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    Swapped rtx 3070 out for 1070 in PC w/ Win10, now 1070 will work in Ubuntu but not fresh Windows install

    Update: It randomly decided to work in Windows 10 after swapping back from Ubuntu to Windows. o_O So I swapped an rtx 3070 (sold it) for a gtx 1070 in a PC and afterward Windows 10 would not show anything but a black screen even if I installed another GPU (gtx 1030). I can use the gtx 1070 in...
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    Reusing Corsiar HX850 from 2015 due to shortage

    About every PSU I find to buy is either out of stock or has vague shipping dates or is seemingly overpriced. I have a HX850 that has been working flawlessly on an i7-5820, gtx 1070, etc. Trying to think of reasons I couldn’t use it on a gtx3080 or 3090, AMD 3900xt or similar, ASUS mobo. Thoughts?
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    New build for professional rendering and AI/ML

    Use case is professional work (game dev), deep learning (less frequent for now), and VR Goals Lots of CPU threads (possibly 3960x or higher), so 40 threads or more gtx 3090 ( lots of GPU memory) 128-256gb of RAM Prefer ASUS motherboards but can consider others Some gaming large computer...