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    Antec P180 mini - $70 at Newegg, FS

    Only good for today, though. One of the best microATX cases out there.
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    Project NineFarted

    Ok, so i've been working on a gaming rig for the last year or so, and now that it's getting closer to being completed, i think i'll make one of these nifty worklogs that i love to look at. Ok, so The idea is that i am modding my Antec 900 case with some simple ideas in mind: color scheme: black...
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    Weekend Deal: Oddword Pack : $3.75 on Steam If by any chance, you haven't played these games for some odd reason, now you have none.
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    Yay! random BSODs - is my PSU to blame?

    So my main rig (Rig 1 in signature) has been giving me random BSOD's ever since i installed my new 9800GT. It mainly happens when i play games, but it has happened to me once or twice when i was just browsing the interwebs or watching a video. I'm pretty sure my PSU should be able to handle...
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    Help me pick parts for my mATX server

    Hello, i am planning on building a home server to house my expanding media library. I plan on buying Windows Home Server for an OS, and an Antec Mini P180 case. I would like to get recommendations on cpu, mobo, and PSU. My requirements: I would like a low-power, reliable system that can...
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    6pin wiring diagram?

    Hello, i was working on sleeving my psu cables, and was careless and didn't mark the position of the pins when i removed the connector. The cable has three connectors: one to the psu (it's modular), and two for you video cards or what not. I removed the connector from the middle one in the...
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    1080p bottleneck: x64 VMC

    Hello, i'm trying to get 1080p x264 mkvs to play on my Vista Media Center x64 (i know, i know, 64bit is not the preferred os for htpcs). I have read the sticky here but i am not interested in using mpc. My problem is that i am getting about half the frame rate i should (around 12fps), and so...
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    dynamic IP broadcast / tracking?

    So i have TWC internet, with a dynamic IP. I have set up RDC so that i can access my home computer from work. But sometimes i'll get a new IP and not be able to access my computer for the day because i don't know the new IP. What kind of (free)solutions are available for me to somehow broadcast...
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    Anyone in the LA area know a good shop for anodizing?

    I'd like to get the front panel of my Antec NSK 2480 anodized black, but i'm not sure if there are any shops that will do this small of a job. Anyone have any experience in the Los Angeles area?
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    modding a MPlay Blast VFD

    I have the Mplay Blast on my HTPC, and honestly, i hate it. The remote control and the software that comes with it is crap. The Microsoft Media Center Remote/Keyboard and IR receiver is far superior, at least in functionality, not to mention my Harmony 880 works much better with the Microsoft IR...
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    Please help me pick an intel Mobo

    Hi, i am building my first intel gaming rig and i need some advice. I'm looking to build a system with: Q6600 + Scythe Ninja 2x 8800 GTS 640MB (EVGA, A3 revision) 1 sata II HDD slim slot loading DVD-ROM 630W PSU I'm looking for a mobo with SLI, at least one optical port, and as little...
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    my latest thread post not showing up in subscriptions or forum

    It's in the database, you can access it with a direct link, but it doesn't show up in my subscriptions or in the forum.
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    good psu calculator?

    seeing as the sticky is from 2004, and the psu calculator in the link doesn't account for more than a athlon xp 3200, anyone know of a good psu calculator to use nowadays?
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    Help! ac97 sound problems low volume!

    i've tried so hard to figure out how to fix this, i don't know where else to look. i have a gigabyte GA-M55SLI S4 rev 2.0 motherboard with the Realtek ALC850 Audio Codec. Recently, i had to reinstall Vista, and since then, i am having audio problems. When plugged into the back audio port, the...
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    is a single 8600 better than 2 7600s in SLI?

    i have two 7600gs cards in sli that i run now, i use it mainly to play TF2 and other HL2 flavors, it does pretty well for what i need now. but i was thinking about upgrading to a decent dx10 card, but i don't want to buy a single card that will only see limited improvements over my SLI...
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    Replacement chipset cooler?

    I have a gigabyte ga-m55sli s4 motherboard with the nforce4 sli chipset (northbridge?southbridge? both?). the stock heatsink/fan is starting to go bad (the bearing in the fan?) and making more noise than it should be. i want to replace it with a nice heatsink (rather not get one with a fan) that...
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    reccomend / help me find a good modular psu

    here are the specs on what i'm putting together: Antec NSK2480 case, Gigabyte GA-MA69VM-S2 mobo, AMD X2 4200+ 65W, GIGABYTE GV-NX86S256H GeForce 8600GTS, 2GB OCZ PC6400 platinum, AVerMedia AVerTV Combo PCIe TV Tuner Card, plus a dvd burner(probably ide but maybe sata), either one or two sata...
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    Outdoor HDTV Antennas?

    Hi, i'm looking to get a omni-directional antenna for my roof, i like the 4-panel flyswatter style. i was wondering where the best place to get one is online. any advice is appreciated.
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    Tomato vs DD-WRT

    i was wondering if anyone had experience with Tomato firmware on their routers. i know that DD-WRT is pretty popular, but i couldn't really get it to work well on my buffalo wrt-hp-g54, and have just installed Tomato, which seems to be working pretty well, so far. anybody else have opinions on...
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    Problems authenticating multiple wireless pcs with buffalo whr-hp-g54

    Hi, if anyone has any insight into this, i'd be greatly appreciative. i have a buffalo whr-hp-g54 router connected to my modem. i have a total of 4 computers in my house. one is plugged directly into the lan that is used infrequently (it is powered-down most of the time). One is my media...
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    Help/advice on choosing mobo & cpu for HTPC

    I'm in the planning stages right now of building my first dedicated HTPC. (the one i'm using now is more of a gaming rig: Antec P180 Case, 550W SLI PSU, Gigabyte GA-M55SLI-S4, AMD X2 3800+, 2x ASUS EN7600GS SILENT/HTD/256M GeForce 7600GS 256MB, ATI Tv Wonder 650 HD Tuner} The main reasons i...
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    Best MicroATX motherboard? building an audio box.

    Hi, any reccomendations are welcome. Here's what i have in mind for my build: I'm building a small form computer that will primarily function as an audio recording computer for my band's music. I've bought a Antec Aria cube for the case, and am looking for the best motherboard to use. I have a...
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    muti-color leds vs monocrome leds

    Do you guys prefer a case with a single color led on fans, cathodes, etc? or do you like to mix it up with different colors? I'm getting a new case soon and it comes with a red led 80mm fan, so i'm wondering if i should stick with red leds when i buy some extra fans, or if i should mix up the...