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    HD7770 on PCIe 1.0?

    I have an older Dell that could use a new videocard for games and I had settled on the HD7770, but my motherboard only supports PCIe 1.0. I realize they are technically backward compatible, but I was wonder whether it would negate performance increases for gaming. Here is the mobo...
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    Make computer fully accessible over internet

    This summer I'll be working in several different states, and I want to only bring my Lenovo S10 netbook with me. It has XP Home on it right now, and I'll probably put Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it soon (160gb HD, 2gb Ram) I'd like to be able to both control and have full access to the files on...
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    Sub $700 Netbook

    I haven't really been keeping up with things, so I'm looking for recommendations for a netbook. Here is what I need: 160gb 2gb of ram (or upgradable 1gb) at least 1mp webcam at least wireless g bluetooth 2.0 at least atom 270 at least 2 usb ports 6 cell battery Features that would be nice...
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    Finalizing HTPC

    Hey guys I just need a few pointers on finalizing my HTPC. What I have: 42" panasonic 720p plasma xp pro sp3 powerdvd 8 q6600 3gb ram 9600 gso, dvi->hdmi cable game theater xp 7.1 with analog/optical/coaxial outs onkyo 7.1 set up as 5.1 currently (has multichannel analog and the...
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    Hosting A Torrent

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    Good KVM

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    Help! Accidental Quick Format

    So I was installing my new Seagate drive today, and decided to follow its instructions. This worked fine until I let it partition my new hard drive, where the program included on the disc decided to do a quick format (I am guessing) on my Raid set (shows up as unpartitioned E drive now). :mad...
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    Canon Body and Lense <$500

    I'm just looking for a good film camera with a mid-range lense for now, since I can't afford a digital rebel. Bodys: $135 K2 $190 (170 MIR) T2 $300 Elan 7N My understanding is that each one is worth the price over the lower model Also, what lense should I get to with them? Are the kit...
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    Dayton subwoofer experiences

    10" 12' How is the price performance on these subs, and is there a cost shelf at which I could get a much better one (under $250)? And compared to the...
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    Beginner SLR

    I will be travelling to Europe next month (mainly Germany), and am looking for a beginner SLR set up. Right now I am looking at a Canon EOS Rebel T2 body and a Canon Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto EF 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Autofocus Lens. I haven't read reviews of the body, but it is a bit more...
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    TV Tuner <$200

    I am looking for a good TV tuner under $200. I will mainly use it for recording TV (so a schedule program would be nice). Coaxial and regular component video input would be nice, along with a TV. I have a Leadtek WinFast TV 2000xp (something like that), it used the WinTV software which I really...
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    Hard Drive Dieing?

    My Windows has gone completely unbootable twice in the last two weeks. I had to get into the recovery console and do chkdsk. Both times it found 3+ errors and fixed them. Both times after chkdsk it would boot into windows fine. Also, at least one of my hard drives spins up followed by a quick...
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    Which digital (choices given)

    Right now my sister is looking at these cameras: Canon Powershot S1 IS Minolta Dimage A200 Nikon Coolpix 8400 Perrux 750Z Olympus C765 Olympus C8080 Any recommendations as to which to get? I am leaning towards the C765 because myself and several others all love the C750
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    Hosting A Torrent

    I am using Azureus. I opened ports 21 and 6969 on my router, and have the tracker set for port 6969. For some reason, other people can not download the file. My firewall is off (temporarily). Here is the torrent file I am testing with...
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    Backup over network?

    Is there a good program that can backup files over a network? One computer is WinXP Home and the other is Pro
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    Just a picnic...

    Here is an album of the better pictures: Here is an album with all the pictures: The only post-processing done is for resizing. Thoughts? edit: Server back up
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    Power Button

    Is there an option somewhere that allows you to control what happens when you press the power button on the case? My new computer shutsdown when I press the button but my old one does nothing (unless its held for 5 seconds or so, then it just cuts power). Windows XP Pro
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    Good KVM

    I am looking for one that is for two computers and is under $40 I had heard this belkin is pretty good:
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    Underwater housing

    For the Olympus C750 Does anyone have any info on this? I haven't been able to find any at all, and am going to Hawaii for a month so it would be nice to have. PS: Got a Canon Rebel K2 today
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    Index Organization

    Is this going to be the final layout for the main page? I have trouble sorting through all the different forums in their current groupings, and it takes a while to scroll to the bottom.
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    Movies on laptop?

    Would it be better for battery life to have movies on the hard-drive or on DVD? The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 8000 Thanks
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    VS6 vs VS.NET

    Is either one much different then the other? I have access to them both, but was wondering which one I should install. Thanks.
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    a7n8x deluxe drivers

    I am reinstalling XP tomorrow, and lost my driver disk. I found the drivers, except for the 3Com ethernet port (which I will be using). Where can it be found?
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    What do you guys do to do a quick resize (not like mspaint where it resizes the picture but has the same file size)?
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    Audigy 2 Platinum (door)

    Before you think this should be moved to computer audio, I just have to say I feel it fits better here because it is not related to sound anyhow.... My computer case has a door that is nearly flush with the door. Would it be practical to set the A2 drive back 1/2" (in the 5.25 drive bay)...
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    Benefits of alternate encoders?

    :D my test FLAC files were ~50mb bigger than my --alt-preset exterme, and ~20 smaller than WAVS
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    OS self-corrupting?

    Earlier today, when I booted my computer, I tried to start IE, and it crashed immediately. I tried reinstalling it, but I wasn't able to. After a couple restarts when messing with IE, I noticed I wasn't able to use Foobar (or WMP for that matter) with music anymore. Even later, when I reopened...
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    DVD Slideshow?

    Is there a program to burn a picture DVD with customizable background music?
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    Dead PDA: Take apart?

    I have an e335 from Toshiba that seems to be dead (it starts but the screen is messed up -- I have tried all types or resets) There seems to just be four small screws in the back.. Should I take it apart? edit: I have already removed the back cover (nothing was visibly wrong), just...
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    Multiple Ethernet?

    Mobo: A7N8X Deluxe (dual etherent connections) Old (computer): ethernet card Router: di-704 Modem: cable, toshiba pcx1100 Old is used as a file-server for this computer. How would I connect my cables so that one would be for ethernet and one for the local network? Would making the...
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    Code 10 (raid0)

    I moved my raid0 setup (koutech pir133) without detaching the IDE cables to my old computer. However, when I tried installing the XP drivers (from a floppy that I made), I get this error: At boot the drives appear to bet set up correctly, but windows doesn't see them. edit: Well I...
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    Raid0 Transfer

    Would it be safe to transfer my PCI raid card and my two HD over to another computer?
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    Powerless HD backup

    I installed my old 30gb into my new computer and copied a bunch of new files to it as a back up. Is there anything wrong with disconnecting the power and IDE cable from it and leaving it there until I need it again?
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    XP Server

    nevermind (lock)
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    Silent computer?

    Do you guys think it would be more cost efficient to work with my existing computer, build a new one, or buy a pre-built (my friend's Dell is very quiet)? And what to do? Current System: A7N8X Deluxe() XP2400+ @ 2.379 () ATi 9800 () 512mb XMS PC3500 Platinum () 2 WD 120gb SE in RAID0 ()...
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    What went wrong?

    bigger version here is one with medium darkness: small bigger version and one with good lighting: small bigger version All were taken at the same time of day. I took this manually on a C-750 during midday. I am relatively sure that I had the aperature and fstop (I'm new to manual --...
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    Digital Camcorder

    What would you guys recommend for up to $400? Are most digital video cameras firewire still?
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    Network: XP and Linux

    I have a network set up, and it has worked for two XP computers. I cannot figure out how to access my shared folders. I open Nautilus, type in smb://, browse to my computer, double click it, and then it asks for a username/password. It won't let me in without them, and I don't even know of...
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    I am currently downloading the .iso files for the free version of Mandrake 9.2, and am looking at installing Linux on my older (700mhz) computer that is currently running WinXP. Where are some good places to learn more about Linux? How likely is it to support my hardware? Will it have any...
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    Safely Remove Hardware?

    Whenever I connect my C-750 I just copy all my pictures and turn it off without the "safe" way (just hit the power button then disconnect it). Is there any reason to go through the windows thing then turn it off?