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    Headset in $400-$1,000 range to pair with Sound Blaster ZXR primarily for gaming?

    Sorry for the length. My months of searching and frustration has left me with so much to say! Short: I need a quality set of around-ear headphones that will be great for general use, but will primarily be used for PC gaming while connected to a Creative Labs Sound Blaster ZXR. I am...
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    Exhausted and need input for $4,500 budget for high resolution triple display setup.

    After a year of researching choices, I am at a loss and totally frustrated. I beg fellow [H]ers for their wise guidance and experience to help me find the right match. Much thanks, in advance. Synopsis: I've got a $4,500 budget to find the best 2560x1600/2560/1440 triple monitor setup to go...
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    Advice on high-end triple-SLI GTX 680 based build.

    Please bear with me as I know this is a lengthy post. I’ve been mulling things about in my head for weeks and have finally concluded that (since the 5970 from my two year old rig is in the RMA pipeline with XFX due to desktop/2D artifacting) it’s time to reach out for other opinions...