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    Need a case recommendation: Mid tower

    I currently have a Coolermast HAF922 mid-tower and I'm looking for something in similiar size but with more clean cut look to it. Dimensions are as follows. Internal: 253 x 502 x 563 mm / 10.0 x 19.7 x 22.2 inches Overall: 285 x 550 x 605 mm / 11.2 x 21.7 x 23.8 inches But I'm tired of the...
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    How come I don't see Soapbox any more?
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    WP7 IE favorites?

    Can you edit your favorites in windows phone 7 to be in organized folders!? I can't seem to find any information on this and right now I've just got a giant long list of website favorites I want to organize better
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    Windows Phone 7 long term usage

    Anyone that's switched to a WP7 device, how have you enjoyed it since switching? What did you switch from. How do you find the integration of various social medias and MS offerings? How do you find the integration between WP7 and Windows 7 OS? What are you disliking about it overall...
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    Can an OCZ vertex 2 3.5" 120gb be opened and reveal a 2.5"?

    I have an OCZ vertex 2 120GB in 3.5" variety and I'm wondering if its possible to open the outer shell and reveal a 2.5" drive in a 3.5" caddy. I'd like to reuse this drive into a laptop if I could.
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    SSD formating/clean wipe

    Looking to upgrade my system and being that i'm using an OCZ 120GB SSD, what's the best tool to do a format? In Win7 should I just use the delete partition and format option at the installation screen? I don't necessarily need to do a low level format, just want a cleaner slate to start on...
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    Gigabyte 990FX UD5 x1 slot usable? It appears in the pictures that the first x1 slot is unusable because the heatsink extends into the area the card would take up. Currently on my UD5 890FX board I have my XFi titanium HD in the x1 slot and it sits right over...
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    Difference between Corsair Force 3 & Force 3 GT

    They seem to be the same drive specification wise. Why $30 difference? vs
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    Steam issue

    Does Valve/Steam disable accounts if they aren't used for long periods of time?
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    Office 2007 - no spellcheck available.

    Fresh install of Office 2007. On a fresh and existing instance of MS Office 2007 when I try to do spellchecker, it tells me there's no proofing tools installed for English(united stated) installed. I've downloaded the proofing tools installer and still get the same error. Tried everything...
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    Steelseries Xai laser.

    Anyone know where you can find a Xai that's brand new anymore?
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    USB headphones + dedicated sound card.

    Say you wanted to run something like the Corsair HS1 USB 5.1 headset. but you have a dedicated sound card like the Titanium HD. the soundcard has Mic, Stereo 3.5mm, RCAs, and toslinks. Can you use the HS1 w/ the soundcard providing the processing but outputting through the usb dongle so...
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    Successful GB GA-890FX-UD5 SLI hack?

    Anyone familiar with or know how to do the SLI hack on a gigabyte ga-890fxa-UD5 motherboard running GTX460 video card?
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    sleeving SATA data cables

    Some guys I see sleeve their SATA data cables but I'm leary about dismantling the connectors to get teh sleeve and heatshrink over them... Are you guys buying or just somehow stretching the materials?
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    Explain static pressure vs high cfm fans on s radiator.

    What makes a 50cfm fan better at cooling a radiator then a 100cfm fan?
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    DVD burner not recognizing burnable media

    I seem to be having an ongoing issue with a Samsung DVD +- burner. SATA connection the Marvell SATA ports. 1 or 2 optical drives. Blueray burner works no issues. DVD burner doesn't recognize disks. Updated firmware, checked s/w settings. checked device profile. windows recognizes...
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    Corsair H70 Fan configuration

    I'm looking to upgrade my HSF setup to a self contained W/C setup in the form of either the following Corsair H50 or Corsair H70. I want max cooling for stock speeds and overclocked to 4-4.2ghz and maintain stability in temps. My question is what the fan configuration should be. I...
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    200mm radiators

    How come you don't see more people utilizing 200mm radiators? most 200mm fans put out more CFM then a 120 and do it slower and quieter and can be.
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    Logitech G510 replacement popup feet

    Anyone familiar with replacement popup feet for the G510. The ones that the board comes with are absolutely useless and it still lays too flat for my liking. I can't seem to find any replacement feet from my surplus of keyboards that fit tho...
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    Zalman CNPS9900 Max

    Is anyone using the Zalman CNPS9900 max and how are you liking it? Looking to put it on my amd setup and do some overclocking on it. I'm currently using an AC Freezer 7pro rev2 and find under load even at stock clock it's getting hotter then I'd like to see. The freezer 7 is only a 145w...
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    CM Storm Sniper feet on HAF 922

    Does anyone know if the Storm Sniper swivel out feet are compatible w/ the HAF 922 case?
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    Saitek Cyborg v.7 keyboard

    Is anyone familiar or have hands on experience with this keyboard? I'd like to know how daily typing is and how gaming on it feels. Have you had any issues w/ quality or construction of it? Thanks in advance!
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    Actiontec MI424WR cooling

    Has anyone opened their fios router up and added a fan to it? I find that when I have 4 PCs hardwired & several wireless users that it just heats up like crazy. I haven't had any dropouts or terribly noticable slowness from it but I'd like to add a fan to the top of it somehow. Any ideas?
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    Painting interior of HAF 922.

    Do I need to do any special prepping to the metal of the interior a CM HAF 922 to paint it? I'd like to paint it a matte black/flat black but unsure of what needs to be done first to it. Thanks in advance everyone!
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    Overdrive Util + 1090T + Gigabyte 890FX UD5

    How come when I run the Overdrive utlity I'm not getting core temp readings within it? I don't see the 890FX chipset listed on AMDs compatibility for the AOD software...but in videos and screenshots it's clearly working. Is there something I'm missing? Specs in sig... TIA!
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    which motherboard for 4 or 6 core rig

    I'm looking to rebuild my rig w/ either a 4core or 6core... x6 1090T or x4 965 My main uses will be photo editing within the following apps, movie viewing, and...
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    Gigabyte GA-M59SLI-S5

    Am I missing a section in the bios where I can manually set the ram timings? under the M.I.T. section i only see manual settings for the mhz speed changes and multiplier changes but no manual ram settings.
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    which mobo for an AMD black 6400+

    If you had to choose, which mobo would you get for all out performance when paired with an AMD black 6400+?
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    intellimouse 3.0 + intellipoint 6.1

    Can someone explain to me how I can set keystrokes? when I go into the Mosueware 6.1 software and I try to designate a specific key to a button the mouse. example: backspace spacebar it won't let me choose the backspace key as a keystroke for a mouse button. how do i override the...
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    Logitec Momo Racer wheel/pedal set

    for you guys who play and use teh Logitech Momo Racer... does your wheel fight you back? i've got the force feedback turned off(i don't like it) and it feels like the wheel is fighting me back and I hear when I turn the wheel that it's forcing the motor inside to turn instead of being a fluid...
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    Project: Pretty in Pink by DC

    Hey all, I just got done building up a computer for my friend. She specified she wanted it to lite up green and pink. So she came up with the Project name and it fits pretty well I think Specs: Intel P4 3.2ghz s478 Abit IC7-Max3 Kingston HyperX 512x2 1gb Wstern...
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    SiN Episodes: Emergence Ep1

    ok...i've got quite a dilema here. this is my second copy of this game, bought from 2 different stores. one from Bestbuy, one from Gamestop. both installations won't work b/c each time, I get the following error. both discs give me the same error at the same point. how could it...
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    Looking for a tablet.

    Hey all, :) I'm looking to get a tablet, and i'm having a bit of trouble finding one. Gona be used in photoshop primarially. I'd like one between $100-150, I've looked at the Wacoms and they are just too expensive over $200 for a decent sized one. Is a 4x5 really useful or will I be...
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    A64 3200+ Winchester running hot

    OK quick question, MSI K8N Neo2 Plat A64 3200+ Winchest @ stock settings Zalman CNPS9500 LED cooler Silverstone TJ06 case. 120mm rans at full speed Idle: CPU 110*F 44-45*C System 69*F 21*C 100% Load F@H CPU 123*F 50*C System 69*F 21*C Are these normal temps for load and...
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    chipset cooling on a K8N Neo2

    I've been thinking bout water cooling my setup but my video card passes directly over the chipset hsf on the K8N neo2 mobo. it litterally bisects the hsf. so waht chipset coolers can I fit in there that won't interfer w/ the video card or am I outa luck?
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    Mobos with headpiped coolers and upside case installation

    I'm under the impression that heatpipes need to be oriented sitting flat for their best performance or facing upwards for next best. I currently own a Silverstone TJ06 case and it moounts the mobo upside down on the left side of the case. I'm planning to get an Asus A8N32-SLI. Will I be...
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    what am I doing wrong here ???

    I just got a SATA WD3200JD drive. I've isntalled it on Sata1 on my MSI K8N Neo2 windows recognized the drive as a removable storage device. but it does NOT show up under My computer or under Disk management. I used teh windows xp pro disk to go in and create a 305gb partition on it...
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    Surround Sound Headphones

    I'm looking into getting a really nice headphone setup. It must do surround sound It must have a microphone boom built in. I'm looking for something thats going to give me real true directional sound. Can you guys make some suggestions? I'm not sure whats good and whats not, so any...
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    Chipset fan replacement on K8N Neo2

    I've been wondering, b/c of my video card, GeForce 6800 GT Ultra OC w/ the AC Silencer NV5 The video card over hangs over the chipset fan. there's barely any room between the top of the fan housing and teh PCB board on the video card. but i've been wondering if there are any...
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    Upgraded chipset Fan on MSI K8N Neo2

    I've been wondering, b/c of my video card, GeForce 6800 GT Ultra OC w/ the AC Silencer NV5 The video card over hangs over the chipset fan. there's barely any room between the top of the fan housing and teh PCB board on the video card. but i've been wondering if there are any...