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    SLI and Gsync performance craters when run together.

    Ok so this is a subject I've been following for a very long time on the Nvidia forums on and off hoping Nvidia would fix the problem and to date they have not. So when I saw this article on extremetech I thought wow finally someone bringing this issue to light. I see the issue in certain games...
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    Portal made with Apple ARkit This right here is pretty awesome. I can't wait to see what they really do with this going forward.
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    Halo5 multiplayer for Windows 10

    So I know it's been available for a few months now but I only recently remembered to check out it. For anyone who doesn't know this is essentially the complete halo 5 multiplayer experience from Xbox one on PC. It's completely free and available in the windows store. They just recently in...
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    Going from 16gig to 32gig DDR4

    So I'm feeling like I need to up my ram from 16 to 32. It's the system in my sig and I currently have 4 4 gig sticks so I was thinking some new corsair stuff 16x2 sticks? or 4 x 8? I got this when the system was built and ddr4 was still expensive and somewhat limited in speeds. What do you guys...
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    Titanfall2 PC

    So I've been trying to find the titanfall 2 pc deal that was around about a wqeek ago for 28 bucks I believe it was and to no avail. Origin has had it on sale for 40 bucks last few days and I almost bit but wanteds to wait for today. So supposedly amazon and walmart were supposed to have it on...
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    Very happy with this little setup

    So I just thought I would share this little system I put together this week. I haven't had a decent sounding speaker setup for my gaming PC in years. I usually rock a headset/headphones for gaming and some music etc. I came across a deal for these studio...
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    Critique my new soon to be built gaming rig

    Ok so I'm in the planning stage of a new build and I intend to pull the trigger soon. This machine's main sole purpose is to be gaming. I will do other things with it here and there as well but mainly when I fire up this bad boy it will be to play games. I plan to use, for now, my current...
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    Anyone playing insurgency2?

    So I played the shit out of the first one years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Bought this one on steam about a month ago but haven't really seen anyone here talk about it. I'm having a good time with it even though it's still an alpha and for 15 bucks too. So anyone else playing this?
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    Disable CPU core parking So I came across this thread over on the EVGA forums and thought I would share this here. I seem to remember hearing about this a while ago butnever got around to looking into it. I used the simple regedit...
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    Quakecon Streaming Live 720p

    Just in case anyone missed it in the general games forum. Today is Quakecon day 1 and it's being streamed in pretty decent quality here.... I don't know if they are going to stream teh carmack's keynote scheduled for 2:30pm CDT or not but I hope so. ;)
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    A GOOD experience with EA's Origin sustomer service

    Ok so I had 3 EA $20.00 off promo codes from about 2 months ago when I (like alot of people) had problems logging into the MP portion of Crysis 2. What happened was Crytek issued a patch and for some reason some people (like myself) simply couldn't log into the MP. I could log into the main site...
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    Official [H] Star Wars:The Old Republic Thread

    Ok so since there are approx 3 or 4 running threads regarding TOR running at the moment I figured it would make sense to condense it all into one. So mods can we please use this thread to discuss all facets of the game? Keep all the info in one place for everyone to see and discuss? If you don't...
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    Interstellar Marines? O.o

    So umm ya just came across this on someone's sig in another forum and decided to take a look. Looks interesting and definetly peaked my interest. Any thoughts on this project guys?
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    Guaging Interest in an offical/unoffical [H] TS3 server for everyone...

    Ok so I have a TS server for over 6 years hosted with darkstar communications at their data center in dallas. At one time it was my offical guild TS server when we played SWG way back in the day. Since then I have payed for and kept it myself. There's only a few of us close friends who still...
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    Here's how you report driver issues to Nvidia

    Ok so I knew about this offical means to report driver issues/bugs etc to nvidia but I really haven't seen it mentioned here before. I came across a thread regarding this on the evga forums and I thought it might help people here. This is how you let nvidia know about issues that arise. I'm...
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    Intel to pay nvidia 1.5b in licensing fees Wow very good news for nvidia. Their stock has been rockin and I bet its up again big tomorrow on this news. Things are looking very bright at nvda lately. Good...
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    How sprint loses millions monthly This is really off the hook. I can't believe they let this carry on for so long. Heads need to roll. Edit: just came across part 2...
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    Minecraft fire wtf????

    This has to be seen I couldn't stop laughing hahahahaaha.
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    Tegra2 to be reference platform for android 3.0 This if true sounds awesome and a big big win for Nvidia. Seems Samsung,LG and motorola just invested in a ton of tegra2 orders for 2011.
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    The latest previews from around the net re: SWTOR

    English articles: Eurogamer Star Wars: The Old Republic Hands On Gamespot Star Wars: The Old Republic Updated Hands-On - The Jedi Consular and Multiplayer Flashpoints IGN Five Hours with Star Wars: The Old Republic Videogamer Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview Darth Hater...
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    Why I want tegra2 to power my next smart phone. So most of that we hardware peeps already knew but nice to see Nvidia making progress. Now I just need HTC to bang out a next gen evo replacement with tegra2...
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    Wow looks good imo. Anyone hear of this mmo? First time for me.
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    How long has Nvidia had an Nvision magazine?

    So I happen across a link for the nvision magazine on nvidia's site just now. I was away for a week and just now booted up my machine for the first time since I left and went over there to see if there were any new offical WHQL drivers and this is what I see. LOL what? Kinda cool I guess but...
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    Hawkx 2 steam code from nvidia

    So I enjoyed the first one but felt it wasn't worth 50 bucks. I've been wanting to pick up the second but am not gonna Plunk down 50 for it. So if anyone has an extra steam code they wanna get rid of pm me. I'll glady take it.,-) I've given away promo codes to members here before so I figured...
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    Guild wars 2 gameplay footage..looks awesome. Don't think I've seen anyone link this set of videos here before. It's part 1 of 4. This games shaping up nicely.
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    So apparently futuremark has 3dmark11 almost done and set for release soon. Here's a short look at a very nice looking scene from the new benchmark. Looks nice.:-)
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    One of the many reasons I love EVGA

    So evga has a very cool early adopter promo going on at the moment in case some if you aren't aware. Any early buyers of gtx 465,470 and 480's get a free mafia2 steam code. Very very cool of evga not to forget their customers who drop serious coin early on. I bought the 3 470's in my Sig on...
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    Nvidia sets release date for driver revision 256
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    Interesting article regarding piracy

    Actually makes sense to me.
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    3 x gtx 470's or 2 x gtx 480's......that is the question.

    So I asked this question over on the evga forums and I'm curious as to responses here. Now bear in mind I'm not totally sold one way or the other yet since we haven't seen real reviews yet but I digress; I'm not even sold as to whether or not I'm gonna pounce on any fermi cards or hang on to...
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    Unlimited 3d geometry, no polygons!1?? Ok this has me a bit perplexed and intrigued all at once. Can we get some industry guru input and commentary please? This really has me interested in hearing about how this could possibly be. /discuss
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    Startrek Online retail/headstart thread

    Ok so we had a thread discussing the beta and I didn't notice one for the headstart or retail launch today. I haven't had a lot of time to play today but I did get to log in create my toon and do some of the tutorial missions. All went well for me no noticable lag and it looked pretty much like...
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    Woowaa Dirt 2 $19.99 on steam this weekend :-)

    So ya I was away when steam had the 32.00 sale and missed it. Now it's 50% off? LOL I pounced on this immediately last night. Demo was fun and the full game looks good and is fun as hell. Even though CM intentioanlly went out of their way to take out SLi support for nvidia users which is gay...
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    LIVE Nvidia press conference from CES now Talking about Tegra right now.
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    A good step by step guide to setting up and understanding sli/physx
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    Anyone pick up Star Trek DAC on steam?

    I'm a trekkie so I couldn't resist for 10 bucks. Turns out it's a simple, addictive yet fun game. Anyone else give it a shot? Oh and they added some new content for the pc version which the 360 will be getting soon according to the devs.
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    Shattered Horizon..a diamond in the rough

    So on a whim i was miffed about not getting mw2 tuesday so i was looking around the steam store and I came across this game that I hadn't payed any mind too. Well i started reading the steam forums and the Fm forums and I got a good feeling about it. watched some in game footage on youtube and...
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    Win 7 Install with my OC?

    Fast and simple question. Can I or rather should I install win7 with my current OC in place? I have read some people say back off your OC before any OS install and others claim no big deal and report no issues. Are they just lucky or what? I was planning to do an in place upgrade over my vista...
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    Gt300 leaked internal benchies? seriously? Would be pretty amazing but I have my doubts as to the validity of this video. I mean anyone can make up some numbers but wow if real? Sweet baby jesus can you say crysis pwned? :)
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    Need a decent external hard drive

    As the title suggests, I need an external usb 2.0 (or firewire I guess?) drive. I have looked on the egg and mwave etc and see alot of varations and I really don't know where the best bang for the buck resides. Should I just buy an enclosure and throw a nice WD drive in it and be done? I...