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    Teen Could Get Two Years for Facebook Photos with Jesus Statue

    At best they should only be able to get him for trespassing. If he damaged the statue in some way then vandalism. This? This is the fucking morality police/laws which we don't need in this country.
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    How The NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

    They don't get anything else right by design. They're not your friend, they don't want to help you, and they'll never truly act in the interest of the individual.
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    Courts: Dotcom’s Millions Will Remain Frozen

    Guess they haven't spent it all for him yet.
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    Game Developer Harassment As Bad As Ever?

    Ignore the trolls and respond to the rest. Any type of trolling you can't simply ignore should be relegated to the police. Problem solved.
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    Smartphone Kill-Switch Bill Passes California Assembly

    This is exactly what they will do. You really think they care about looting and rioting? Hell no they don't! The police are regularly told to stand down when riots occur.
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    Smartphone Kill-Switch Bill Passes California Assembly

    THIS. Any time there is anything going on all they have to do kill your phone and you can't even call for help. Let alone use your phone to report anything that might be considered and abuse of power by the government.
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    Battlefield Hardline Delayed Until 2015

    I think that this is most likely due to the fact they realized people hated the beta and knew they were in trouble. I lost faith in EA produced games after two failed CnC games in a row.
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    You Don't Have To Be Okay With Violence In Video Games

    My 6 year old daughter is tougher and more self-secure than this moron.
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    Comcast Is Investigating a Customer Service Call From Hell

    I've had that type of conversation with your tech support in the past. Which is why I am now with Charter instead.
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    WARMACHINE: Tactics Now On Steam Early Access

    Is he by any chance a Glen Cook fan with that screen name?
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    Benjamin F. Edwards Co. Discloses Data Breach

    Check with American and British Intelligence agencies. Bet it was one or the other. (or both!)
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    Elon Musk: I'm Worried About A Terminator-Like Scenario

    A lot of really wealthy and influential people have made statements in recent years stating they are trying to keep themselves alive long enough to merge with machines and become immortal. (also known as trans-humanism)
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    Female Lead Cut From Assassin's Creed Unity

    I prefer to play as a male lead. Call me sexist, insecure, whatever. I don't care. But if I have an option I always pick a male. As do the vast majority of gamers given several statistics around the net I've read over the years.
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    Dead Rising 3 Comes to PC This Summer

    I played through DR2 (co-op start to finish) on PC. Even with it using GFWL it was a very good game with few glitches. Hopefully this time around it will be even better since it won't be using GFWL.
  15. J

    Marc Andreessen: Snowden Is 'A Textbook Traitor'

    Of course when Snowden released info that proved just about every major tech company in the world is giving a free backdoor pass (or profiting by selling your info) to guys like him are going to be crying foul.
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    Bungie: Destiny “Same Game” On Current And Last Gen Consoles

    PR talk. This game will be a disaster if the new consoles don't have faster loading times, better graphics, and more features in the long run.
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    Crytek and Deep Silver Announce Homefront: The Revolution

    The new Red Dawn actually was Chinese invaders but got stuck in development hell when the Chinese government bullied the studio into taking out all references to China and replacing them with something else. It caused the movie over a year delay to theaters.
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    Should the US Regulate Broadband Internet Access as a Utility?

    Everyone does have access to the internet. Whether it is by satellite, DSL, dial-up, or cable. Not one spot in America doesn't have at least one of those options. By forcing it to be available to all as you say it will decrease the value of a product in some areas forcing everyone to pay for...
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    AT&T Mulls $40 Billion Merger with DirecTV

    News in 2020 - DirecATT and ComWarner have decided they could make even more money buy merging together and charging more money for less product/services as there will be no other options strengthening their market saturation. In other new AttDireComWarner has purchased the F.C.C outright and...
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    The Console Wars Won’t Be Anything Like You Expect

    Someone needs to tell this guy about LoL, Dota, and TF2. Pretty sure gamers have embraced those free to play games.
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    Who Stole $400 Million From Mt. Gox?

    It is funny because the current money most people use now is generated by simply moving a decimal point by whatever central bank your country has such as the Federal Reserve in the United States. And theft can happen the same way with our "regulated" currency so saying that is an inherent flaw...
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    Venezuelan Government Shuts Down Internet

    I guess this is why I haven't heard from my friends today. :/
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    The New Thief Is Highway Robbery?

    The popularity of the Souls series would seem to discount that notion.
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    Spy Chief: We Should’ve Told You We Track Your Calls

    "The common good" and then lists things that the vast majority of Americans DON'T AGREE WITH AND DON'T WANT TO COMPLY WITH!!! This guy is so out of touch. The only common good most of us want is them leaving us alone and to stop spying on us through our personal communications, our gps...
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    Tomb Raider Finally Hits Profitability

    I really liked the game. For me the biggest downfall was the QTEs. I don't know a single person that likes those in an action game. Overall though it was on par with other great single player games that was story driven like the current "greats" Uncharted and The Last of Us.
  26. J

    Producer: Titanfall 'Really Tough To Market'

    I'll reserve my opinion for when I play it myself. But I have to admit the 6v6 thing kinda ruined what I thought this game was. To me it looked like a large scale team deathmatch kinda thing.
  27. J

    RSA Denies Taking $10M From NSA

    Does anyone believe this PR statement? Nope. Didn't think so. There is a reason western governments want this guy so bad. And it isn't because Snowden is telling lies. It is because he is telling the truth.
  28. J

    Patent Troll Bill Clears House with Huge Majority

    Except the details of this legislation are anything but what they say it is, lol. Its like calling the AFCA "affordable" or the Patriot Act "patriotic". I bet they are laughing while they vote for this.
  29. J

    Dutch Intelligence Agency AIVD Hacks Internet Forums

    I'm still in shock we lowly citizens have been placated so much by distractions such as television, video games, and sports events that not even I am storming the capital with a pitch fork. I really wonder what it will take before we have the next revolution. Even if it isn't and armed revolution.
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    Who Will Buy A $500 Steam Machine?

    I know a lot of people who are scared of PC gaming but want to play on higher settings than current consoles allow, the crazy amount of Indie games on Steam, or play PC exclusive games in an environment that takes the scary part of PC gaming out of the equation. (driver updates, firmware/bios...
  31. J Upgrades to Go Live Today

    I'm still hoping for a repeal of this thing.
  32. J

    Philly Becomes First City to Ban 3D Gun Printing

    Lol @ government. Keep on FAILing. That and killing/harming you is about the only thing government is good for.
  33. J

    Xbox One Problems Fixed With Brute Force

    My buddy used this trick and it worked for him. He wasn't going to bother but its been 5 days and MS still can't give him a tracking number for his replacement Xbox1 they said was already sent so he tried it. Worked like a charm.
  34. J

    Twitch Removes PS4's Playroom From Directory

    We still have Ustream though, right?
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    Average eBay Price For PS4 Is $425

    Buying an Xbox1 with someone who has opened it and proved it will work might be the best way to go right now. I know two people who bought and xbox one day one edition and BOTH of them have broken Blu-ray drives. My PS4 however is working perfectly. However I wish my money had been spent on a...
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    Why I Won't Be Buying Either New Console

    I have a PS4 already collecting dust downstairs because there is nothing out I want to play on it that I don't already own on the PC. I'm still not sure why I bought it so early. I'm a tech whore I guess. But seriously. Sony can keep Knack and Killzone. Both of those games are horrible.
  37. J

    Elop Would Focus on Office, Ditch Bing and Xbox

    Lol. Let's give up our market share in home entertainment and income to focus on something no one wants to be tied to in the first place!
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    PS4 Footage Used In Xbox One Watch Dogs Trailer

    Just how crappy is the new xbox that they keep screwing things up like this? I'm a PC gamer first and foremost but I did enjoy my Xbox360 while my PS3 mostly collected dust with few exceptions. This time around I am not even sure I will purchase an Xbox.
  39. J

    NSA Statement Regarding Recent Press Articles

    They are pushing hard to get news/bloggers to buy their shit and resell it to the public-