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    Is there a huge New 3DS design flaw with the super stable 3D or it just me?

    So imagine my surprise after a whole day of playing Monster Hunter 4U when I decided to go to bed, laid down and started playing the game with me laying on my back when the screen started going bonkers. Ghost images, blurring, rapid flickering etc you name it but the screen goes nuts as the...
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    Assassin's Creed next game ready for early fall 2015 release already So Assassin's Creed Unity was such a train wreck that Ubisoft has slammed production into high gear for their new game called Victory.
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    Assassin's Creed Unity sells so poorly season pass is cancelled Basically Assassin's Creed was so poorly received and accepted that they've cancelled the season pass. Maybe next time they should finish working on the game before...
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    Jimmy Fallon vs Pierce Brosnan Playing Goldeneye 64 God this was fantastic
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    Microsoft closing down Xbox studio's

    Delete post, 2-3 minutes later this was on the front page, sorry everyone
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    PC version of The Divsion has been downgraded because of consoles Hey look, what happened to Watch Dogs on PC has also happened to The Divsion You know people joked in the past that consoles were holding back PC gaming, but that has never been more the case than today...
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    Capcom takes restrictions off company, can now buy shares in the company While this is not "The company is up for sale", other companies now can come in and buy 51% of the stock, and thus own said company This is a big change, as in 2008 the company was doing so poorly they...
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    Watch Dogs was intentionally hobbled on PC And video of it here This has reached an all new low for...
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    Frontpage won't load with firefox

    Frontpage of HardOCP will not load, no matter what I goto the homepage, and firefox completely locks up every time. Gone to 50+ other sizes with zero issues, its just HardOCP locking up firefox EDIT: Fixed by flushing DNS and deleting firefox cache