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    XFX Triple Monitor Stand

    I'm curious as to anyone experience with this thing:
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    5970 demoed on GameSpot It features, MW2, Dirt2 and DAO.
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    Chrome and Safari

    Are there any similarities on the underneath code in these browsers? I just found the following: When you do an HttpRequest.Browser.Browser from an ASP page Google chrome returns the following: AppleWebKit. Could it be that they're using some code from Safari?
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    Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000 USB cable

    Hello everyone, This is an email I just sent to Microsoft support relating this keyboard's USB cable: "Dear Microsoft support, This is a hardware related problem. My Natural Keyboard 4000 on which I'm typing right now is not working properly. The reason, one of the threads of its USB has...
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    Internet DSL Installation and Moving

    Dear [H] people: I need your help and advice. I have the following problem: I work by doing telecommunting and I'm about to move. We're subscribed to Verizon DSL, along with local Phone service. If we order to move the service to the new place I'll stay out of internet for one week straight...
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    What do you think of MMOS?

    Hey there: In comparison to an FPS skillwise, what do you guys think of an MMO? Do you agree with the guy in this video...
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    Hybrid Crossfire

    On the ASUS M4A78 with the Radeon 3300. Is it possible to use that IGP with the 4800 series?
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    ASUS M4A78T-E audio and Windows 7 RC1

    Hey guys, My new Asus M4A78T-E just arrived and I installed Windows 7 to use it along with my AMD AM3 720. I am using an Asus 4850 with Catalist 9.4 The OS is recognizin the HDMI audio and my 5.1 speakers flicker(Hi freq pulse, the kind that breaks them) when the system reboots or shuts...
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    Windows 7 and Windows Xp multiboot-Different hard Dirves

    Hi everybody, I have the following Issue. IDE0-Master Windows Xp Slave DVD IDE1-Master Windows7 Salve-None So far I have to get into my BIOS and configure manually the booting hard drive. How can I make my system use a multiboot menu after POST? Prefer to Avoid GRUB or LILO and...
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    Windows 7, PCI Express Energy Savings and ATI Drivers crashing to BSOD

    Here is the Story: Went to Power Saving Options on My Desktop. Changed the PCI-Express(VIA PCI-Express 1.0 chipset, old) to Great Energy Savings. Bang Ati Crashes to BSOD(infinite Loop). Tried rebooting, when login in, ATI crashes again.
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    Cloning a Hard Disk with Windows 7 and Seagate Utility a.k.a acronis

    Hello Guys. I am trying to clone a 40 Gb disk with Windows 7 Beta installed and few other things using the Utility that comes with the Seagate disks. But the Cloned 300 Gb partition keeps telling me it has a problem in the MBR and so it won't boot and it won't read. I haven't tried the AUTO...
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    Windows 7 Beta 1 and Video Cards Post your experience.

    Hey Everyone: Let's post our experiences with Windows 7 Directx 11 and our Video Cards. I personally own an ASUS EAH4850 TOP/HTDI/512M Radeon HD 4850 Factory Overclocked from 625 MHz to 680 MHz and thus far I have found the following. The ATI Beta driver installer for Windows is supposed...
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    FOR ATI Lovers
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    Asus Mail in Rebate and New Egg Warranties

    Hey guys: I recently bought an Asus EAH4850 TOP/HTDI/512 at New Egg.That card comes with a 30 USD Mail in Rebate directly from Asus. But I have a minor inconvenience. I cannot get the sticker with the UPC code I'm supposed to send to Asus in order to recieve my Mail In Rebate. Unluess I grab...
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    ASUS MAil In Rebate PDF for Video Cards on NOVEMBER

    Hello Everyone: Could anyone please point me in where can I get the Mail in Rebate PDF file for ASUS cards purchased in NewEgg on the month of November. I purchased my ATI 4850 on November 28th and they now have the PDF file for the month of December: The link for the present date MIR...
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    Buying Brick and Mortar

    Hello Guys: I was wondering which Brick and Mortar Store you recommend for purchasing Video Cards. I was looking at CompUSA/Tiger Direct but there's also a Best Buy nearby. I want to get a 4850. thanks in advance for any tips you have.
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    Fujitsu siemens to sell first ATI XGP technology for Laptops A la 3870 in Xfire in the near future.
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    Mass Effect 10$ Off
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    Desktop PC Systems Reviews Sites

    Well I was recommending Hardocp for its reviews to a friend of mine and just found out many if not all of the Old PC Desktop system Reviews have been taken Out!! I know the guy left the Magazine, but didn't suspected he had taken his reviews away with him. Where can I find the same level of...
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    Age of Conan Going Gold

    Age of Conan Goes Golden @ VE3D Originally Posted By Steve@HardOCP. I was at the Beta testing. I had to throw the towel due to horrible lagging and disconections. The Server I traced route to was behind a Gateway In Amsterdam, so go figure. The game has several bugs, just to begin with it...
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    Agiler Power Source

    Does Anyone knows this power supply? Thanks.
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    Non Volatile Magnetic RAM at Cache Speeds...

    Almost!!!! Hi: The past week I posted about the MRAM Technology and wondered what had happened to it.After a little research this is what I've found: Altough this is still under development the results could be excellent. In this article the author explains the various advantages and...
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    Is this a Good Bargain?

    I am looking for a Medium level laptop with some gaming capabilities. Aftr reading some reviews here at HardOCP I have found out that for the new games you need a Video Card with at least 512MB for high quality textures. So far I have found these laptops based on the Core 2 Duo T7700 and...
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    Silicon Knights Suit Epic Megagames Over Unreal 3 Engine

    Silicon Knights Suits Epic Megagames Over Unreal 3 Engine and the Development of Too Human. The claim posts that Epic commited Fraud and crippled the licensed Engine in order to give advantage to Gears of War over other Studios games...
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    The link to the R600 posted by Rich is Dead

    Yes, that review is dead: even tough it appears on google, it just takes you to an autogenerated godaddy Ad,SPAM,SCAM site.... GRRRRR :mad:
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    XBOX 360, its error messages

    What Up!! I recently bought an X360 and have had the E-74 hardware error a couple of times. For I have found out, it seems to be a prob with the power source. Only turning off and on the console has fixed it so far. What do you recommend: 1: Turn it back for checking, they will give it...
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    Raytracing on Video Games

    Yeah Its gonna be possible!!! Maybe the Geforce X900 or even the GTX Geforce 9800/9900 would run it, instead of a rasterizer a raytracing unit:
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    In response to the german goverment and video games.

    This is a response to user ScYcS comments about my posts regarding the German Goverment proposal of arresting people, look here: and here: To Admin: Sorry for the double post, I didn't...
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    And you complain about the RIAA sueing people?!!! Go check this.

    Apparently the German Goverment is considering to imprission anyone related to "much violent games", including developers, retailers and gamers too: Go figure it out. Natzi Symbols are forbidded and yet, they are still in a totallitary train of thought. Makes me wonder, what happens when a...
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    And you complain about the RIAA sueing people?!!! Go check this.

    Apperently the German Goverment is considering to imprision anyone related to "much violent games", including developers, retailers and gamers too: Go figure it out. Natzi Symbols are forbidded and yet, they are still in a totallitary train of thought. Makes me wonder, what happens when a...
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    What can you tell me about this model.

    Sony Bravia LCD: Viera: KDL-V26XBR1 Thank You
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    Samsung HDTV Hunt

    Hello: I'm in a quest for an HDTV Device. So far I've found the following. Samsung 32" LCD model: LN32R71BA More expensive and Samsung 32" LCD model: LN32R71BX Least Expensive and Samsung 42" PLASMA model: PL42D5S middle priced. Do you know the diffence between these three models...
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    All you need to know about LCD

    Brent, Steve or Kyle please post this on Hardocp. Thxs
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    Problems in Geforce 8800 GTX and GTS review

    Hello: To Kyle, Brent and the rest of HardOCP people. I've read on Kyle previous post about the review some complaints about not being able to finish the review. I could just go as far as page five, couldn't continue on the textures and Anisotropic Filtering. Could this be a server load...
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    QUAD CORE MY ..... It is on....
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    Hello Hardfolders: I wonder if any of you have had any experience with any of these two mobos having trouble booting when connecting an external NVIDIA Card, specifically the 6600, 6500 chips. The thing is we're buying a PC at my workplace and one the providers selling this thing said it...
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    Do You Know This Video Card

    Hello HARDFolders: I Have a simple direct question: Do you know of the existence of an official XFX GeForce 6600 Dual-DVI with Passive Cooling The Cooler is in the likes of the one of a 5200 from MSI (is Black painted, a classical if you like), but it covers the memory too. I have...
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    What happens now with HOCP. HOFOS?

    I'll guess i post this here since is the review about a mobo i'm gonna talk about.. Whats this... ? .... and this ..... , I belive its said following components, excuse me I'm just an ignorant latino that not even lives in an angloparlant country and calls himself an electrical...
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    Fixing ATI/Viewsonic

    Using ATis Hydravision on an PowerColor 9250 for DUAL VGA connection Hello there HARDFOLDERs: I have a setup of 2 Viewsonic V702b connected thru 2 VGA Analog ports 1 directly to the 9250 card and the other thru a dvi/vga adaptor. The one connected thru the DVI/VGA adaptor looks blury...
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    Windows Vista a.k.a Longhorn is Screwing it off for Beloved OpenGL!!!!

    Doom3 anyone?Maybe some Quake 4. What about Call of Duty or any other game developed on the engines made by Id. Software. Well It looks like the upcoming windows is gonna make an attempt to take out OpenGL out of bussines for gaming purposes by making a more beautiful enviromento but lowering...