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    All 5 Free PC gamer games available again
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    Starfox coming to wii U

    woo woo
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    Totalbiscuit breakdown? "Verification that this is me - Right. See this is what happens when I try and quietly remove myself from the situation, people just make...
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    Dell 8 inch table $129. on sale now!!!pgTab0 its a timed deal.
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    HOT! 3ds XL + zelda $150 @ target BF

    smoking hot deal retails for $220
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    Windows 7 file transfer speeds

    I am having an issue with the dialog that pops up and shows how fast your files are transferring. It doesn't really give me any good indication of anything. As soon as I start a transfer, it just shoots up to 50% done and its then hardly ever updates. It seems like its freezing and starting...
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    Plants vs Zombies 2 out on ipad

    I played this last night. Seems like a lot of changes. Some of the plants from the old game you have to buy now if you want them but you can supposedly finish it without buying anything. I hate this micro F2p BS but I will probably try and finish this game.
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    Xbox one ESRAM issue (rumor)

    Rumor is M$ is having a real issue with ESRAM. RUMORS!!
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    Alan Wake $3, Franchise $4

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    xfx support?

    I am trying to register my cards. Do i still need to do this to get the lifetime warranty? I got a 7950. Anyway the website is horrible. Its just a white screen with a menu and some stuff I go to is blank white pages. I tried to register and it tells me my code is invalid. What is this??
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    60 waffles for 6.99 in store only costco

    I went there yesterday and got them. They are store brand though. Still a good price i think! You know you need more waffles.
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    Register 3DS XL and game to get free game

    So you if you bought a 3DS XL and never registered it then you can register it and buy either mystery dungeon or luigi mansion and you can download a free game from the eshop. Can be used on mario 3d land, starfox 3d or professor layton. Be warned: you...
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    asus RMA

    I woke up today and my monitor was off. i hit the power on the monitor and it didnt do anything. I still just had the orange "off" light. I unplugged it and it came on. A couple hours later, same thing so I guess I need to RMA this thing. I have no other monitor to use so that sucks. Anyone been...
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    EA Rock Band for IPhone expiring May 31

    I dont usually get on the EA hate train but this is really bothersome. If you bought rock band for iphone, it will stop working at the end of the month.
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    webOS to be contributed to the open source community

    webOS going open source Today, we announced that HP will contribute our webOS software to the open source community and support its development going forward. We believe that this is the best way to ensure the benefits of webOS are accessible to the largest possible ecosystem. Since we...
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    ASUS VS Series VS247H-P Black 23.6" 2ms LED Backlight Widescreen LCD Monitor $166.50

    $166.50 with free shipping AFTER CODE Check out w/ 10% promo code EMCKAKA29, ends 9/15
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    Free firecracker chicken at panda express today only

    today only Posted via Mobile Device
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    new video card..replacing GTX 275

    I am a nvidia boy. I right now however, have limited funds. I dont mind going ATi if the performance is better for the price (or should I ?) Anyway..i would like some help with what card to buy. im looking to spend ~$200. It can go up a bit if worth it. I only want a card with a lifetime...
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    Bad flash killed my PC

    I updated my BIOS because I wanted to get better memory capability. I have DDR1600 and can only run it at 1066 so I updated. I used the windows update program provided by MSI. My motherboard is a p43-c51. It mustve been a bad flash because now I cant get into the cmos at all. The closest I...
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    The G9X is too small

    So i have been wanting this mouse forever. its $100 and I already have a mx518. I couldnt justify buying it because of how good my current mouse is. Anyhow, i finally got one. I wanted this mouse back when there was no G9X only a G9. After about 1.5 years of waiting, I dont think im going to...
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    $4 fandango movie ticket The Fine Print Expires Feb 28, 2011 Limit 1 per person. Must register Fandango account. Valid for 1 ticket worth up to $12. Not valid for IMAX or 3D movies. Not for resale. No cash back.
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    1.5TB Seagate External USB - COSTCO -99

    COSCTO is selling this for $99 for the rest of the month. im going to get one I think. membership required...
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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 - best platformer EVER

    Reviews are pouring in. Its killing. gamespot gave it a 10. only 7 tens ever given out by gs. 10/10 [GAMESPOT] 10/10 [EDGE] 10/10 [IGN] 10/10 [EXAMINER] 10/10 [DIGITALCHUMPS] 10/10 [KOMBO] 10/10 [GAMESRADAR] 5/5 [GIANTBOMB] 5/5 [ESCAPIST] 5/5 [G4TV]...
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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 - $20 wm gift card you are buying it anyway, might as well get a $20GC to wally world
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    Dead Space 2 is coming to PC

    i dont know if anyone saw this but i just did "Following period of "consideration," the Windows version of Visceral Games' sci-fi/horror-survival sequel is back on.";title;12
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    Rosewill battery charger

    This was $18 in the email. Already sold out. This thing charges alkaline batteries not just rechargeables. im pretty...
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    Hard drive pricing funny

    here is a 640GB hard drive on newegg for 79.99 with free shipping. and here is a 750GB hard drive on newegg for...
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    Mario Galaxy 2 - May 23rd

    a lot sooner than i thought. cant wait for it! new trailer released
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    Setting up RAID 1

    I am getting a 2nd hard drive today for my wife. I want to set up RAID 1 so that she can have two drives mirrored. This is so she does not lose pictures in the event of a hard drive crash. I have never had to set up RAID before. I have a asus p5k64 ws motherboard. How do I set them in RAID...
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    MCE remote with trackball

    I remember there was a remote that had a trackball on it so you could control the mouse with the remote. Am I crazy or does one exist? I been looking for this thing. Thanks
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    What temps should I be aiming for?

    Looking to start OC'ing my QX9770. Right now at stock it idles at 35C and under load hits 60C. Is there no room for overclock on this? I am using a dark knight and this chip is supposed to be water cooled. Is 70C under load OK or is that too hot? 65C maybe? Any help is appreciated. Also I have a...
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    Videoredo pre-release v4 w/H264 support

    Its out now. You can edit your TS files created by the Hauppauge HD-PVR with this software. You can do joins and cut parts out also. Software is great. I bought it for $96 and you can only get it through the forum. its not fully out yet. its a pre-release but if you are stuck with a bunch of TS...
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    Wii games ! madworld, castlevania, hotd overkill < $15

    HOTD 12.99 Madworld 12.99 Castlvevania Judgement (fighting game) 14.99...
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    I need help

    I have a Asus P5E3 Pro motherboard and GSKILL 2x2GB DDR3 1600 memory. If I put more than one stick of memory into the computer. I get memory errors in memtest and windows runs poorly. If I only run one stick, I do not get any memory errors. I have manually set my cas latency in the BIOS. Anyone...
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    Geometry Wars --Wii 9.99

    more cheap wii games
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    Free e-book: “First Look: Microsoft Office 2010”
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    The Conduit / Madworld -Wii $12 + free shipping

    Good games at a great price. The Conduit - $12 Madworld - $12 Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayer Wii Game - $13...
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    Help with mobo

    My motherboard wont work with my new CPU. I need a new motherboard that supports QX9750 DDR3 1600 FSB 1600 No SLi or xfire I want 2x Ethernet Any good priced mobos with these specs? I can give on the 2 ethernet ports for a good price but I cant find anything for ~$100.
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    Help with Bing Cashback - delete

    figured it out, delete
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    Cod MW2 illegitimate sites PSA

    (PSA - Public Service Announcement) if you buy a key from a non reputable retailer -g.2.p.l.a.y -online key store (dont know anymore) YOU WILL LOSE YOUR GAME. Dont buy one.