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    E3 May Pull The Plug On Los Angeles

    If they put it at the Anaheim Convention Center, you have Disneyland and California Adventure within walking distance, all the nice hotels in the area- within walking distance, and you have the Orange County beaches very very close. i live here in South OC and I have wondered for a long time...
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    China Promises To Improve Intellectual Property Protection

    They can't replace our cool confidence! :)
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    FCC Eyes Tax on Internet Service

    I swear i am not some liberal socialist, but... the idea is that by getting broadband to backwater areas, we raise the common good and that is better for everyone. Doesn't mean you have to agree that it is worth it, and frankly I am not sure I do. But- that's the reasoning. Personally, I...
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    FCC Eyes Tax on Internet Service

    This. Seriously- this. People really, really need to read the Court opinions on this issue. Then form your opinions- it's not a terribly difficult read.
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    FCC Eyes Tax on Internet Service

    Let the free market combined with anti-trust laws take care of this. In other words, when the government gets the hell out of the way, we end up with things like Sprint confirming they will still have unlimted 3g and 4g with the iphone 5, or Google investing money to brign fiber- the fastest...
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    China Wants to Buy Facebook

    Myspace failed because it allowed fake identities and the customization of the look of each page. According to someone who bought it...
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    China Wants to Buy Facebook

    Let 'em buy it! Its value is in its usage, watch it die after China buys it...
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    Activision Blizzard CEO May Purchase MySpace

    Hilarious. Jung predicted this years ago.
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    Game Dev: The Sooner We Go Digital, The Better

    It's called steam.... i mean seriously, is there any disadvantage to Steam, besides the necessity of the internet connection? You can re download as many times as you want, patches are seamless, online play is practically cheat free, no bandwidth limitations, makes it really easy to reinstall...
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    12-Year-Old Boy Genius Sets Out to Disprove Big Bang

    So he is a 12 year old know-it-all with asberger's? Normal 12 year olds are obnoxious as it is... But adding a genius IQ and ASBERGER'S to the mix? This guy must be the most obnoxious human beig on the planet!
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    Purchasing a CubeStormer

    OK- so let's say... I was lazy... but Iw anted one of those super cool rubic's cube solving lego robots.... anyone know where I could buy one? Just... for messing around with. It looked cool...
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    White House to Push Privacy Bill

    OK good. Now that they took care of all the other important shit, this is a good thing to work on now.
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    11 Year Old Racks Up $1,750 Xbox Live Bill

    Look, I undersand the sentiment o wanting blame the mother, but this is complete bullshit. The kid is only 11, and it really is unfair for M$ to allow children to rack up charges through XBOX live. Sure we are all geniuses, but the average kid at that age just cannot be held to the standard of...
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    Verizon iPhone Hits Home Run

    Who knew? I mean, who could have possibly predicted the iPhone would be successful on Verizon?? Weird...:confused:
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    SSD Mandatory for Next-Gen Games?

    I think an order from Microsoft for 10 million of them at a certain price point and capacity would speed price drops along nicely. For example, if they went to Samsung, and said, we are prepared to purchase 10 million 512GB SSd drives from you with xyz specs, for the next xbox, and we need them...
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    Stuxnet: Cyber Missile That Crippled Iran's Nuke Program

    Who really gives a shit how its done? If Iran powers up nuclear weapons, they will get obliterated. I say we have to do everything we can to stop Iran from getting obliterated- they are the only nation on earth arresting rappers...
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    Stuxnet: Cyber Missile That Crippled Iran's Nuke Program

    You're damn right they've been denied that right! Jew-hating holocaust-denying douchebags ought to consider the stuxnet worm a gift from god that might prevent them from being obliterated.
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    Apple Finally Snares The Beatles Catalog?

    Look- I love macs, I love my iphone- but I don't buy music on itunes, especially music I care about! Can someone please explain to me where the added value is in buying it through itunes? CD is a better quality sound, and I can rip it anyway i want- what is the deal with itunes music? Give me...
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    Thief Backs Up Data, Sends It To Victim

    And they say decency is dead...
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    Gizmodo Works with DA in Lost iPhone 4 Probe

    And Ca will bankrupt itself. Our legislature is a group of incompetent morons.
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    Gizmodo Works with DA in Lost iPhone 4 Probe

    Their source lost his anonymity when Giz announced who he was. Then Giz proceeded to go out, quite a bit like a bitch. Out like a bitch, Gizmodo went...
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    What's this? WiFi on an SD memory card!

    Eye Fi for the win... ITWire is a bunch of idiots. And so is Toshiba- nothing irritates me more than copy cat acting like it is the first to market...
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    U.S. Has Most Serial Killers in the World

    Now that is a good question! I am guessing Laos.
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    U.S. Has Most Serial Killers in the World

    Yep. They are, and i will be proud. fact is, guns are illegal in Mexico. And people still keep killing other people with them... only the law abiding citizens don't have them to protect themselves.
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    U.S. Has Most Serial Killers in the World

    I'm willing to bet that just about every country in Africa beats us for serial killers, it's just we actually do something about it...
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    Microsoft's E3 2010 Keynote

    I'm not sure, but this guy in the purple jacket and sunglasses could be an even bigger douche than Cliff Blezinski.
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    Do the Feds Have a Case Against Apple?

    Awww.... too bad so sad. Someone makes a good product, someone else doesn't compete, they just bitch to the government...
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    China Says it Will Keep Blocking Online Content

    Dock that Chink a day's pay for sleeping on the job! ... i guess... I guess that is the most appropriate thing to say here... I think....
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    Field of view/ number of displays efefinity question

    So eight projection screens, with rear projection on each surrounding the player would not work? What about for source games, and quake engine games?
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    Field of view/ number of displays efefinity question

    For surround gaming- as in, screens literally surrounding you, how many would you need to properly simulate field of view without stretching and visual artifacts? And how would you configure each display's field of view angle to properly display things in a 360 degree display? I am thinking...
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    Keeping part of a page from reloading if it is the same across multiple pages

    Very cool- thank you for your reply. I am going to research along those lines. Thanks again.
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    Keeping part of a page from reloading if it is the same across multiple pages

    What I am trying to achieve is to have the page refresh faster. Ideally, the only thing that would be reloaded on the pages is the data that is displayed- none of the framework, the layout, the colors, etc would reload. I guess if changes are made to the pages then they would have to reload...
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    Epic Says Piracy is Killing PC Gaming

    Gotcha. Well, is it true then that piracy on Steam is at least significantly less than other platforms?
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    Keeping part of a page from reloading if it is the same across multiple pages

    Hi- Please forgive me if my question is stupid, but I can't seem to wrap my head around a solution. I am not a coder or a programer, I am designing a software solution. My question is this- if I have, say 9 pages for a website application, and the top portion of every single page is exactly...
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    Epic Says Piracy is Killing PC Gaming

    I thought Steam solved pc piracy? I don't mean to sound like an idiot if this is not true, but seriously- doesn't steam nail pc piracy?
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    Google Seeks to Hire “Head of Social”

    That dude who made myspace. I'll bet he's had time to reflect...
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    Verizon Bills Family $18k For Cell Phone Use

    I agree that the kid should get punched in the mouth. But the a-hole at Verizon who decided not to have their network send out a text message telling them when they had reached, I don't know, a bill of $500 should get punched too. Actually, let's just line up everyone involved and have an...
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    Verizon Bills Family $18k For Cell Phone Use

    Verizon is not forcing the family to do anything. Verizon is choosing to allow this to ruin their business practices and affect cell phone billing practices in general. This is not a fucking arrest warrant. It is a bill, an illegitimate one at that.