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    939 nforce4 with ati 4800 and up

    Hi guys. Gotta noobish question. (haven't been in hw scene in a while) Looking to upgrade my vid card, but don't feel like upgrading my entire system. Currently have a 939 opteron 146 /w an msi nforce 4 chipset mb. Would I be able to upgrade to an ati 4850 or 5770 cards? They still use...
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    Bioshock PC 24.99 YMMV

    I was just at Target today, and they had Bioshock on sale for 24.99.
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    Can't boot from S-ATA hd

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    Does Conroe = Core Duo?

    Same thing, or no? Just wondering.
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    COD2 or DOD

    I want to play one of the two, only. Which one is better in your opinion?
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    Winnie default vcore

    Quick question here. 1.4 or 1.5? Anybody know off hand?
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    How much juice is safe for a Winchester chip /w stock cooling?

    So, I've got a winnie 3000 running at 9x235 right now with ~ 1.5v. It's prime stable for over 12 hours, and I've played Source for at least 6 at this speed. So, I've tried upping the fsb to 240, but it won't load into Windows. Do I a). bump up the voltage, and strive for more, or b). call it...
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    Noise Cancelling Headphones

    I'm interested in getting some good noise cancelling headphones for listening to music on an mp3 player or on my computer. Can someone recommend some good stuff for around 50-70 dollars. I really like the bose stuff, I sample them at the mac store all the time, but the price is way out of...
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    Sexiest of the 3 next gen consoles?

    My pick goes to the Revolution. What's your pick? BTW, could someone explain how I can add a poll to a thread?
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    Fast CF

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but here it goes. My wife wants the fastest CF out there. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I'd like to get one for her for mother's day.
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    Mushkin pc3200 c2

    Anybody have any experience with, or know what kind of chips these, , rams use?
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    Geil Ultra Value 1gb 3200 110-112 shipped Pretty hot guys. I think I'm jumping on these.
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    Winchester 3000 or 3200?

    I'm planning on moving over to socket 939. I've been hearing great things about the 3000, but does the 3200's higher multiplier make a big difference in overclockability at all? Also, what motherboard would you guys recommend. The chaintech nf4 for 100.00 sounds good. Anybody have...
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    What digital camera should I get

    I don't know much about photography, but my gf takes some pretty good pics and wants to get into it. I have a 700.00 budget to get a nice, quality digicam. Anybody have any suggestions??? thanx in advance, Ram
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    Cats 4.8 with SOF2 problems

    Just finished putting together the a64 setup that's in my sig. After reinstalling windows, the latest 4.8 cats, and sof2, I decided to give the new machine a test run. I run the game, like normal, with 2xaa and 8xaf @ 1200x1024, and ran into problems with the game intermittently crashing...
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    Oem vs Retail cpu markings

    I just purchased an a64 2800 from a forum member. His thread said that the chip was retail. However, when I got the package and opened the box the marking on the cpu was ada2800aep4ap. Is this chip oem, or retail?? He sent it in a retail box /w stock hsf as well as coa. I still feel that I...
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    Clicking disk

    Is this the beginning of the end??? I can't believe I didn't back up my data :(
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    Overclocking with an SFF

    I'm thinking about putting an unlocked xp 2500 in an sff system. Can somebody recommend an sff barebone system, or micro atx mobo that has multi adjustement capablilities??? thanx in advance :D
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    Free Email !!!!!

    Just go to and register there. My friend runs the site. Once you sign up, he'll create a 20mb email account for you. You can access email through the webmail interface there, or with an email client. You won't get spammed or anything, we're just trying to generate...
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    Free Email

    Just go to and register there. My friend runs the site. Once you sign up, he'll create a 20mb email account for you. You can access email through the webmail interface there, or with an email client. You won't get spammed or anything, we're just trying to generate...
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    onboard audio problem on A7N8X dlx

    I am having wierd sound probs with my dlx 2.0. I keep hearing this weird buzzing in the background from the onboard audio. It gets wierder and more noticable when the cpu is doing something. For example, I move my mouse around and the sounds starts changing. Anybody run into any similar issues...
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    Overclocking mobile chips???

    I saw a quote on a member named konchev's sig saying that overclocking a mobile chip is not a good idea because they were designed to underclock depending on cpu utilization. Or something like that. Is this true, and if so has anyone had a mobile xp die on them recently???? Just wanted to...
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    Any Big Lan event in Toronto????

    I'm in Buffalo. 1 1/2 hr. drive to the big T dot would be worth it for sure.
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    Is my mobo dead????

    I have an NF7-s and it's no longer turning on. I hit the power switch on my case and nothing happens. WTF is going on. First thing I thought it could be was the power switch on my case. So I rip off the face plate of another and plug into the pw switch pins on the mobo, and nothing happens...
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    Can't boot from S-ATA hd

    gotta maxtor 160gb sata hdd, and I'm not able to boot into windows from it. When I turn on the computer, I get a menu to load 2 instances of windows xp. 1 is from my 100gb ide, and the other is from the 160gb sata. I have no probs booting into windows from the ide, but get an error on a black...
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    3 for 3 with newegg refurbs

    Just got my 9700 pro for 138 shipped from newegg, and it works like a charm. Hell of deal!!!!! :D woot woot, big ups to the Big Egg
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    Need Help!!!!!!!

    I've got an old(not ancient), DFI CA64-EN socket 370 mobo running a 933 mghz p3, and the only clip of ram that works with it is a 32 mb pny pc100. I have several different clips of varied size, speed(non ddr or rdram of course), and name brand ram that just will not work with this damn mobo...
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    I remembered a post about the 9600se retail with a certain s/n, was a 9600 pro. Does anyone know if that's still the case, and if it is can someone post the s/n for the 9600 pro? thanx in advance
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    thermal paste removal

    what can i use to get thermal compound off of my proc and hsf?
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    vpu monitor

    what app do you guys use to monitor your vpu?, I have a 9500 pro, and would like to know how hot it's running. thanx for any feedback
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    9800 np or 9700 pro

    quick guys, I need to know which is better
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    dfi vs abit

    I have an abit nf7-s already, but i'm building another system. The dfi looks pretty good too, so what should i get? Another nf7-s or a dfi ultra infinity? any comments or suggestions are welcomed thanx in advance:)
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    vpu monitoring utility

    I'd like to be able to check the temp on my video card (9500 pro). what program can i use to be able to do this?
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    Mobile Athlons????

    Is it true that the low voltage mobile cpu will work on the standard socket a mobo? If so, could someone with a mobile athlon xp reply with their experience with the chips? Thanx
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    T-bred B ??????

    How do you know if you have a t-bred b or just a regular t-bred? Will vendors advertize the chip as a t-bred b, or do you have to just get lucky? any thing would be helpful