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    Good book for a networking newbie?

    Any recommendation for a book on basic networking principles? I know how to do general router configurations (port forward, wifi config, etc) but I'm lost with anything much past that. Should I start with a N+ book?
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    260GTX Upgrade for ~150USD?

    Looking to upgrade my 260GTX 192sp version to something a little more stout for around $150.00 USD. The 6850s and 6870s seem to be right around that price both before and after MIR on the Egg. I don't have a "team" preference but I want the most bang for my buck at 1920x1200. Any suggestions...
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    48hr Xbox Live Gold Code

    Got this in a used game and thought someone could use it. Whoever uses it tag this thread so others know it's gone, thanks. HQYCF-CDBQJ-CGGRC-46394-GM8RY
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    Xbox 360 Question

    So I just got a 360 yesterday and I need a little help. I have it hooked up to my receiver via optical audio cable so I can play with my headphones (Senn HD555). The problem I'm running into is when I plug in my mic it reroutes the players speech through the headset, which I can't wear because I...
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    [H]ardForum Borderlands Steam Group

    Threw together a Steam group for Borderlands if [H]ardforum members are interested. Also need some Officers to help keep things under control, create events, ect if anyone is interested shoot me a pm with your steam info.
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    Button issues

    On occasion when I edit a post the buttons that are typically titled " save, go advanced, cancel" are titled "cancel, go advanced, cancel" or "vote yes, vote no". Anyone else getting these strange button labels?
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    Cheap Thrills

    So I picked up a open box 4050e off the Egg a few months ago for 25 bucks and just got around to OCing it. When I got it I saw that it was missing a few pins and thought WTF is this? Anyway, it's surprising what fun you can have with a 25 dollar CPU :eek::D Hell, I was just surprised that it...
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    Free Shipping On Power Supply and Fan Cables/Adapters at SVC

    Not super hot or anything but I always hate paying more for shipping on adapters than the adapters themselves.
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    Show me your old school games!!

    I've just started reassembling my NES/SNES collection that I had back in the day. Here's what I've got so far: Super Metroid Secret of Mana MegaMan X Super Mario/Duck Hunt Super Mario 2 Super Mario 3 Metroid I should be receiving MegaMan 2 and FZERO(NIB) tomorrow!! Anyone else...
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    Hot? Samsung 2333SW 23in LCD for $169 free 2day

    dead dead dead dead ADD TO CART to see sale price. Use coupon code ZBC8LPSBMMRB28 for free 2day If this is a re-post let me know. :edit: oh oh, there is also a 20MIR available dropping the price to 149.00...
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    Question about my 28 HannsG

    So I got this monitor a few days ago from Costco and all in all it's pretty nice. That being said I'm having a problem when I'm in a game, any game. When there's movement in dark areas, which there always is, the object that is moving against the dark background have a glow around them. It's not...
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    Refurb Razer Diamondback Limited $19.90

    Gogamer has Razer Diamondback Plasma Limited Edition Gaming Mouse Refurbs for 19.90 if anyone needs a "new" mouse. Just ordered one for a total of 23.39 w/ shipping.
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    Warhammer Online Screenshots Thread v2.0

    Any derailment or trolling will be reported! Infraeon 11 Witch Hunter Monolith
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    TF2 Guest Pass Thread

    I have one guest pass for TF2 if someone wants it. Just PM me or post your email and I'll give it to the 1st person, I'll base this on the time the PM or post is sent/submitted. Gone via PM
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    How Many Cases Do You Own?

    I was just thinking about how many cases I own as I went to get another one today. I have 7 cases laying around of which 2 are in use. :rolleyes: I seem to collect cases for some reason. So, how many do you own? 1. TT Xaser III 2. Wave Master (Server) 3. P180 4. CM Elite 340 5. QPack 6...
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    What the? Ultra PSU giving me a light show.

    This is from the 24pin connector on a Ultra X-finity 500watt PSU. Any idea what the hell is going on? My PC is totally stable and all the rails are in spec :confused:
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    External watercooling in a ammunition case

    Final product on page 2. Just built a new external case from a ammo can and it worked out perfect :D I'm waiting for my quick disconnects and I'll be using a 4-pin connector for the power. Thought you guys would get a kick out of it :p
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    Airplex Evo External Radiator Mounting Kit

    Anyone know if this thing will work with a Black Ice Extreme II? I want to mount my rad on top of my mATX case and that looks clean as hell. Also, anyone know of any other external mounting kits where the rad sits on TOP of the case? Sharka
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    Cooler Master Elite 340 Review...kind of..PICS!!!

    Well after deciding that my P180 was a little big for my taste and my QPack too small I ordered a Cooler Master Elite 340 from The case itself came well packaged arriving undamaged via UPS. Here's the specs directly from the box and how they pack it. Pretty standard stuff :o...
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    2.5in Mesh HDD External Enclosure Free After MIR

    Not to bad for a 2.5in IDE enclosure
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    Maxtor 500GB Basics External HD $99.99

    I know the .com page is OOS BUT a lot of the stores, at least in Dallas, have them in store. They price match their online price so it can be a sweat deal...
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    Quick 360 Question

    After a long session of gaming do your fans run after shutdown? Kind of a stupid question but I'm curious. meh.
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    Need a weeee bit 'o help.

    I just built a new system and I'm having some problems with it. I keep getting various BSODs including IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error and a PNF_LIST_CORRUPT error. I checked the PSU w/ my multimeter and it's running fine. With both stocks of ram installed in dual channel mode Prime95 will BSOD on...
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    CyberPower BC1285C?

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    Slick new UPS!!

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    CyberPower BC1285C?

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    Q-Pack now has 80mm fan mount

    I just got my new Apevia Q-Pack from Xoxide and they now come with a mount for a 80mm fan up front, just thought you should know that :rolleyes: Webcam pic
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    Frys: Logitech G7 $50.00 After MIR.

    I was just up at Fry's and they had the Logitech G7 on sale for 79.99 OTD with a $30.00 MIR from Logitech. Not a bad deal if you ask me :cool: I got a black one to replace my MX500. It was totally worth it!!!
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    Apogee install question

    Are there any springs used to install the Apogee onto a 939 system? The only hardware that came for doing a 939 mount was a few spacers, lock washers, and screws. I would think there are some springs or something to apply pressure to the CPU. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.
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    P180 H20 In Progress

    Well I just got around to installing all this crap I ordered a few weeks ago, still need a waterblock though. Any comments or suggestions? Sorry for the awful pics, my camera sucks royal balls. Black Ice Extreme II Swiftech MCP655<----sweet Swiftech Micro Res Damn this P180 is a...
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    Swiftech MCP655 for $65.95.

    Not a bad deal on an awesome pump. Voyeurmods
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    Received my ForceTake Rev. 2 chipset cooler..Engrish inside!!

    I finally got around to installing this thing today, and it works great! It's a little tricky to install but not too hard. blah blah blah temps... Stock: 40c idle ForeTake: 30 idle Temps are being reported via CoreCenter and I used the heatsink compound that was included with the cooler. Yay...
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    Need some :0)

    Okay, I just got a new Yamaha HTR-5930 reciever and am looking for some good bookshelf speakers to go along with it. I'm looking to spend about $200.00 per speaker max and I listen to just about every type of music that's out there. Any suggestions? Ninja Edit: How about the Infinity Primus...
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    Slick new UPS!!

    Check this sweet thing out, it's the CyberPower 1285AVR. Picked it up today at work (Staples) to replace my dead APC1000XS. This one is half the size and has some sweet monitoring software built into it. it shows run time, input and output voltages, output in Hz and Kw, load and battery %..ect...
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    Any reason to not buy DDR2 right now?

    So with memory prices being pretty low would it be wise to buy some DDR2 right now for the AM2 platform? Have they even decided on DDR2 for AM2? I was just thinking that I should grab it now while it's cheap. 169.99 for 2gigs of DDR2 just sounds like a damn good deal. OCZ
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    CyberPower BC1285C?

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with the cyberpower BC1285C . They look pretty sweet and I can get one at work for 125ish after my 20% discount. I have a APC1000XS right now but it's giving me an overload error :( I have to run it w/o the battery so it's not always beeping at me. I...
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    Ultra XFinity Fan

    Has anyone replaced the fan in the Xfinity(500) yet? This thing is loud as hell compaired to my other components and I would love to replace the fan in it. Think it would be okay to do as long as I transfer that clear plastic cover to the new fan? I have it installed in the bottom of my P180...
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    ASRock 940 adapter pic

    Sry if this is a repost.
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    Fold for the Earth. Thought you guys might be interested.