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    GA-X58A-UD5 and Intel PRO/1000 PT Quad Port NIC

    this is a pci e x1 card only, and of course my x1 slot is blocked on my mother board...dont even think a low profile card would work. Returning it and looking for something else. hopefully this info helps someone in the future.
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    GA-X58A-UD5 and Intel PRO/1000 PT Quad Port NIC

    i'm starting to think that this network card isn't compatible with windows 7 x64.
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    GA-X58A-UD5 and Intel PRO/1000 PT Quad Port NIC

    I've got a GA-X58A-UD5 motherboard and am trying to get this Intel PRO/1000 PT Quad Port Server Adapter to show up.( ) I need some troubleshooting help. My NVIDIA 9800GTX+ card is taking up PCIe slots...
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    IIS8 and RDS 2012

    ...and get this. Finally got ahold of my boss and turns out he doesn't want to display the web portal anyway. Instead we want to use the gateway, and the special rdp file that we already have. We just need to distribute the special rdp file and everything is good to go. I sent the rdp to my home...
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    IIS8 and RDS 2012

    Alright another update. I started doing some more reading and it looked like you could have the web access and the gateway on the perimeter(sort of), but i think the gateway needs to be outside and the web access is still internal, if that makes any sense. Now that rds is accessible from...
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    IIS8 and RDS 2012

    little update: internally going to https://servername.domain/rdweb/pages it always has. On RDS01 which is the web access and connection broker, i did this. This now makes the site appear from within the server, so that is good. Is the redirect behavior settings good?
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    IIS8 and RDS 2012

    I think you are right about the bindings. Mainly i started messing with with http redirects by clicking on both default web site and also RDWeb, then double clicking the http redirect icons in this picture..I did it on RDS01 first.. When that did nothing, i put them back to their default...
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    IIS8 and RDS 2012

    before i went on hard forum, i was messing with http redirects based on what i was reading online. I think when i would go to "https://---FQD---/rdweb" in IE externally..i think i could get to the IIS default page, now when i do that i get a 404 directory not found page.. Is there a way to...
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    IIS8 and RDS 2012

    more info as well - MY RDS servers are as follows: RDS01-web access/connection broker RDS02-rd gateway RDS03-remote session host Where do i make this change at? I'm thinking i need to do it on RDS01 since that is the web access, right? Additionally, internally i can get to the web access via...
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    IIS8 and RDS 2012

    I know nothing about IIS, but this should be pretty straightforward. We have setup and deployed Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 2012. That is working great, internally. I am trying to set it up so we can access this externally. I've got the firewall allowing incoming connections...
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    Android -2 Market and Gingerbread Questions

    Hey fellas, I have 2 questions regarding Android. 1.) so i have 4 gmail accounts on my phone. The first account i synced to my phone is the one i want to use for the market, like if i buy an app or whatever. Over the course of the last few months, when installing apps, i didn't realize...
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    How to Manage Droids in an Enterprise?

    looks to me like, i'm going to avoid Good at all costs. I wish this sales guy would call me back
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    How to Manage Droids in an Enterprise?

    Yeah, it looks like this MDM software will do what i want, but, i was just wondering if anybody else has had to deal with apps and shit
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    How to Manage Droids in an Enterprise?

    yeah, that Gartner report is how we found out about Air-Watch, i had originally been researching Sybase, but, it just looked wayyyy to complicated. Yeah, we are finally switching to BPOS from in house GroupWise. We still have BBs, and we can run them on BPOS for free, but, we want to move to...
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    Scary moments in system administration

    like 5 years ago, my office was moving, so our office was split into 2 parts. We had point to point paired t-1s connecting our office together since the server room was still at the old location. all voice and data traffic went over the vpn to our other office. We were sharing a DSL connection...
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    SPF record question

    man we had to implement a SPF record a year ago or so because we are using postini to scan our emails before getting to our mail server. Everything is working now though...
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    How to Manage Droids in an Enterprise?

    BPOS is running exchange 2007
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    How to Manage Droids in an Enterprise?

    Does anybody have any experience in managing Droids/iPhones in an Enterprise environment? We are moving from BlackBerrys to Droids/iPhones next month, and i need to figure this out asap. We have blackberry enterprise server in house, but, we just moved to BPOS so email will now be out...
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    AT&T reportedly offering unlimited to those who wanna switch

    did you switch to at&t within the last year or something? Cause it sounds like you dont have unlimited, which means you are on the tier-ed plan...i got grandfathered in to unlimited cause i switched in 2008
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    Intrusion Prevention Systems Question

    hips and nips...never used them before..i've only studied them when doing cisco security exam....
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    POE switches why/why?

    this. also we use HP procurve 2626. very expensive.
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    how to prevent coworker from making my computer fart :)

    step 1, unplug sound cable/speakers
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    UTM users... which one did you go with and why?

    we have untangle running at work. It's still a somewhat new installation of it, but it looks pretty easy to play with, configuration was pretty simple too to get it up and running.
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    woot! look what I got working

    my asa is better than your 2650
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    Stream Netflix to my TV?

    PS3 is awesome. if you dont have one of those get one of those devices
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    Go for CCENT or CCNA

    go for 2 exams. IN the end you will have a CCENT cert and a CCNA. do it
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    My first business network

    clarification. fake raid means software raid. he' saying get a raid card installed. Lots more expensive, but worth it
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    My first business network

    also, check out microsoft exchange online, i've been pimping them for a few months now on here. $5 bucks a month for 25 gig mailboxes.
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    My first business network

    2 nics? does it have LOM port?
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    On the brink of mastering quick subnetting

    from what i remember, there weren't really any straight subnetting questions. It was more scenarios where you had to work with subnets and match up different networks with different pieces of hardware...more like verifying information than actually doing it.
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    Post your workstations 2011

    I didn't know they let you have your own computer in prison.
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    On the brink of mastering quick subnetting

    subnetting was easy and wasn't a factor on the CCNA exam. they usually just pick a few ranges and thats pretty much all your asked about like /28 and /29 or a /30
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    Intel Names Director of Creative Innovation

    god dammit. those assholes. thats the exact same job i applied for. FUCK. at least call me back Intel!
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    My First Build Ever: Questions and Guidance

    post pics of your rigs when youre done. good work son
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    IT Salaries Remain Flat

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    IT Salaries Remain Flat

    what a bunch of Bullshit. I wish they would leave those assholes in india.