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    Trying to recover data

    So i lost a drive last week full of all my Anime. Basically came up said failed SMART and i can't read anything off of it. Backup for that drive was a WD 2TB My Book that i can't seem to find the power cord for. So I took the drive out and plugged it in directly to the computer. (It's a WD...
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    Help with identifying a case

    Found me a case in the metal dumpster. Was hoping to get a good make and model on it if yall could help me out.
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    Server Rebuild

    So it's time to do some updates. The last few i've got some help for are running beautifully, so i'm here again. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Home File Server - Streaming between multiple devices, ps3, xbox, ipad, etc. avi, mp4, mkv (anime)...
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    Wired House Hardware Questions

    Know just a little bit about this type of networking soo. Moved into a new house and each room has cat5 ports. Got into the box with all the wires and the guy said that the panel that is wired up is not the correct one. The way it is wired up now it acts like one long cable, which totally...
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    Question about 2 laptop drives

    I'm about to order 2 laptop drives. One to replace my dead drive in my Sony Vaio (mainly used for surfing net, skype, light light gaming / emulators, lots of movie watching) and one to become my OS drive in my lil server (WHS, streaming movies throughout house). What do you think would be the...
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    Quick file server question about video card

    Hope this is the right forum. My lil file server is used mainly for streaming video/files thru the network to pc's, ps3, xbox, etc. Will taking out the video card make any difference in performance with streaming /transcoding? The main video is .avi and .mkv. The cpu sits at 100% when watching...
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    Yet another gaming PC build

    So they were impressed with my build from 2 weeks(ish) ago. and i got recruited for another build. Thanks for the suggestions on that one. BF3 looks beautiful 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc 95% Gaming. Starcraft, Skyrim like games, some FPS here...
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    Boot directly to Media Center or other software

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but What i am trying to do is have a laptop boot directly into Windows Media Center or some other program that connects directly to my lil file server. (windows 7) I want it to bypass the load screen etc so that the kids or whoever just uses to...
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    New Gaming Build

    A friend of mine wants me to build his computer since i have alot of hardware experience. But i haven't built a gamer in about 3 years. The list is mainly what he want and I have tried to throw a few options in there with it. I have a few questions that i'll ask at the end. I been working for...
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    WD Green in RAID 1

    Im pretty sure this has been asked before, but looking for it seems to turn up all kind of different results. I have a few WD Green 2TB EARS drives. Is it ok to put these in RAID 1? Itll be 2 drives per RAID Everywhere ive looked has different answers, but nothing really recent.
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    2 TB WD EARS on WinXP and Win7

    So my drives just came in and my Win 7 laptop that was originally planned for one of these drives bit the dust last week. So now the main laptop that will be used with the drive will be Win XP as an external. The other drive will stay in my Win 7 box. Ive heard that all i have to do is format...
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    Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB 64MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" $99.00 Missed the sale last week.
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    WHS disk management add in

    Is there anything like the WHS disk management add in for say Windows 7? Something to be able to draw out a graph of the drives and have close to the same stats showing?
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    Reusing PSU

    I have a power supply that came from a motherboard with blown caps. Is it still ok to use temporarily until i can get my hands on a new one? or is it possible to cause problems to the other board? Thanks
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    1 OS and 2 Raid for gaming

    Ok so this will be my first time dwelling into RAID for my use. I have 2x WD 640 Blacks and 1 WD 80 gig ( can't remember specifics) I want to put the OS on the 80 and RAID 0 the blacks with all my games installed on this. Do you think this will give the best performance? Or will it read more...
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    Windows XP Version

    I got a older pc from someone and would like to reload XP on it. I know how to get the key and what version, ie pro, home, but how do i tell if it's an upgrade or full so i know which cd to use? I don't think any of my programs will tell me that. No there is no sticker on this computer. Thanks
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    Cant access shared folder

    Hopefully this is the right place to write this. Be patient with my writing please. I have a shared folder on my server computer. I can access all my folders except folders within my music drive. I can access the main share (root of the drive), but when i go within that folder, i try to click...
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    Disable SATA Native in bios

    I have a HP dv6000 i am trying to disable the Native SATA support. There is no option in the BIOS to do this. Is there any program or another way to do it? Im trying to get Windows 7 on here. Came with Vista, downgraded to XP. I have tried putting drivers on separate drive, on C: drive, and...
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    Stream mp3 on internet

    Hope im in the right section and this wasnt on here before. Im looking for something that i can access my mp3s while im at work. I just want to listen to them. Maybe make a playlist or something. Anyone know of any decent programs to do this? thanks
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    A should i keep the psu question

    Im finally building a new computer after a long deployment Just wondering if I can keep my PSU because its been good for me so far I have a OCZ Modstream 450 Hardware installed will be Antec p180 case Intel q6600 quad w/ aftermarket cooler Asus p5q pro 2 x 2gig RAM Either a 4850 or...
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    insert text when encoding video

    im basically just encoding movies with autogk right now is there a good way to put some text at the beginning of the movie like "encoded by ..." dont mind using a diff program, bu tlike this one, its easy and i can walk away and do other things thanks
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    Converting dvd files

    Whats the best program to backup my dvds to say divx or avi. Without a bunch of bs. I try the divx converter from divx but dont really like it. I got alot to backup and dump to laptop. Want good quality. Thanks
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    projector with laptop

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    projector with laptop

    dont really know where to put this thread but, what are some good cheap projectors to hook up to laptop. I dont really want anything fancy. Just something to go overseas with me so i dont have to watch small screen the whole time. It has to be as small as possible for packing. thanks :D
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    Refresh rate question

    I have 2 pc's on a kvm switch, with a 21in CRT. Before i moved i had the refresh rates set at 75hz and never had any lines or interferece or anything. When i set up in new house i have to set it to 100hz to get rid of it. Basically looks like interference from power or something. I have...
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    Sony Laptop Dismantle

    I see a sticky for taking apart the toshibas, but does anyone know how to dismantle a sony vaio vgn-a190 (pcg-8q5l on the back) i got it pretty much taken apart but it seems somthing is holding me back right in the middle, like something is screwed to the keyboard or something and i dont see...
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    Should i do ipod?

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    router resets randomly

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    Sata pci raid card wont show hdd

    I found this card layin around (does not have the ide adapter, and has western digital sticker on it, but that driver works) and decided to give it a try. I dont want raid at all, i just want to use 2...
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    2 wireless routers, 1 connection

    ok, i gotta Wireless Netgear WGR614 v3 as my main router with a few pc's hooked up to it. i want to have my Wireless Linksys (forgot the model, its upstairs) router be able to connect thru the netgear and be able to see my network and surf the net. (wirelessly) Im really only using the linksys...
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    Recording Program

    Whats a good prog that i can for example, play and mp3 while recording my voice into the mp3, or make new file of whatever format with my voice in it. Like the star wars theme is playin and im reading the opening words. Free would be nice cuz its only gonna be a few times, but if not give me...
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    Audigy 2 ZS

    Is there any way to update or reflash the firmware for the Audgy 2 zs Creative's site doesnt have anything for me and was hoping someone here knew. Drivers and all that been updated.
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    Multiple .rar files

    Is there anyways to unrar multiple files at once. I got like 166 or so files in this folder and really dont want to do them one by one. winrar 3.30
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    Should i do ipod?

    hope this is right spot for this. Wife wants to get me ipod nano, read some reviews and looks great. Now ive heard you can only do itunes with the ipod. (get music from itunes for the ipod) Is this true? Just want a quick answer and maybe some links. I dont do itunes, I use my own cd's...
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    Need a good webcam

    im looking towards this one,CRID=2204,CONTENTID=10556 always been a fan of logitech $65 on newegg. but need some input from peeps on other cams and even this one. i basically need something that can do good live chatting, like on...
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    put in standby mode?

    just wondering if its best to just put my laptop in standby when im going places instead of turning it off. Like from work to home and vice versa. I mostly reccommed to people not to do it on tower because i personally dont think towers are supposed to go into standy, but i read somewhere that...
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    Video card squeals during gaming

    Whenever i play certain games my video card makes this high pitched sqealing sound. From the actual card. Not the speakers. it is overclocked right now but still does it at stock settings. Even when the whole system is at stock settings. My sound card also makes a sqealing, and sometimes...
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    Booting from Lan

    Does anyone have some good sites how to do this right? I basically just want a small machine in the bedroom to watch my movies from over the network. Possibly wireless.....(not sure on that though) Also If its just set to boot from lan, do i need a hdd on the pc in the bedroom?? I can...
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    Diable Video preview in 2000

    Is there any way to disable teh preview in the side of the explorer (not ie) window? i Just want it to stop playing mp3s and videos. Everytime i just click on it it pauses, then opens that stupid preview...
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    router resets randomly

    ok i gotta D-Link DI-604 wired router. No matter what im doing my router will just reset randomly Sometimes the lights will flash, other times, i just lose inet connection. I have to just unplug it and plug it back in after about 5 seconds and its all good. Mainly it does it when i dl'ing or...