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  1. Chupachup

    The FBI didn't exhaust their options before trying to force Apple's...

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation did not exhaust possible solutions to unlock an iPhone connected to a gunman involved in a late-2015 shooting spree before seeking a court order to compel Apple Inc to help access the device, a U.S. Justice Department internal watchdog said on Tuesday. In...
  2. Chupachup

    MS Cortana Flaw Becomes Security Risk

    A pair of independent Israeli security researchers found the major security flaw this week. By giving simple voice commands, they found they could install malware and launch websites even from a computer's lock screen...
  3. Chupachup

    Honolulu is the first big US city to ban phone use at crosswalks

    As of October 25th, the Hawaiian burg can ask you to pay between $15 to $99 if you're caught looking at a mobile device while you're strutting the crosswalk. No word on how much it costs if you're caught looking at your watch, chewing gum or talking to someone next to you, while using a crosswalk.
  4. Chupachup

    Kaspersky Turns Over Source to US Government

    In a world of doing whatever it takes to do business with the U.S. Government, Gizmodo/AP reports, Kaspersky wants to prove his business doesn't operate maliciously- including turning over their source code for the government to vet.