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    I wonder how it crunches... 64c/256t booting winderp

    KNL (knights landing) version of the Xeon Phi is now bootable, as opposed to being a coprocessor last gen. 7210 is the "cheap" one at $2438 ... Still a bit rich for my blood but I can drool over it. Thought you fellow DCers would be interested.
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    Moar cores for crunching First look at the skylake-ep servers.
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    PG does it again... GPU's no longer important.

    I guess they have warned us time and again not to buy hardware just for folding but it would sure be nice if they would be consistent for more than a year at a time. Details here...
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    Interesting new Xeon-Ds

    16c/32t in 45w package... Intel Xeon D 12 and 16 core parts launched: first benchmarks Might make interesting but pricey crunching boxes.
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    BTU thoughts...

    Give Money to the projects that need it directly... don't give them 90%. For profit BTC pools are 2% or less. 10% for a charity pool is ludicrous. You are buying points.
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    Grandpa and Dookey

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    G9x replacement...what do you game on.

    My G9x is wearing out and I need to find a replacement candidate before it dies. The weight drawer has been jammed from day one... and as it is still under warranty I will probably see if they have any spare g9x's around before this one passes out of warranty. That said Logitech seems to have...
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    Hi Dookey

    Nice spot... I think I will take it. :D Am I doing this right?[H]ard|OCP&sort=today I am still figuring out this boinc stuff... but I like it.
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    Linux Nvidia driver kills Window manager

    Trying to get boinc up and running on a few cards and it is not working... Thursday I tried getting the nvidia driver installed on an Ubuntu 13.10 install. service lightdm stop ./Nvidia driver (Latest from website 331.67) When it runs it blacklist the nouveau driver to keep that from...
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    Vijay to make public apology

    Today Vijay Pande has posted formal public apology on his blog detailing of all of the errors and missteps he has made in the gross mismanagement of the f@h project. Truly unexpected and overdue.
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    Report Mod feature request

    Requesting a formal way to appeal a mods decision. If you feel a mod was just power tripping and that the rule listed has nothing to do with any content posted, you should have a way to request a 2nd set of eyes.
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    Windows 8 can no longer game.

    When I install a game I can no longer expect it to work. List of games that work: Metro Last light BF4 Legend of Grimrock TF2 (testing another Valve) COD2 (does anything work?) HL2 deathmatch Dirt3 Dirt Showdown List of non-working: Portal2 (crash after level load) Tomb Raider (the new one)...
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    And by diversifying I mean stop folding unless they get their heads out of their asses. I have been involved in WCG and BOINC in the past and I am slowly pointing all of my cpu resources that way and I have a rather large arsenal :D. Project selection suggestions are welcome. Currently...
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    12800s < s?

    What is the s in pc3-12800s stand for? It is a SO-DIMM, is that all it means? 12800r would be registered, e would be ecc, this is just the first time I have seen s. I don't really see a reason for labelling a so-dimm s on the end... its kinda obvious its not a full form factor dimm. Any thoughts?
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    Overdue retribution :p
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    How big is your drive, actually?

    How big is your drive vs its advertised size? remember the GB vs GiB However it seems some companies are using that as an excuse to excise some extra space to increase margins... Good resource for the conversion. Please post your drive, Advertised and...
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    Last semester ate my time... and spit me out on the other side. But I am happy to be back folding with gusto... paychecks coming in and I am rebuilding the farm. Initialization Sequence 65% Output stabilized at 1.5m ppd... for now ;)
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    Halfabringer or harbringer-mini ;)
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    The time has come.

    It is time for us to step down and let EVGA have its rightful title back. We, the 4p Mafia, now realize that they are the better team and that we cannot hold off the inevitable. We will humbly accept our new overlords at their whim... In order to help with the transition I will be...
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    Windows 8 help

    After a nightmarish install... Disabling USB caused it to not boot from the install media. there was a certain usb emulation mode that I ended up disabling to get the install to stop freezing on disk format. Key before install... seriously my favorite thing about the 7 install was not having...
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    That didn't take long...

    A picture cries a thousand words... Anyone know how to RMA SM boards?
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    Dual PSUs

    What would be the best way to do dual PSUs in a rig... I am hitting a power cap.... my HCP1200w isn't enough. :eek: need to power 1x24pin, 3x EPS 12v, 8x GTs, 1x Laing d5, 1x ssd. I have an older 1200w pc p&c...
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    Those who know what I am talking about Cool keep reading. Those who don't take the blue pill and ignore the rest... (irc joke) I am sorry for the numerous delays.... I need request confirmations in the spreadsheet and current addresses PMed to me. I would say asap but given my tardiness...
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    Two words

    It Lives.
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    BigAdvPPD chart

    In regards to the BigAdv PPD/ TPF charts... Please only post your average TPF. You can post your average on a fast wu if you want...but please do not post your fastest frame. (perhaps we can add a column for that if you want but I want accurate data and for that we all need to post the same...
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    4p Power advisory

    Please refrain from using Molex to EPS 12v adapters on your 4p systems. I have seen this picture and those like it too much... Even dual molex to 12v eps are not a good idea. If there is absolutely no way to do an 8pin EPS from the psu directly (no Ys or splitters)... I suggest a PCIE to EPS...
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    Bread and butter

    Strength in numbers. I have noticed that too many everyday folders are discouraged when they compare themselves with the current top 20 Horde folders. If you are a discouraged folder I have somethings to share... Without you we would not be where we are. Here are some stats on the...
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    Board won't boot need help...

    I can't get my new gigabyte board to boot. It has all the latest features from removable chipsets to wireless ddr2 slots. I keep trying to get it to boot up...but it refuses...any ideas?
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    Flying north for the winter

    So my Christmas break is over... I am headed back to school for with" free" power... Harbringer will get a fresh install or kernel whatever I decide is easier to get to... Raven has its 2nd cpu installed so I have a 48 core box and a 16core box... packing it all in the car and heading...
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    Harbringer took a break

    I was convinced by some of my comrades to take harbringer to a lan party... It took a bit of a rehash... 6970 and different hd with a windows install...more fun with only 1 sata port on the mobo... we were not playing anything demanding so it was quite bored... I think I may have seen 10% at...
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    Edit: noticed it didn't stick my title of z4 speakers in there....w/e ^ I have had those speakers for ~3 years... the volume/bass knob is broken more or less...
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    Warm welcome to Sfield

    It appears we have a transfer.... Please give a warm welcome to Sfield... Master of G34 overclocking and SR2 wizardry.
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    The [H]arbringiner is alive

    Meet [H]arbringer Specs 48cores @ 3.48ghz refclock 240, nb 2160 SM GL w/ OCNG4 (thank you everyone who had a hand in this...) 16x 2gb G.skill cas 6 ddr3 1600 @ 1600 Antec HCP1200w ( a real trooper... looking to get it some help soon... 1432w AC est 1267DC) 2x RX360 rads 1x RS240 rad 8x...
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    Silent Mode

    Stealth Mode enabled... Lets just say Dropper stole some titles from me... I am not happy about such... and I am coming for them... Project Shock and Awe is a Go...
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    Hey guys... I am new to heatware but not to selling and buying so... Those who have already bought and sold stuff to me... please do your best to leave evaluations. :) Soo seeking the likes of.... John, Jebo, cyberdog, razergriz, killin4killin,R-type, Veeb0rg, Noble, rickjames .... might be...
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    2p G34 overclocking

    Someone want to send me an LN2 tank please....
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    The top 20 (what it takes)

    The line to get into the top 20 varies a bit... currently its around 185k and that will bump someone off... if tons of people start trying... its gonna take a bit more. so what you need is A G34 rig >= 4x 1.8ghz dodecas or 2 or so SR-2 boxen >= 3.6ghz dual hexacores As there is...
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    G34 extraspicey

    Well I have two 1.7ghz amd dodecas they are extra spicey.... they are wonderful to bench with... I have never seen such high scores on cinebench in my life... I currently have them at 2.8ghz k10stat was just boosting one core....which does pidly squat... I think I am knocking thermal...
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    SR-2 Community boxen

    Well... MIBW has been unable to afford the Electricity bill to fold 30c/kwh he has not commented on the idea of a community boxen... or all three... but... if this were to be an opportunity... how much could/ would donate on a monthly basis... if there are enough we can boost the team ppd...
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    moar D

    dual G34 rig coming online sometime this week... the ppd increase is not going to be insane... as I will be taking low clocked ES that I have salvaged (they are already folding) And overclocking them... I need to cool these guys... I will be starting by playing with a 2.2ghz 12 core and plan...