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    Windows XP PRO X64 error

    In the last week and a half I've put together my newer(budget) system and converted over to XP PRO SP2 X64 to utilize 4GB of ram. But the last couple of days I've been getting an unexpected restarts and an error message that has to be linked to some sort of software that I've recently installed...
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    Ipod conversion for T.V use(noob), what is best setting for highest quality?

    I just recently started converting a movies for the ipod(80gb classic, 5th gen, I think) so I can watch the movies at different locations with ease. I've tried a few different quality settings in Videora but thought I would also ask because I may learn something that would take me awhile to come...
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    Best Screen saver? ( Spyware Free & Perferrably Free)

    I just never really had a good screen saver and hope to find one. Spyware free of course. 1920 x 1200 ones would be awesome as well. Here's one I just found and like. fire-screensaver Thanks
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    New to XP Pro 64 bit and have a question

    Is there a program like there is for XP Pro 32bit to change the half open connections in for TCP? The EvID4226Patch223d doesn't work in XP 64 bit. Just wondering if it's possible to change?
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    Is there a single pci-e video card that can power most games on a 30" PC monitor yet?

    I was thinking about buying a Dell 30" (or westy 37") monitor sometime in the near future but I want to play some newer games on my next(Big) monitor that I buy. What newer video cards run games smoothly at 2560 x 1600 ? Any? Is a 4870 X2 my only option? thanks
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    GrandCentral, hiw can I be a beta user?

    I just was wondering if grand central was like gmail when it was in the beta stage and people could invite you into it. If this is the case, cans someone invite me into Grand Central? thanks
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    Antec Twelve Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case($139 Shipped + tax in NY)

    It's the cheapest I've seen it for. I want this case but don't have the money for it right now. I think it's an awesome deal if you like the case style with big fans and all. Or, you guys could flame me on how this is a shitty deal and how sucks so much. Either way...:D...
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    Best bang for the buck build question ?

    This would be my first Intel build ever and just want to make sure this system will work together. I was going for the build on the very cheap so no 45nm CPU's or quads at this time. Will this work good? G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1000 Intel Pentium E2180 Allendale...
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    Maxtor® BlackArmor™ 160GB portable hard drive for just $79.99

    As a follow up to the original communication regarding your canceled order at and as a valued customer, we are offering you the following special program on one of our most attractive new products. A Maxtor® BlackArmor™ 160GB portable hard drive for just $79.99.* 33% off MSRP...
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    how to boot off dvd on mac book pro ?

    how to boot off OS X DVD on mac book pro ? I push C but it keeps ejecting the DVD.
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    Is there a way to retrieve application serial numbers off Mac OS X laptop?

    I have to reformat a clients Mac book Pro (Leopard) laptop but he doesn't have the software or serial numbers for the applications but they are currently installed on his Mac. Is there a way to retrieve those serial numbers so we can use them when we reinstall his OS? Mac Noob:D
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    New to mobile world, need a good wireless adapter for laptop I'm working on?

    Anyone know where I can find a great wireless adapter for a laptop that didn't come with one? I'm working on an Dell Inspiron 8600 and it has a card bus slot or I could always go for a usb wireless adapter. What do you guys think is the better choice? Any top picks or best bets? Thanks
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    Is there a way to recover data off a HD that has been semi-restored using recoveryCD

    I didn't realize that the user had 4000 songs in his itunes folder. But since his PC was loaded up with so much spyware that it was rediculously slow and just kept restarting explorer.exe and just wouldn't do anything. I booted into safe mode and turned off everything in the startup section. It...
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    What is your favorite boot disk utility ?

    I think I like BartPE and Hirens the best but I want to hear from some of the pros and what I should try out. I really want to hear from [H] guys and gals with high post counts and lots of years under there belt. Other Pros are welcome of course. Thanks for the input ahead of time. I'm really...
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    Apple OS X Leopard questions for the pros?

    I have someone that needs his apple mac laptop(leopard) reformatted but he doesn't have his disks for it. So I was wondering if we can use someones reinstall disks that have the same machine as he does? Also, is it possible to get the serial number of installed programs like is possible with...
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    Is there anyway to force permissions acorss the HD in a Mac Pro?

    Hi, We've just started messing with some Mac(Leopard laptops) at work and I ran into a problem where the administrator account was getting an error saying it was lacking permission to do certain things revolving around setting up the network. I was wondering how I could fix this ? Or if...
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    Apple 80GB Ipod Video Question?

    I just realized that I can run video off my 80GB ipod video to my t.v. So I was wondering if anyone can point me to a cheap cable to do so. I found the two options on the apple website but they are expensive as hell for a cable. Is there any other cable that works or a cheaper place to...
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    How can I reset or delete a users unknown keychain PW ? (mac noob)

    Is there an easy way or are there multiple ways to reset a user keyhcain PW? thanks :mac os x 10.4 or higher
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    It there a best way to get to go about buying a dmain name?

    I want to first start by saying I'm new to this stuff. But I was wondering how a knowledgeable person on the topic would go about registering a domain? Are the domain registry places all the same? Or is there a top dog in the crowd? thanks, any input useful is appreciated. I'm not...
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    I was browsing for my ink refills for my printer and found this(?)

    I don't get why the combo pack one with black ink included is cheaper than the one with the same inks but without the black ink included ? My printer is a PhotoSmart 8250 just for reference. Is there something that I'm missing here...
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    Where do I place my AP so it's not in my network?

    I fell like an idiot for asking this but I just want to make sure. I'm setting up an AP for the first time. I want it outside of my network since I don't trust wireless and may allow people to use it from the neighborhood but I don't want them inside my network. So how does one go about doing...
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    Wondering who has burnt up a S939 X2 cpu?

    Has anyone actually burnt up a S939 dual-core cpu ?
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    Crucial Ballistix DDR500 and failure rate question

    I've had these sticks since late November 2005 They have burnt up for the third time this week. I will not use Crucial memory anymore. So my question is, am I entitled to a refund ? It's well known these modules are garbage...
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    Need replacement for my AGP 6600GT

    Hi, sorry if this a repeat question but I can't find a definitive answer. I believe my Socket A systems 6600GT is dying on me. I'm also alittle confused about what the best bang for the buck AGP cards were/ still are ? Can someone inform me of what video card that I could get that's cheap...
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    Antec Earthwatts 430W power supply for $60 - $30 rebate = $30 with free shipping

    Newegg has Antec Earthwatts 430W power supply for $60 - $30 rebate = $30 with free shipping using coupon code EMCAFDAAB. Thanks Slickdeals / SP33DFR34K AH, I see sales tax on Newegg for the first time ever. I live in New...
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    windows installer Error (Error 1406)

    I have recently installed a slipstreamed XP PRO SP3 OS onto my system. I have been getting a few errors when trying to install various applications. I ignored it the first couple times but I believe there all related to the windows installer. Here is the error...
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    Printer Software Install Error (How to extract contents of a .exe file ?)

    I'm having problems installing my printers driver executable file after setting up this tweaked XP PRO SP3 off the internet. I keep getting errors similar to this. Is there a setting to fix this error ? Or a way to just extract the...
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    My DFI SLI-DR just went, I need a replacement on the cheap.

    I believe my DFI SLI-DR board just died. (maybe cpu, not sure) The MB shows no sign of booting. No fans turn on or anything. I checked the PSU with a tester and it tested good so I don't think it's that. (Checked ram with spare ram too) But I can't get the computer to boot. So I need to get...
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    In need a of a good battery tester for a good price ?

    Anyone have any experience with multiple battery testers and know of one that's better then the rest ? I need a better then most battery tester for a decent price... Like this but cheaper...
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    Does anyone have themes for RK-Launcher ?

    Does anyone have themes for RK-Launcher ? I checked the home site for it but didn't see anything useful ?
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    is there a way to run two instances of RocketDock ?

    I tried renaming a second one during installation but I could still only use one. Has anyone ran two seamlessly ?Or does anyone know how i can run two, what has to be changed so it thinks it's a different program? thanks
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    I have a Photosmart 8250, Can I refill the black ink cartridge on the cheap ?

    I have a Photosmart 8250, the new Black ink cartridge is around $20. I assume I could buy big bottle of black ink for that price. But I don't know if I could get into the cartridge. Anyone have any info on this ? Thanks
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    Do 2 video cards mean two t.v's can be hooked to your computer?

    Do 2 video cards mean two T.V's can be hooked to your computer through S-Video? Never heard anyone mention this before. Say for Instance, I wanted 4 LCD's and 2 T.V's hooked to my computer using two video cards. Is this possible ? Thanks for your time
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    Nedd a way to copy entire website for offline viewing ?

    Anyone know of a way to copy or download an entire website for off line viewing ?
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    Cheap way to plug Ipod into stock radio ?

    I want to plug an ipod into a stock radio. I seen this, but it seems to have too much static from what reviewers say, for my taste anyway. So is there a better way to plug in and Ipod into a 2007 dodge nitro stock radio ...
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    Home HD Projector questions ?

    Do you have to have a certain size room ? How far does the projector have to be from say a 60-70" screen ? Anyone know of any high quality projectors ? Are projectors any good for regular constant t.v watching ? Thanks
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    LCD blinking problem ?

    When I start my computer from a cold boot. My VX924 LCD will blink continuously for random amounts of time , even after I login as well. It's weird and it's just started happening a week ago. Is something dying ? I have never seen this before either. And I currently have no other computer to...
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    Best bang for the buck socket 478 heatsink and fan ?

    I need a heatsink for this chics Intel Prescott socket 478 computer. I'm not an intel knowledgeable person. But I need a best bang for the buck heatsink and fan combo on the cheap side for this computer since it idles around 64 -67°C. Anyone know of any tried and true HS's for socket 478 ...
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    Is this Prescott running too hot ?

    I'm working on this chics computer and when i went into the bios, it was idling at like 67°C. I powered down and cleaned off the old thermal compound from what I believe is the stock heatsink and added new thermal compound but the temps only seemed to drop to like 64°C (reading from the...