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    Best Counter Strike Weapon? I swear this is the last thread from me..

    Why is everyone going AWP? :) I like the scout way better.. think like this: AWP hits leg, hand or any limb = dead... Scout needs some moer aiming ( head ) otherwise he'll still walk. Feeds my ego ;) Longrange pistol shooting: Five Seven or Desert Eagle Note that Scoped assaultrifles (...
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    New laptop / Old game lockups

    Lol....annoying but funny alltogether :) Anyway...try running it in compabilitymodus Win 2K Just a guess though
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    Stalker Clear Sky DX10 Screens And Video

    Indeed :) I have to say though ( forgotten about it ) I suffer some minor framedrops at the Bar. perhaps because of the large numbers of people around there. Also, My CPU is at 2.3Ghz, not 3.0 and my ram is only single chanel. So those factors might be huge bottlenecks, and not my GPU. I...
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    Stalker Clear Sky DX10 Screens And Video

    @DJ_2004: I run STALKER modded with float (floating point ) on this!: C2D E2160@ 3.0 Ghz 2G ram nvidia 9600GT 512. runs all at max of allmost max @ 1920*1200 AA not used, AF at 1/4 ingame settings runs great :) ( btw, you want more fps? decrease foliage first, then lightening...
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    is there something wrong with the new 9600gt?

    Well it's ok :) I game at 1920*1200 atm and can set quality mostly on high ( Stalker, UT3 if it doesn't crash ) but as you see I don't play Crysis. Although I've got the witcher waiting for me here. AA is 2x and AF 8x - 16x. And yes, thats a HTPC with a 9600GT @stock. CPU is E2160 @ 2.23Ghz
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    HD3850 to 9600GT

    dccmadams, hes talking about the hd 3850, not 3870.
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    Bikini backround request

    Don't know why but I can't see it :(...let me try IE Oh boy.. yep! That definitely teaches me ! :D
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    9600 GT 3DMark

    Oh good! thx choppy F
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    9600 GT 3DMark

    hmm s weird. I thought a G92 core 8800GT was faster than a G80 core 8800GTS 320. I wasn't talking about a G92 core 8800GTs 512 eh ;)
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    9600 GT 3DMark

    No I really meant the 8800GTS 320 :). As I've sold that one for a newer generation cards to use in a HTPC / slight gameable PC. So I've been waiting since the fifth of January to get a new card. 1.5 month without games in my spare time feels like rehab or something -_-
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    9600 GT 3DMark

    I'd like to know which one would be better: a 8800GTS 320 or a 9600GT 512... Any ideas?
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    STEAM can kiss my ....

    "Heh" indeed. And oh btw: Cold war is over for about 20 years now. Another hint: If everyone is wrong and you're right... Check and recheck wtf you were trying to prove.
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    Any news on µATX geforce 8200/8300 for intel ?

    9600GT is on my wish-list ^^ But I like the energy-saving idea of hybrid SLI and it's a handy backup
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    Any news on µATX geforce 8200/8300 for intel ?

    I see... I assume the 8300 is more capable than the 8200 ? I haven't seen any tech data either :S Well...some rumours on Fudzilla...but yeah...rumours ... fudzilla.. you know what that means. Anyway I hope the same. -looking at his MSI P6NGM temporal mobo- I came from a Abit F-I90HD ( great...
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    Cliffy B and Epic claim they are done with the PC, consoles primary focus from here

    first of all i think WOW and Sims sell so well because everyone from 9 till 99 can play it. 2ndly it doesn't contain excessive gore nor real skills to amuse yourself. 3rdly...they're fun albeit not available for consoles. Combine this with the fact that its popular and not taxing for the pc at...
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    Any news on µATX geforce 8200/8300 for intel ?

    Any news on µATX geforce 8200/8300 for intel ? Or even on a new generation of µatx nvidia chipsets? can't find anything for intel.
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    Case led swap...

    red was 2.2V and green also around ( probably less than ) that. I believe blue and white are around 3 volt to even 3.7V But they'll work...just not as bright
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    Half Life 2: Episode Three?

    Err, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't HL1 build on a Quake ( 2 I think ) engine and source a complete new-build engine? Like I said, I could be wrong.
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    Why are banana plugs prohibited in Europe?

    mm I seemed to be confused we were talking about the current running trough an installation rather than trough a body by electrification . I've forgotten about the fact that most equipment are made for a specific voltage and are not interchangeable. For example a lightbulb is made for 115 V OR...
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    Why are banana plugs prohibited in Europe?

    Neither 115V nor 230V is safe.... As an electrician ( in Belgium...that Euro's Mainland :p ) we have seen consequences of both failing.. Say you have a 1kW device... ( This is the very LONG way :D ) P ( power dissipation )= U ( Voltage ) x I ( Current ) Looking for the current, we get...
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    looking for a TV card, totaly new here...

    mmm ok :). Problem is here I have all the Pc enthusiaststogether ^^. On a Belgian forum?.. ell I might het 1 or perhaps 2... -_- Anyway i'll look into your suggestions with a SkyHD box and a DVB-S2 card. btw rickyman? not in Belgium they're not :). And if they would, they'd probably...
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    looking for a TV card, totaly new here...

    Hi there. I'm currently building a HTPC with these components: Intel E8400 cpu 2Gb ram PC2 6400 GF 9600GT ( there will be console-like gaming with Xbox 360 controller for family :) ) Hopefully A silent version with HDMI. Auzentech Prelude / X-Tention HDMI 1.3 Geforce 8200 µATX...
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    Any active Guild Wars members here?

    Have to say that i thought Proph. was fun after Ascalon... I HATED those ruins, the burned / dead area. Made me feel down all the time. At the moment I don't play as my Pc is .. well sold and I am waiting for the 9600GT. Nightfall was all right: beginners Isle rocked but mainland was some...
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    Problem using HDMI onboard

    Hi there, I have a MSI P6NGM with tha nforce 630i + geforce 7100 onboard. When I try and use the DVI - > HDMI ( DVI onboard - HDMI on the monitor ) cable my screen seems to have an offset to the highleft and the resolution seems bigger. The 'rest' of the screen is collored black. Yes, i've...
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    about singleplayer gaming...

    Problem is I only have a 24" LG PC monitor and i recon thats a lil small for a Wii. I'll go hire a Wii for a weekend and make up my mind then because i'm a little sceptical about consoles... Oh and don't get me wrong! I DO have great fun with games...but thats mostly online. And onlinegames...
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    about singleplayer gaming...

    hehe... aah yes, Thief them all ^^ totally forgotten about them Hitman series got some funtime too...but thats only when you have oceans of time! :) I'ill try the Witcher and Sin, but i'd rather stay away from consoles ( horrible aiming -_- ) and MMO's ( I saw friends giving up...
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    about singleplayer gaming...

    Quite a rant about SP get ready while i'll put on my flamesuit.. I've got the feeling that over the last year no real good SP game came out that i liked ( liked as also by means of genre... i basically only play FPS/ some TPS / RPG-FPS ). Sure, HL2 series was great.. but...
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    780i 790i just waste of time?

    no-one exactly knows... Nvdia is quiet around new products, we don't know that much...these rumors are often created bu sites like Fudzilla and the Inq. Read them.. take t with a shipload of salt, move on. I don't say they're incorrect, i say they were rarely correct ;)
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    Questions on Zalman VF1000

    no idea about the GT youll need it on a GTS / GTX / Ultra...but i'd wait a few weeks for the coolermanufactuers to adapt their coolers.
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    which of these 3 low profile cards is best?

    I'd go for the 8600GT MSI card. AFAIK the best performing card, had hardware HD decoding etc.
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    Thermaltake Armor Plus

    i'm a bit tired of the ' unfinished ' look of some cases...the top plastic bezel even stick out of the back! Typical case to be advertised as a ' Gaming Case '= lotsa bling, cheap components and full of plastic ( wich prolly aint ABS plastic ). Well thats how i see this case :). To each his own...
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    nForce 730i rel. date?

    no news then?...mkay
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    R.I.P. Colin McRae

    R.I.P. to the re-inventor of Rally. i'll also be taking a moment for the passengers and Colin's loved-ones. Colin, we will miss you.
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    nForce 730i rel. date?

    any news about the nForce 730i? i mean the next GeForce 7150 based integrated graphics - chipset. ty ^^
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    Make your own right angle sata cables, very easy!

    havnt gotten any probs with the SATA cables; but good find anyway :)
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    Custom Filter Holder for 250mm fan

    it looks funny, but if you can't find any, try putting an old panty over it.
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    E2C's or CX300's?

    funny prices.. here in Europe ( belgium ) they're like €30 - €90 respectivly ( thats us$ 39 and us$117 )
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    Your Top 3 PC games?

    1. Halflife series 2. Vampire, The masquerade: Bloodlines ( despite the enormous amount of bugs, the mage is SO underrated ) 3. DOD ( the original )
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    Would this be a good soundcard for games???

    it's not superb, afaik it does not fully support the ' gamefeatures ' it's pretty ok to good for "normal" use...the occasional game and MP3. just don't expect too much from it.
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    Ack...5.1 without actual 5.1...or suggestions?

    you *could* try a quality headphone ( sennheiser comes to mind ) coupled with a soundcard that features Dolby Headphone of CCMS 3D ( creative cards ) possibly with a headphone amp to make your soundstage even wider. otherwise, yes, i'd try the true 5.1.