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    X-Fi + BF2=Freezing

    I got my X-Fi Xtrememusic a few days ago. I installed it and it worked wonderfully. Yesterday, my computer started freezing. I would play Battlefield 2 for about 20 minutes and it seemed fine, then all of a sudden it would just freeze and the sound would stop working. It would totally lock...
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    Steelpad Steelsound 5H

    Does anyone have this headset? I just got mine and I love them. The only problem which was very frustrating was the annoying buzz when the mic was turned on. If I touched something metal like my computer case it would stop, or if i tapped it a few times it would stop. It's not a big deal...
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    Power surge (?), posting code 2b

    I was playing a nice game of BF2 when the power went out. It went out, then back on, then out, then on again. I waited until the power stopped going on and off, then turned my computer back on, only to find nothing showing on the screen. My AW8-MAX is posting is 2b, which means 'Invoke Video...
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    Dell XP Home SP2

    Ok, can I use the Windows CD that came with my Dell, or do I have to buy a whole new one? I replaced mobo in Dell with MSI one and had to call MS to activate it. TIA :D
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    Crucial Ballistix vs. OCZ Gold

    Ok, my last step in completing my computer is RAM. I'm getting 2 Gigabytes (2X1024mb). I'm having a hard time deciding over 2 brands, mainly because of timings. OCZ Gold: 4-4-4-8 Crucial Ballistix: 3-3-3-12 Would I get better performance out of the Ballistix because of the low timings...