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    Exchange Server 2003 SP2

    I ended up having to upgrade Monday morning when I came in and found our database had grown a lot over the weekend. Havn't had any issues yet, seems to be running good. Was a quick and easy install.
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    terminal services question

    Only way I can think of using RDP is to setup one computer to be forwarded to from the router and then open another terminal session inside that session. It can be confusing but it will work. edit: You could connect via a VPN thats what I do at work.
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    Internet issues: Level3(backbone) and CogentCo

    I think a lot of Florida is being affected. there was a thread in genMay that mentioned it a a few Orlando people were also having problems. I think RoadRunner is largly affected at least.
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    Exchange 2003 Questions: Performance

    Note what times the spikes occur and look in event viewer to see what services are starting up. Also check and see what times you have Mailbox Mangement set to run.
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    copy large folder between linux systems help!

    use rsync, this way you can confirm all the files after you copy them over. You can also use the --compress option to do on the fly compression and decompression as everything is transferred.
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    Really Dumb Linux Noob question

    I don't think he's quite ready for vi/vim yet. Don't want to scare him too bad.
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    Really Dumb Linux Noob question

    The programs would be installed in various bin and lib directories. Just type out the name of the command or look in the menu bar in whichever Desktop you are using.
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    Recommend a switch for VoIP for small business

    Make sure you get Power over Ethernet on the switches also, some VoIP phones require it.
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    Exchange 2k3 Attachment Limits

    I recently installed a new exchange server and now we can not send or receive large attachments which is crucial to work. I've checked every place I can think of as to where this limit is coming from. Global Settings is set to No Limit Default SMTP Virtual Server is set to no limit SMTP...
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    i386 or x86-64

    Yeah, you need to have 32-bit libs installed to run 32-bit apps on 64-bit linux. If you search the gentoo forums you'll find plenty of mentions on what you need and how to use them. it should also work on fedora. As far as the RAM limits. If you turn on Hi-MEM in the kernel then you will...
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    Anything like virtualdub for linux?

    avidemux2 works ok, but I've had issues with it crashing. mencoder works best but has a steep learning curve.
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    The un-erasable file!!!

    Theres a known bug in windows where by using some ASCII characters a folder will not be deleteable by windows. You can try using Safe Mode Command Prompt and using wildcards (*) to delete the folder usig deltree or del, try both.
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    Rackmount UPS twistlock question

    Thanks for thee replies, hopefully the new outlets will be installed tommorow. I just wish theye would standardize on some damn outlets, way too many out there.
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    Rackmount UPS twistlock question

    We have a rackmount UPS that has a 125v 30A plug on it, we are getting ready to move and our new server room has 125v 20A outlets. Will the 30A plug be able to plug into the 20A outlet?
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    choose either of these, I prefer the commandline version but it is harder to use. I also compile mine from source to get better encodinng performance but these should work fine for normal playback. mplayer-586 - The Ultimate Movie Player For Linux or mplayer-nogui and w32codecs...
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    learn to use mplayer to it's full functionality and it's a great medi aplayer. Pain in the ass to learn but very powerful. I love it, plays a large majority of codecs.
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    Repair filesystem problem.

    What distro are you using? With Ubuntu and Gentoo you are able to search their official forums and find the answer to almost every common problem. I don't know what the otehr distro's user community is like. But the best way to truly learn linux commands is to just force yourself to use...
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    Simple dorm networking

    Set the router to spoof the MAC of the approved desktop then plug everything into the router.
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    Best Anti-Virus Software suggestions?

    nod32 works pretty good and isvery light weight.
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    Can I change filesystems?

    There are ways using convertfs (, but the best way is to reformat boot off a live cd copy all data from partition you want to convert to seperate partition format partition to filesystem you want to change copy data back over fix /etc/fstab to show...
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    Router and Dell Switch setup Help

    you need to log into the switch and set it up. It should have a default ip address.
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    Minimal PAM install?

    I believe you can use qpkg from the gentoolkit package to see what files a package installs. I don't have my gentoo box avaialbale to me right now but take a look at it.
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    Distro For Server

    Debian/Gentoo/FreeBSD are probably the best choices. All three are powerful and easily customized to what you need. I would stay away from Redhat because the packaging sucks and it's too bloated (Plus I just plain hate Redhat) Don't be afraid to try something you don't know, it's the best...
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    Watching videos...

    You'll need to get win32codecs and mplayer, I'm noy sure if ubuntu includes win32codecs in tehir repositories since it's not completly legit. But I'm sure you'll be able to find a package out there for ubuntu that inclides it. Lok on the ubuntu forums and google
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    Distro live cd requirements/performance question

    A good minimal live CD I found is Slax, it's based off of slackware and can have modules easily added to it. Very nice little distro. More info can be found at
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    File server distro

    The UNIX based permissions work great for a file server. You just need to know how to setup groups.
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    Sysadmin Day

    I have pretty much nothing todo today, so good day for me. Just configuring our new OpenBSD firewall for install over the weekend then I get payed, get to read all day, and no bosses
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    Hidden Directories?

    Most of them contain individual conf files, startup scripts, and configuration data fro your apps. Don't delete them unless you know for sure whatyou are doing. They are hidden to make your home directory less confusing and cleaner.
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    SSH Connection

    Thre is also a version of putty for linux.
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    Explain why MAC filters don't work

    Not anymore. WEP can be cracked in less than 10 mins with new techniques and tools, one ex. WEP isn't even a hurdle anymore.
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    Installing GCC

    you are going to have to install gcc from a binary package. Since you don't have a C compiler on the computer you can't compile gcc. Use which ever package manager redhat uses now to install the GCC package and you should be fine.
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    What is an ISD file in linux?

    Where are they located and what are some of the names? I have never seen an ISD file in linux.
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    Installing a T1?

    Hmmm..... Do you really need to connect the CSU to a router if your are using layer 3 switches?
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    UPS recommendations

    The best feature of APC is their insurance, it covers everything connected to the UPSshould it fail for some reason, up to $150,000 I believe. I have also heard good things about them responding quickly to claims. it's all I use at work, good stuff.
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    Second Hard Drive

    type this ls /dev/hd* give us the output.
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    What should I use?

    ah, right. Forgot about the hard drive being small It could still be done but would require a custom portage selection.
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    What should I use? Not the easiest install but if you carefully follow the documentatin you should be fine.
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    What should I use?

    If you can stand the long compile time Gentoo would work well on it since it's very easy to make a lean install. Slackware would also work, or maybe Damn Small Linux.
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    As apache compiles....

    Compile OpenOffice if you want some real fun.
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    Running trillian at restricted workplace?

    Work your way up into running the IT dept then run whatever you want. (Worked for me)