig would handle it. I currently use the 8800 GT and have had no issues playing games. I like Crysis but I play at 1440 x 900 and get a decent...
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    Tversity with Vista x64

    Ok, I recently posted a thread on how great Tversity was. It is. Now for some reason, I can't get it to do anything. Using the newest version. I go to start sharing...and get the hourglass....forever. I have to go into task manager to shut it down. When I do get it to run, I can't add any...
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    PS3 and Tversity

    Ok, I just tried Tversity and setup my PS3 as a media outlet. All I can say is...why haven't I done this sooner? Now a few questions. What do you use to rip your DVD's? I was thinking of adding an extra HDD to the computer just for my DVD collection. Loving it so far.
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    Alienware Curved Widescreen monitor

    don't know if anyone has seen or posted this. If this has been posted already, sorry. Great monitor.
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    PS3 HDD

    Hi, Anyone replace their hard drive on the ps3? I've been thinking about it. Thinking, hell, I just bought a toshiba 250 gig SATA off tiger direct for 100 bucks. It looks pretty simple. Just wondering if anyone here took the jump?
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    Fan controllers

    Hi all, my first post here. I have a Q6600 on a xfx 680i LT board with the Thermaltake V1 cooler. I'm currently controlling my fans with an Aerocool Easywatch fan controller and initially, it kept everything cool, but now it is not maximizing the cpu fan. The fan is rated from 1300 - 2300...