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    HTPC/NAS or separate?

    I'm running a lian li pc-q25 as a vmware esx server with media center and home server. I have a separate htpc that it streams from. Using a silicon dust hdhomerun with cable card to record. 5 hard drives + 1 wd raptor.
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    Content Filtering For Small School

    Does anyone use a Palo Alto Networks firewall?
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    Antec Lanboy Air

    Maybe he thinks this is the Silent Form Factor cases subforum?
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    New Lian Li PC-V354 m.atx case : Specification & Feature

    Back in stock at Sundial Micro.
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    New Lian Li PC-V354 m.atx case : Specification & Feature

    Just ordered from Newegg. Looks like it's back in stock. Can't wait to build this!
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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    It makes it heavy as hell. I used to take it LANing but the weight for such a small package was disappointingly deceiving.
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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    I think I will upgrade my TJ08 to this. As long as the front is not made of solid metal like the previous one.
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    Win7 system image and back up

    Try acronis image and then reflash.
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    Digital cable through TV Tuner?

    @sethmo - Going with myth as a backend will work if you have the digital plus package and a box with firewire. I was recording all my HD shows off of it onto my media center. Ran a script that converted the file names to something more usable then shared it on the network. The only downside to...
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    HD Basic cable?

    Yes both HVR 1800 series and 2200 series should work fine. I recommend going with Windows 7 media center and just connect everything and you should be fine.
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    Choosing a case?

    I'm a big Silverstone fan and wish they made something like the Raven 02 in a matx form factor. looking at Lian Lis right now: LIAN LI PC-A05NB LIAN LI PC-A03B is my preferred. If you want to go slightly bigger but more conveniant for LANs the coolermaster scout works. For LAN parties only I...
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    SG-01 and i7 - Anyone Done This? I agree. I had the mini P180 and it was not small nor light enough as a matx sff gaming system.
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    Lian Li PC-A03

    I like this case! Gonna get it and stuff an i7 build into it.
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    Cheapest MATX x58 sighted!

    Awesome Thanks Tiraides! Is your TJ08-B new or did you buy it awhile ago? Is it a heavy chunk of metal on the front panel or has it gotten lighter?
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    Cheapest MATX x58 sighted!

    Is this in a TJ08 like case? What are your temps like? Considering getting this setup as I have case, proc, & mem.
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    Good NAS case - suggestions?

    Panzerbox is just as big as an Antec Super Lanboy. But twice the weight. I wish it was smaller in size as I would actually consider moving into something smaller to hold 8-9 hdds.
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    Warm EVGA X58 matx mobo $199 free ship @ newegg.

    Warm EVGA X58 matx mobo for $199.99 with free ship. For 72 hours only or 64 hours left from this post. $189.99 after mir. Not bad. There are cheaper boards / is a cheaper board.
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    Need help selecting a TV tuner card

    Yea you're right I don't. But these guys can: MCE variant --> Starightup Ubuntu + Myth:
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    Palo Alto Networks makes a damn good firewall far beyond just port blocking and acls. They also will do SSL VPN in the next release. Check it out.
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    Need help selecting a TV tuner card

    Hmm, I beg to differ. I can only get Comcast at my location. OTA is obscured by buildings + 60 miles and a HoA. Anywho, I use a HVR2250 and windows 7 to get all my HD feeds stored onto a server. In my living room I use a silicon dust HDHomerun and Vista to get HD along with a PVR500 to get...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    Not really. You can get a USB header to USB plug. Then a USB to sata or ide adapter. Things would be tight to fit in there. But if you do not have a video card it should work fine.
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    MicroCenter b&m e7400 $79.99. E7400 $79.99 In store only. I couldn't get it to add to my cart. So I just went in and bought it.
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    Nvidia Ion

    Didn't Anand say that the USB sleep wake up function doesn't work? Either way that's a real bummer. Although it shouldn't cost tooo much to leave it on running all the time.
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    Need advice on building a media center PC

    One's TV in the other is FM.
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    TV tuner USB or PCI ?

    HVR-2200 is for Europe. The HVR-2250 is for the US. Put the HVE-2200 in the yellow slot PCI-E x4. The HVR-2200 is a PCI-Ex1 card and it will fit and run fine in your x4 slot.
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    Cheapest MATX x58 sighted!

    Hmm MWave says no to SLI in any form:
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    TV tuner USB or PCI ?

    If you are in Europe I think you will need a DVB-T one correct? Unless you are in the States. Look into Hauppauge. I am not sure if they make a PCI-E x1 DVB-T one though. As I live in the States and don't keep track of what they make for the EU. I also recommend the HVR 2250.
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    Fry's B&M MSI G31+E5200 or Biostar+E5400 $79.99, Asus 760G+X3 8650 $99.99

    Dammit I didn't realize it was a 5400! I wanted to go to Frys but passed on going figuring I would go tomorrow to get a e5200. And the kicker is now they are all returned used in the bay area! Faak!
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    Feedback on proposed ITX Gamer

    I built the same thing except with different memory and hard drive. And of course monitor and speakers. Runs great pretty quiet especially when gaming.
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    Yea I ran across some bios issues. I tired to set sata mode to ahci (b/c the esata only works with that on, I read somewhere else) and it bombed on me. Screwed up my nic. I had to uninstall the nic in Windows and disable/enable the mac settings and reinstall to finally get it working again...
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    Which LGA775 mobo (mATX, of course) to get...

    That's a sick deal! The mobo never goes below $129. So I guess there's more margain on both of those items. Man I am tempted to get it to replace my MATX HTPC!
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    Looking for a sexy HTPC case

    I have this. It takes a full 5 1/4. Only odd thing is the 60mm fans or was it 70mm. I recommend Silverstone LC-20 for the sheer number of drives you can put in it. Or their CW-01. I have both also. And I like the CW-01 for it's clean lines. The LC-20 is nice to cover up the optical drive.
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    Yea, I had to set compatibility mode to Vista then run it. Default it is set to XP. Now it is Windows 7 with audio and sweet!
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    Anyone get the audio working with Windows 7 x64 Beta build? If so what drivers did you load?
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    [YourNewCase] SUGO ... 5! GO!

    Hmm With my SG05 and the Silverstone NT-07 skt775 I am idling at 46 & 48 according to speedfan. I will have to take another look at the pins of the hsf to make sure they are down all the way.
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    [YourNewCase] SUGO ... 5! GO!

    Thanks for info. What are you running (in what case) and what are your temps?
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    New Build - Tell Me What You Think

    Why would you need to mod the case? When you can just buy the right case:
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    [YourNewCase] SUGO ... 5! GO!

    Finally put my system together last night. No pics (b/c I gave my dslr to my brother). Specs: SG05 Zotac itx 9300 mobo Intel e8400 Patriot Viper 4GB Silverstone NT-07 skt 775 EVGA GTS 250. WD 150 Raptor 3.5" The Sugo is a nice little case. A little tight to get the GTS250 in and...
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    Zotac Atom/Ion board coming.

    Can't wait! Too bad playing back flash video is gonna suck. But if you record all your own content this is a pretty good idea. Let's hope the price is well south of $125.
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    Starting a new SFF build and I have a few questions...

    Wow nice thread so far. Did you order the GPU yet? Note the GTS 250 and the Zotac 9300 do not in ANY way operate in hybrid SLI. Sucks yea I know I looked it up after the fact. I will have the same mobo, case, and gpu. I am just using a e8400 instead and a OCZ Vertex ssd. Parts are laying around...