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    Should I buy an SSD and, if so, which?

    The Crucial M4 and Samsung 830 are great drives, own both and they're fast. I don't know about the 840, it seems they have replaced the 830.
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    Some questions about the Samsung SSD's..

    The 512GB 830 is in stock at Newegg for $499. To be totally honest, the 830 512GB model was always WAY overpriced.
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    Some questions about the Samsung SSD's..

    Where are you checking prices? The difference between the 830 notebook kit and the 840 is $10 at newegg right now.
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    Hard Drive data recovering.

    I'd think the fact that you've had 4 or 5 drive failures in a few years would have also been a sign that you should use some sort of backup solution.
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    Hard Drive data recovering.

    Data recovery isn't cheap. If you need to recover it, you'll have to pay the price. This is why it is suggested that everyone perform regular backups.
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    SSD choice...

    I'd just go with the Crucial M4 or the Samsung 830, they're both good drives. I've got a 256GB M4 in my MacBook Pro and the 830 in my desktop PC. The 830 is faster in benchmarks but there really isn't a difference in day to day use.
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    Slow Crucial SSD V4 64GB speeds

    And apparently you don't read often enough. Did you even look at the specs of the drive before you bought it? The write speeds on higher capacity SSDs are almost always higher than the same model with lesser capacity. Here is a cut and paste from newegg: 32GB Crucial V4: 64GB Crucial V4...
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    Crucial m4 Bricked... warning

    I installed 010G on my drive when it came out in late September and it has been working just fine since then. Did you read the warning regarding trying to use the updater on a UEFI based system? I don't know if that could be your problem, but something people should be aware of.
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    Reliable SSD: Intel 330 or Samsung 830?

    Samsung 830 or Crucial M4. I've used both in my MBP, currently I'm using the M4 because the faster 830 was better utilized in my desktop with a SATA III controller.
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    Considering SSD for my laptop, but which one?

    I have a Crucial M4 in my MacBook Pro and it has been great. I didn't have a noticeable change in battery life after I installed it, which was nice. It's a 2009 model so the battery isn't exactly in great shape. I also have a Samsung 830 in my desktop and it's pretty damn fast. I actually...
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    Would my girlfriend notice if I took her i7-3770 ?

    Sounds like you did the right thing. Now if you swap out the CPU you won't have any issues because she finds out.
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    Noctua nf-f12

    Without knowing what your current fans are, it's hard to say. If you're using the stock fan that came with the H50, I think it is 59CFM. The Noctua looks like it pushes about 54 CFM if I'm doing the conversion right.
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    Upgrade X2 5600+ to what other AM2 cpu? Maybe AM2

    The Athlon II x4 640 is by no means a bad CPU. I just recently upgraded from one but only because I came across a Phenom II x6 1090t for a relatively good price.
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    Samsung 830 256GB $149

    Wow, that is a good deal. Could have saved $12 if I had waited a little.
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    Phenom II 1090t cooling options

    Ah. I wasn't really thinking about pump noise. I'll probably stick with the advice most people have given and go with the CM212 evo. The DH14 looks awesome, but it's pretty expensive and I don't really plan on overclocking.
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    Phenom II 1090t cooling options

    I was looking at the 212+ and the 212 evo at frys today, and there's a $5 difference between the two. I'd probably go with the Evo since it supposedly is quieter. I did notice that they've got refurb Corsair h50 units for $40. That didn't seem like a bad price. I wonder how that would handle...
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    Phenom II 1090t cooling options

    It has been years since I've cracked open a PC and messed with any of the hardware, so I'm not really up to date with current HSF/water cooling setups. I recently bought a used 1090t to upgrade my wife's gaming PC, and it came with the stock 4 heat pipe HSF. Under IBT or Prime95 I'm seeing ~60c...
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    1090T to FX 8120

    Are you for real? Of course nothing is guaranteed. Of course it decreases the life of the component. I'm pretty sure the risks are known. Some people just like to tinker and there is nothing wrong with that, they're not hurting anyone.
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    Samsung 830 256GB $155 & 128GB $70 @ Amazon

    If I were one of those folks waiting for this drive to hit $150 before they buy, I'd probably be buying right now. I was just waiting for the drive to hit $160, so the B&H deal was good enough for me. Wish I had waited a little bit. Slow amazon shipping from CA beats slow B&H shipping from NY.
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    Upgrade X2 5600+ to what other AM2 cpu? Maybe AM2

    You could pick up an Athlon II x4 640 for around $60 on ebay. I don't see a whole lot of info on the board, are you sure it'll support AM3 with a BIOS flash?
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    Which of these ssd is better?

    The Kingston drive had a decent review at storagereview about a year ago. If I had to choose between the two, I'd go that route.
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    SSD on PCI-e card limited to 2.5Gbps

    PCH is what it's called now? That makes sense I guess. I still want to call it a northbridge, but it's been a while since either AMD or Intel made a board with that setup.
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    SSD on PCI-e card limited to 2.5Gbps

    The SATA controller is in the chipset, not the CPU. Either way it's still better than SATA ports on a PCI-e card.
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    Samsung 830 256GB - $162 w/ FS @ B&H Photo

    I just saw this. Damn. Yeah, even their "saver" shIpping would have been faster since most of their products ship from CA. Oh well, just have to wait now.
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    Samsung 830 256GB - $162 w/ FS @ B&H Photo

    In for one, thanks. Too bad they're so damn far away. It'll be at least a week and a half before it shows up. At least I didn't have to pay tax. :D I was waiting for that threshold as well, but with the 840 and 840 Pro coming out soon I'm a little concerned that the 830 will drop off the face...
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    Samsung 830 or 840 or Pro?

    If you see a good deal on the 830 in the next few weeks, go for it. They're all very fast drives and like bpizzle1 said, you're not likely to notice a difference.
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    Not impressed with Crucial M4 512 GB

    I agree with xorbe here, if your 12v rail dropped down below 10v or so, you'd be having other system issues. This has to be a software glitch.
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    Purchase the Ipad with 3G or without?

    I went with the wifi model. 3G would have ended up costing too much in the long run.
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    Macbook hdd dying?

    This! Your drive may be covered under the warranty extension. Read the requirements or just take it into an Apple store and they'll tell you if it is covered.
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    powerbook g4 battery

    Try a PMU reset. You may just need a new battery.
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    Iphone 3gs ... still a good time to get or wait?

    Wait for the next update.
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    Can you still build modern macs from scratch?

    Those screens are nice, but I've heard they have a couple problems.
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    MBP refresh?

    Possibly one where he uses correct punctuation? I dunno, if my boss offered to pay for a laptop up to $2500, I'd buy the MacBook Pro I have right now. Either way, I can't resist. Maybe the conversation ended like this: "Telephone, computer, fax machine, 52 weekly paychecks, and 48 airline...
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    MacBook Pro battery total dead - replacement options?

    About a month ago Apple swapped out the battery on my Mid/Late 2007 MBP. It is possible that they'd do the same for you. If not, I believe batteries cost $129 from Apple.
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    MacBook Pro fan question

    You could always try a third party Apple repair center. They get paid by Apple to do the work, but they aren't as strict sometimes. I use them whenever I am having problems with the Apple store. Do a search online and read any customer reviews you can find, there are a couple of good ones in...
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    MacBook 13"

    I'm really not sure what you're even arguing about. If you like or dislike something, it is purely subjective. Some people like using OSX. Some people don't, and apparently you're one of the people who doesn't. I see similarities between OSX and the versions of Linux that I've used. And I've...
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    Best Apple Product Period

    I agree on this one. Such a great form factor, I wish they'd bring it back. The 13" MacBook Pro is close, but not quite as nice of a size as the 12" PBG4.
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    Switching to Mac... question.

    I just picked up a current model 13.3" MBP with the 2.53GHz Core2. I thought about waiting, but the refurb discount was enough to convince me to buy now.
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    Cheap Mac for 24/7 usage: mini or macbook?

    You can pick up a MacBook for $899 with a student discount or $849 if you find one in the Apple refurb store...
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    Question about a Mac

    When I first bought a Mac, it was a used 1GHz 12" PowerBook G4. I had also built a nice dual core SLI gaming desktop at about the same time. After a month or two, I realized that 95% of my computer use was on the PowerBook, so I sold it and my desktop and bought a MacBook Pro. I haven't thought...