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    How am i doing cpuu-wize (opty 175)

    I'm running an opteron 175 (2.2g dual core). Just ordered an 8800gt a few days ago. Going to slap an aftermarket cooler on it. Just wondering how i am doing with my 939 opteron cpu? When will my cpu actually be a bottleneck? I paid a good $500 for this proc new and i know it has dropped...
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    XFX 8800gt 512mb 600mhz $249.99@the egg

    :mad: I ordered one of these yesterday for 269.99 and the very next fucking day the price drops. Anyway, they are currently out of stock but the prices are dropping boys! *currently OOS :D
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    How do i get stability? (opty 175@2.7)

    Let me start by saying, i dont really know what im doing here, but i got my opty cpu to boot at 2.7 but it fails prime95. So would anyone be willing to help me figure out how to achieve stability? Speedfan reports as such, at prime failure with two instances. A single also fails but the...
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    Chosing a widescreen lcd LOL misleading specs panel lotteries speculation slander!!!

    Ehm, yea. I've been tryin the last few weeks, to select the correct lcd display for me. I just read 36 pages of L204WT LG 20.1 fuckery. All i got from 45 minutes of reading was ordering one is pretty much a gamble and certain eletist cockrods are unhappy with the picture quality color...
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    Adding ballistix to ballistix (Have to match numbers?)

    I have 1gb(2x512) of ballistix memory. I want to add more. Right now i've got BL6464Z505.16TG. Can i just order two more 512 sticks and add them without problem or do they have to match the batch number?(for dual channel to operate) Could i add 2x1gb sticks to my dual 512? I know these...
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    more dead ballistix

    Like clockwork i have more dead ballistix. The first time, the machine would fail to post after crash or from off. Same symptoms, about four months after replacment. Suspecting the ballistix, this morning before work i started shuffling around ballistix. One of the sticks prevent the system...
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    Crucial ballistix not stable dual channel

    My crucial ballistix all of the sudden will not run dual channel. I built this opteron system, installed the memory to run dual channel, and one day it decided to crash frequently and become very unstable. I swapped the memory around, and realized that the system is only stable when the memory...
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    Does not post when restarted, page fault non paged area win32k.sys

    My computer has started acting badly. If the computer is left off, it will power up/post and boot windows just fine. Once windows boots it will blue screen error: sometimes win32k.sys and/or page fault in non-paged area. When it blue screens, it will not post on reset the first try, i have to...
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    Asus A8N-P with SB live incompatible?

    I tried installing my old soundblaster live in my current setup but whevever any sound plays windows blue screens. The error says to check currently installed hardware and check if updates are available from the manufacturer. I forget the exact error message. Just curious if there are...
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    Dustproof case

    How do you guys keep that nasty dust out of your case? I taped up all small holes, and covered fan intakes with the foam pad packaged with motherboards. After only a few weeks the pad was covered with dust. That would be dust getting tumbled around inside, affixing itself to whatever heatsink...
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    In this thread you explain HDCP in detail, to a complete moron!

    I was just curious what in the fuck HDCP consists of? From what i understand, its some bullshit that will be incorporated into the next version release of microsoft windows. It's some type of new, high, higher definition video that you'll need a new, updated display to view it correctly? I...
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    Why bother overclocking?

    It's not like you'll see huge insane performance benefits from the extra 200 mhz you'll get from overclocking. If you're buying in the top 75%, overclocking won't give you a huge boost in performance to begin with, and by the end of your processor's life cycle, it won't put you up to...
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    Refurbish CRT or buy new?

    Ok, here is a question. I have an NEC Fe950 that needs to be refurbished. The r556 capacitor blew or something, killing the horizontal align. Would i be better off sending this to nec for refurbish, or buying a samsung 1100DF for $450 new? I understand the samsung has a shadowmask grille, which...
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    How about the SS1100DF? Samsung 970p getting refunded...

    My 970p arrived, disfunctional so i'm getting it refunded. I was not impressed by this LCD but it showed me i should probably stick to CRT's because their display is so much better...So i'm likely to get a samsung 21" crt, the 1100DF. Does anyone have experience with samsung crt's? .20 dot...
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    Samsung monitor (Do you enjoy rma-ing electronics as much as I?)

    What causes this? The monitor did this when i plugged it in the first time, it went away after a bit. I left it on for a long time, it was fine. Slept, woke up and it worked ok, let the monitor sleep for a while, came back and its this ugly crap all over my screen. What the fuck is going...
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    What does it mean when prime fails?

    I'm testing, trying to get the lowest cpu voltage and still maintain stability. Before i would run prime through round 1 of testing to 'call it good.' However i'm letting it run through 4 or 5 tests. Pretty much every single time it will fail after about 58 minutes. Does this mean anything...
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    A8N premium users chime-in please

    Just curious who's running this board? Who is overclocking, what cpu and most importantly. How are you guys cooling the chipset? I have an otperon 175 clocked to 2.66. The chipset jumps up to 50-55 or so, dual priming. Smartguardian shows this as a dangerous temperature. This has made me a...
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    How does HL2 work with steam? Mods cost money?!

    I was going to buy HL2 earlier today but walmart did not have any copies, nor any upc evidence that they even carry the game anymore. So i considered buying it off Steam. It appears as you have to buy each of the mods? Please tell me it ain't so. That's terrible. Looks like you can buy CS:S...
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    chipset fan on A8nsli prem?

    I did a quick o/c job on my opteron 175 and mainboard mentioned in thread title. O/c stable at 2684, but when i double up instances of prime, the chipset temp jumps to 55c. Smartguardian alerts saying the temp is high. Now, the board is passively cooled, but has a heatsink. All other...
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    opteron overclock

    I'm giving this a try. Reading the guide, says to set your htt multi to 2. Ram divider to 100mhz, and cpu multi 5x. Then boot windows, run prime95 and set your htt until reboot/freeze. Well i can only get to 228mhz before it locks. opteron 175 2(512) crucial ballistix pc4000 silverstone...
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    Ordering samsung 970p soon

    I'm going to casually order the samsung 970p here shortly. Just wondering if there is anything i should know about this model before i place the order. I play quite a few games. I've read the bad sides about lsd (lol hurr), but i decided to get one anyways, hoping i get zero dead pixel and...
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    To-do list: Opteron system

    175 ccbwe 0541 spm something or other :p Got my opteron system going, just wondering as to what the first steps one would take? Temp programs, cpuz? What shows if i'm running dual channel? Also, windows reports my cpu as processor model unknown. Why is that? What were the first things...
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    old faithful spins fans no more

    I was wondering why my sturdy A7M266 asus board no longer powers the onboard fan sockets? Ever since i took it out of my case for upgrades, i have to use adapter connections to spin my fans. What happened? :( Seems like i'm losing an old friend. Been running this damn board for five...
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    how often do processors come doa?

    Generally speaking, what percentage of processors would be DOA? Just curious at how reliable processor manufacture is. i'm guessing, no where near the dead rate of motherboards, right:? :confused:
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    New motherboards, Bags are sealed?>

    I have a quick question. Don't motherboards usually come in static bags, with the end being sealed with some type of S/n or P/n sticker? I ordered an asus mainboard that did not have any sort of sealing on the end, the board was also half-coming out of the bag. Is that standard or have i been...
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    No 5 volt rail? DANGER or ITS OK?

    Oops, i posted this in the wrong forum. We'll try again here :) I have a 650w silverstone powersupply. I'm building a dualcore amd 64, pci-e system, all high end components. I put all the hardware together, powered up, installed windows, instability ensued, crashing once twice and third...
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    Psu lacking 5v rail, DANGER? or ITS OK

    I have a 650w silverstone powersupply. I'm building a dualcore amd 64, pci-e system, all high end components. I put all the hardware together, powered up, installed windows, instability ensued, crashing once twice and third time was a charm. Now the system will not post. I tested the...
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    Can a powersupply kill a motherboard? Basically, i bought system upgrades at asus a8nprem, evga 7800gt, silverstone 680wpsu, 1gb crucial ballistix. The short version: I...
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    Installed new hardware, major problems

    read this first First off, i tried repairing the install of windows and it'd get to 35min remaining, and half way through installing devices at which point it'd just sit there, forever. Next thing i tried was a fresh install of windows, this worked. I booted windows and it crashed...booted...
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    Ran sysprep, swapped hardware, windows wont boot

    I'm not sure if it's because the hardware changes or what sysprep did. Whenever i boot off the hdisk, XP blue screens, and reboots. The loadbar at the bottom is usually garbled blue, if it shows at all. I upgraded motherboard, videocard, ram, cpu and powersupply. Is that enough info to get...
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    The memory i purchased got delayed terrible (tigerdirect asshole lickers COUGH). My opteron 175 got delivered a bit ago and the rest should arrive soon. Just wondering if i could use the last remaining stick of pc2700 i've got in my current setup to get the bit running, and just swap it out...
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    Corsair XMS or OCZ gold?

    Need some suggestions on memory purchase. Likely it'll be 2x1gb. What'd be better for clocks? XMS platinum or ocz gold?
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    Tigerdirect sucks

    I ordered some ballistix memory from tigerdirect because i thought they were reputable...(dont ask why i chose tigerdirect, the vendor choices were limited) A few days past and the order did not ship..So i send an email, get the tigerdirect order, and check the status on their webpage. "Drop...
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    Why did you buy a dual core opteron?

    Everyone told me to and i had alot of money at my disposal :p, that's why. Is there actually any reason to buy these outside of overclocking? What's the advantage of having a larger cache? :D
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    How do i chose cooling for an opteron 170?

    I have absolutely no idea which HSF to buy for an optie 170. I might overclock to whatever speed i can get without adjusting voltages.... How do you pick?
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    Slower X2 or Fast A64?

    I've been suggested an X2 3800+. I was wondering what would be the best to get. An X2 3800+ for $322 or Athlon 64 4000+ for $334 I consider the prices pretty much, identical. What would be the pros/cons for each option? The last processor i purchased was an old ass 1.4g Tbird. I...
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    gtx or gt with faster processor

    Will the added cost of a 7800GTX card justify the performance boost or would it be optimal to get a GT and use the money saved towards a faster processor? I have a smaller monitor currently so 1600x won't be applicable. Would getting a GT be the wise decision here? Amazon has a terrible...
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    Selecting a processor

    Tax refunds are looming. It's been years since i last purchased system upgrades. 1.4 tbird geforce 3... three weeks after purchase it was outdated Going to get an A64. Newcastle 939 cores are the ones to buy? Im not too sure which one to get. Also would a 7800gt need faster than a...