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    Need some ideas on hardware issue(mining)

    Ok so I can not seem to figure out what the problem is on this new rig and hoping you guys can help me out with ideas. I have installed Win7 Ult on the hard drive without any GPU's attached, updated bios, installed all the windows updates, and here comes my issue. I plug in my GPU's and I can...
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    I failed. Need help with a Budget Build

    Trying to design a budget build for my brother and I failed. Now I come to [H] seeking guidance because I don't already spend enough time here :p 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Web browsing and gaming. He is not a heavy gamer but is a huge Total...
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    LAN Game Idea's

    Need some game idea's for a small LAN party of 4-8 people. Any and all genre's but have to be a minimum of 4 player and co-op is best. A few of us get a tad competitive so putting us in a confined space were we have to try to win against the other is. . . lets just say it has literally been...
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    No post help

    First off specs. Intel G620 ECS Intel H61 Micro MB Cheap 4gb Ram I have a GPU and Solid State but not relevant to the issue. My problem - Not posting. It will run the fan for about 5 seconds, shut off and restart, after that it will continue running and shutting off every 30 seconds or...
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    Intel 330 180GB for $90 AR

    So stealing this off slickdeals but I thought I would share at $0.50 per gb Slickdeals...
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    Another SFF Help Wanted Thread

    Alright guys I know you do way too many of these but hopefully this one is short and sweet and interesting. Questions answered below but a brief synopsis of what I am doing is that I am working on my Christmas present to me :D. Building a custom case that will "hopefully" disguise having an HTPC...
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    Mobo doesnt like GPU?

    Redoing an older build and ran into a problem. I think I might know what's wrong but thought I would ask for more opinions. MSI K9A Platinum Motherboard 4870 1 Gig GPU CX430 PSU Ok so when I hook everything up it will not post but it will provide power to the fans etc. Thought it would...
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    Redoing an Old Comp

    So long story short I have my sister-in-law staying with me for a while and I am going to pull out one of my old comps that needs a few parts so she can play on that instead of taking my wifes or mine. I dont really need any links to get me prices or anything just suggestions for what you...
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    Galactic Battlegrounds Fix?

    So recently my BIL and I have decided to get back into Battlegrounds:Clone Wars. We played this a ton years ago and recently decided to pick it up. For those of you who don't know it is basically Age of Empires 2 in Star Wars mode. However we have been having it go out of sync within the...
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    MOBO Advice

    So I almost have my build set up and ready to order I am just stuck on the mobo. I am going Intel i5 2400 on the CPU and I have 8 gb of corsair vengeance 1600 DDR3 Ram. I am looking to spend $100 or less on it. I was recommended the MSI H67A-G43 already for my build post but it doesnt have...
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    Amd vs Intel for Mid-Rig

    So I am helping out my brother-in law with a new computer build and just seeing what the Guru's advice. My main big question is if I should go with a Phenom II 965 BE and overclock it for cheap and get a better GPU or go with either an E3-1225 Xeon Sandybridge or even a 2500K and just get an ok...
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    Will this Cool enough while OC'ed

    Going to OC a 955be and of course the stock Heatsink wont be enough but i am not sure how much it is going to need. What is overkill and what is too weak. This is what i am looking at right now
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    new monitor advice

    Ok so building a new computer, 955be with a GTX 460. Looking for a 23-24" widescreen and since I am going from an old 19" fullscreen it is obvious it has been a while. I have been hearing a lot of talk about IPS panels and E-IPS which if i understand correctly is the economy IPS but how do I...
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    Mobo For 955be

    Looking for a decent motherboard to stick with a 955be. I have Corsair 1600 DDR3 and have the GTX 460 768mb GPU at the moment. This is what I am looking at right now but not sure if it is worth getting something better Thanks
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    Case From Scratch

    Hey all. Starting on a build from scratch and planning on making it out of 1/4" Aluminum. A bit thick but makes it easer to work with since I am going to machine tool it and weld on it. Just wondering if I can pick someones brain that has done something like this. The one thing i am slightly...