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    Disk Catalog Software / Backup Software

    Hi Does anyone use any disk catalog or backup software that accurately reports if online storage is backed up somewhere else - either on other online arrays or on offline media - external disk drives being the major one but tape drives would be a bonus? I have a reasonable large primary...
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    ESXi / Quadro 4000 / VT-D Question

    Hi Dumb question - do I need VT-d switched on if I want to use the hardware acceleration features of the card (not pass thru, just h/w supported vSGA.) I've got VT-d switched off at the moment cos it doesn't play well with a Mellanox card I have installed in the server but I can replace that...
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    ReFS Wierdness

    2 drives, 3 TB used as SnapRAID parity drives. Identical make. Same parity file. Same disk size in Windows 2012 disk manager. Same volume size. Same parity file size. No other files, hidden or otherwise. But... different disk usage stats resulting in one reporting 600 GB left and one...
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    Dominions 4 beta

    on Desura if turn based games are your kind of thing:
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    Asus P8Z68-V LX not booting

    Hi I've a motherboard that doesn't post. Power is fine, fans spin, CPU gets hot, but the wonderful post screen never appears. It starts up for 30 seconds, spins down, and then starts up again - until I switch it off. There doesn't appear to be any physical damage. Anything I can do to...
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    Best way to migrate data - ESXi (non-work)

    Hi What is the best way to migrate data from one iSCSI service to another that is essentially free? I'm moving my vm files to a new iSCSI service but every method other than using vmkfstools is dog slow (and that's a pain cos I can't leave it running overnight since the way I read it only...
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    X8DTT Version Compatibility Question

    I've got 4 version 2.0's but one has failed. I see a version 1.2 for sale - anyone know if the power adaptor would work between different versions of motherboards. Anyone have any idea how to resurrect the failed one even better :) Thanks
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    Uninitialised Disk

    Hello I've got quite a few disks so I am not sure whether a disk in one of my servers did have data on it or not - it is not showing as uninitialized in Windows 2008 R2 disk manager. Tried a few disk recovery programs - didn't seem to find anything (no files on deep scan and no missing...
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    UK Deal - 2Tb Seagate Hard Drives ST2000DL003 £66.64 inc VAT
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    World War 3 Strategy Game

    I'm reading the rather excellent "The Third World War" by John Hackett - does anyone have any recommendations on a WWIII strategy / tactical (but not RTS) game - particularly one that focuses as much on the political balance as the warfare angle. Cheers
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    Windows 8 'bad' for desktop users - Gartner's one-word review

    Never seen a Gartner / Forrester report so negative about a MS OS from an Enterprise perspective. Have MS dropped the ball (or two?!) - only time will tell I guess.
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    Supermicro SuperMicro CSE-847E16-RJBOD1 or E26

    Hi Unless I use cascading (which I don't think I am going to) is there any advantage to buying the E26 option? Cheers
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    KVM Woes

    Hi Anyone have any experience of getting a KVM to work with higher end graphics cards. O have two DVI KVM's lying around (Avocent, Belkin) but neither work - more below. In both cases these work fine with my Geforce 7600GT but do not work with my machines with a Geforce GTX 670 or Radeon...
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    Yet Another KVM Question

    Hi Sorry if this has been asked before but can't find the answer - so far anyway. Is there any KVM around where mouse / keyboard software is supported (without putting the USB connectors into the KVM USB hub of course). Cheers
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    Supermicro Chassis CSE-847E16-RJBOD1

    Hi Anyone using this chassis. I'd really like to know how good the heat dissipation is and generally how good the case is. Thanks!
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    HP Z600 PS-On or External Power Supply

    Hi I have a HP Z600 workstation. Looking to use an external power supply to see if I can get a crossfire setup going. I've seen this Thermaltake power supply which looks the business...
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    Norco 3505 MINI-SAS storage enclosure backplane

    Hi I've noticed that there are a number of versions of this backplane. The link below points to version 3.6. Does anyone have a change history behind these version changes? I've noticed...
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    Quad Rank versus Qual Rank

    Hi Looking to buy some more memory for my main virtualisation host - based on a Supermicro X8DTN. Bit confused - why is the dual rank more expensive than its quad rank counterparts? I believe I have dual rank in the server at the moment. Obviously I would prefer to go for the cheaper memory...
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    Old Skool RPG

    Hi If you like that kind of game you could do worse than look at Knights of the Chalice (KOTC) - its a real old skool D&D party game. Enough said really :)
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    Areca Again

    Had intermittent issues with my forth volume ( 12 x 2 TB disks in a RAID-6 config) on my Areca 1680 and today it failed spectacularly. I have 1 disk failed although a bunch of them decided to fail and rebuild en-masse. The RAID state shows rebuilding with the volume state of failed. I guess...
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    Dual Monitor KVM's

    Hi I've a couple of main PC's that could benefit from dual screens. That being the case it makes sense for me to use a dual monitor KVM as opposed to the single monitor KVM I am using now, such that both PC's can take advantage of the extra screen. I'm wondering if anyone actually uses one...
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    I wonder how optimised this storage will be and the features it will contain if the links are to be believed:
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    Cheap "dumb" motherboard for SAS Expander

    Hey I'm building a couple of drive cages using a pair of Norco 4224 - each will have SAS Expanders connected to a single server with a P800 RAID card. Obviously, I need to provide power to the SAS Expander within the drive cage - anyone provide details on this thread about what motherboards...
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    Maximum Nos of Disks in RAID 6 Set

    Hi With all the mega large disk enclosures in play on this forum I was wondering if anyone has the RAID-6 maximum of 16 disks and if so how long it took to initialise the drive and if heaven forbid one disk (or two) failed how long it took to rebuild the RAID set. I'm intending to build...