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    Rads to cool a 3930K?

    So I'm putting together my new build consisting of a 3930K, goal is to OC to around 4500. I have two options on the radiators. First is using two seperate 120 swiftech rads in one loop with a 355 pump. The second is a 120.3 using a 655 pump. I would perfer to use the two 120 rads as it would...
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    3X GTX 480 Tri-Sli

    With all the people selling off their GTX 480s last month in a panic, I was able to snag a Evga GTX 480sc along with another DD waterblock. This bad boy was added to my exisiting 2X Evga 480sc Sli setup. Tri-Sli is bliss on my Dell U3011, and gaming at 2560X1600 is a sight to see. My initial...
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    Metro 2033 or Just Cause 2

    Ready to starting playing a new game, either Metro 2033 or Just Cause 2. Suggestions on which one?
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    Razor Venom: WTF!? "Razer Venom comes in an intravenous solution bag for personal consumption" "5 various needle sizes for various vein sizes"
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    Enermax Galaxy EVO 1250

    Should be getting the Galaxy 1250 this week to replace my TurboCool 1KW-SR. Anyone have this and care to share there thoughts?
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    Newegg's 480 Listing

    480s 470s No gouging as of yet.
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    Ghostbuster The Video Game

    The wife just picked up Ghostbusters for the PC at Target. They have it clearanced at $9.88, YMMV. Have not opened it yet though. Is it ever worth it with all the issues it has, or should I take it back. Or give it hell for $10?
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    Say Goodbye to the X2 and hello SLI

    Went ahead and sold my 4870 X2 and just ordered two BFG GTX 285 OC+ cards. The X2 is a good card, but just didn't seem like gaming was going as good as it could. I'm sure I'll see a performance boost with these 285s. Glad to be back at the NV camp and a member of Club Sli again. :)
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    BFG GTX 295 in Stores

    Just left Fry's in Dallas (8pm) and they had 4 BFG GTX 295 cards on the shelf. Price is $529.99, item # 5811903. Did take note on how heavy it was, even compared to the X2 sitting next to it. Was tempted to get one, but couldn't justify it with my watercooled X2 working perfectly.
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    ATI picking up the pace with the 4870 X2?

    With NV's ongoing price cuts, wonder if ATI is trying to get the 4870 X2 out any faster?
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    Striker Extreme II at the Egg

    $469.99 I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
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    3870 X2/3870 CF vs 9800GX2 review?

    Anyone see a comparison of a 3870 X2 & 3870 in CF and a 9800GX2? Would be interested to see that as they would cost about the same.
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    E8400 at MicroCenter Dallas $189

    Just got off the phone with Micro Center in Dallas Tx and they just got a shipment of the E8400s. Price is $189.99.
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    R680 releases 1 week sooner

    AMD moves up launch of X2.
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    Corsair Dominator 9136 and Striker Extreme

    I just got 2GB of the 9136 to go with my Striker Extreme and having problems getting to it's rated speed of 1142. I set SLi enabled to Expert and manually set the timings and speed to 5-5-5-15 @2.1 & 1142, but actual in bios show mem spd at 1066. Then in windows, cpu-z shows mem spd at...
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    Asus M2N-E and Corsair 6400C4

    I have the 6400C4, which is 4-4-4-12 at 2.1v and I want to use it in the Asus M2N-E, but in the bios the highest vcore allowed is 1.9. So can I run my 6400C4 run at 5-5-5-12 at 1.9v then? Or does this memory need to be at 2.1v no matter what timings. Thanks
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    680i and OCZ FlexXLC PC2 9200

    Is anyone using this memory with a 680i mobo? If so what mobo and how do you like it? I'm thinking about getting this for my Strike but have not seen anyone metion it. Thanks
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    OCZ FlexXLC PC2 9200

    Is anyone using this memory? If so what mobo and how do you like it? I'm thinking about getting this for my Striker Extreme but have not seen anyone metion it. Thanks
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    New SIi Certified Power Supply

    FYI PC P&C Silencer 750 Quad is turning out to be a great power supply for the money.
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    Intel Bad Axe 2 or Asus Striker Extreme

    I have everything except the motherboard. X6800 and 8800GTX are the main components so now just need to decide between the BOXD975XBX2KR or the Striker Extreme. Recommendations between the two?
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    New Watercooling install, w/pics

    Well, I finally was able to get my WC install going this week. After much help from this forum and alot of research online, I went with individual parts versus a kit. Reason being was for the same $$ as the H20-120, my parts are almost identical to the H20-220. My parts are: DD D5 pump...
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    blow hole install

    Put a 80mm blow hole in case. Was pretty easy with the right tools. I used a 3 inch hole saw blade and masking tape is a must. I was going to use a dremel but very glad I didn't. The cutting took about 20 secs and then did a little sanding to smooth the edges. The masking tape prevented any...
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    DD Black Ice Extreme 2 HELP!!!

    Just got the DD BIX 2 with the 1/2 fittings and 1/2 barbs. Problem is that the barbs are EXTREMELY tight to screw in. I cannot use just my fingers as it goes one with 1 full turn and then stops. I would have to use a wrench with some very hard turns to get it in. Is this normal??? Thanks
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    Best placement of reservoir

    I am looking for some thoughts on the ideal placement of my reservoir. I have the Swiftech micro and can place it in a few different spots. 1- In the upper middle part of case right below and to the right of the power supply 2- in middle right of case, more right then the above but lower...