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    ANYONE UP FOR FUN CS:S GG? Is the IP. BFF Turbo GG Server. No ones in it right now. It used to always have ppl but no ones it it anymore. Its a really good lag free i ya wanna join add me on steam.. Steam ID: cg0014 Tag:[DEX]ReL@pse
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    Firefox wont remember txt?

    I have a problem where like when im logging into myspace and check the remember me box but for some reason firefox wont remember me. It works with IE7 but not do I fix this?
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    How do you unlock new TF2 weapons?

    Just curious I mean they dont even fucking tell you how to get them or anything???
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    How do you get sound with X360 to PC?

    I recently got a 360 and the cable the hook it up to my monitor and everything but i cant figure out how to get the sound to work cuz i have logitechs X-540 surround sound speakers. here is a link..,en idk...
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    8500gt worse than 7800gt?

    I just bought the fatality branded geforce 8500gt 512mb and it seems to give me worse fps than with my old 7800gt oc 256mb. And I dont understand why. Is it because i dont have vista? cuz it says on the box that it was designed for windows vista. PS>here my pc specs: AMD Athlon 64...
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    Portal and EP2 connected?

    So I beat EP2 and portal and im curious how exactly the tie into each other storyline wise? I watched a video review on and they said that the portal ending would leave you "shocked" but i didn't really get it?
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    No mics in Quake Wars?

    wtf im playing the demo and it looks to me like there's no mic support. I refuse to play this game if it has no microphone support. Its not any fun wihout it so wtf!!!
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    Creative x-fi extreme gamer & battlefield 2142

    Is there a fix for like the staticy noise you get from the artillery when it comes down? Everything else sounds fine but the artillery is just static instead of explosions. My ingame settings are Creative x-fi, and High. And under the audio console it is set on game mode. Help plz?
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    Disabling startup items for hardware?

    I just got the sound blaster X-fi extreme gamer audio card installed and im wondering if it's ok to disable all the startup items and still have it work properly??
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    Help installing card??

    Ok so my video card is on the highest pci slot and im wondering whether it's best to install the sound card right under the video card or skip a slot and use the very bottom one because im worried that the sound card and video card will be touching. Help??
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    Oblivion - Any good blunt weapons???

    I have oblivion and shivering isles exp. pack and im at level 21. I can not at all find a good blunt weapon. I've already mastered my skills with a sword so now im trying to get my blunt stats up. The best blunt weapon i've found so far does like 9-10 damage compared to the glass longsword which...
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    Preparing for Bioshock

    So after watching some gameplay videos of this masterpiece in the making it looks to me like it's prolly gonna take alot of horsepower to run this game max settings. Right now im saving up for a nVidia 8800 640mb video card and possibly a processor upgrade. How do you guys think this game is...
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    How do yall like Resident Evil 4 for the PC?

    So I never played RE4 and figured I'd give it a try and bought it for $20 a few days ago and im contemplating right now whether or not to throw it in the trash. And Nothing against you resident evil fans, I can see that this is a great addition to the Resident Evil series but to me this version...
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    How do yall like Resident Evil 4 for PC?

    So I never played RE4 and figured I'd give it a try and bought it for $20 a few days ago and im contemplating right now whether or not to throw it in the trash. And Nothing against you resident evil fans, I can see that this is a great addition to the Resident Evil series but to me this version...
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    EA Link error with C&C 3

    So i downloaded C&C 3 from EA Link and tried to install it and got this error Error 32791:6 And this is the answer i got from EA Support: This error is caused when there is an attempt to install a number of times on multiple computers. This feature is active to help to prevent illegal...
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    Whats the point of switching to vista?

    Why switch to windows vista when it degrades gaming performance? I dont understand :confused:
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    Starcraft 2 gameplay videos!

    Eat it up guys, 2 gameplay videos of Starcraft 2
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    Windows task manager/Performance tab

    When i press ctrl+alt+delete and look at my performance tab my CPU usage bar goes from 0 to 25 to 70 then back to 0 when im not even doing anything. I dont know whats up with this. I do have all the performance counters disabled so idk if that has anything to do with it but here's some screens...
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    Monitor resolutions & gaming question

    I have the Samsung Syncmaster 931b and it seem to be a pretty good LCD monitor. I also have the DVI cable in. My question is about resoluions and gaming. Like with my monitor the highest resolution i get is 1280x1024 & it has the 8ms response thing and im satisfied with it. But the thing is the...
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    Oblivion question

    Im wondering like when your fighting someone and it says that your speed or your intelligence has been damaged if there is a way to get it back to normal because when i look at my stats my intelligence or whatever is lower than what it normally was and is in red instead of green?
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    No more drivers for XP??

    So are they going to continue making like nvidia drivers for XP or is all gonna be vista for now on cuz they haven't made a new one in a while. It's all been for vista :(
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    Doom 3

    I've been lookin at trying a few of these mods here like the Classic Doom 3 mod and the ninja tournament mod but i dont know if they are any good. What are like the best one's overall i could find. And a good link to the Doom 3 mods other than fileplanet or fileshack would be good cuz i dont...
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    New battlefield game? for the 360...

    Called Battlefield: Bad Company Graphics are lookin sweet so far. Hope it comes out for the PC.
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    Adobe flash wont work on my IE7??

    I've gone to the adobe website and tried downloading this thing and it says it was successfully installed but nothing changed and flash still wont work. So i went back and checked the box that says "also install the yahoo toolbar" tried that and flash still doesn't work the damn yahoo toolbar...
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    Anyone use the PCI Latency Tool? help?

    I've been using the pci latency tool 2.0 and i can't recognize what half the things that show on the list really are. The only thing i do recognize is the VGA compatable controller and under device name says nVidia corp. Now with the PCI Latency Tool 3.0 i get a totally different list...
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    Wireless routers and online gaming?

    We have the linksys router i cant remember the model name exactly but it's just the regular one with speedbooster and then the Wireless G USB adapter for my computer. Im just curious as to how to get the best performance/connection out of these things for online gaming. The router is right next...
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    Samsung 931b - Help With DVI Cables plz..

    I dont know much about the difference between DVI and Analog except that DVI has better quality in video playback so im thinkin games would look/play better with DVI? But right now i got the samsung 931b + Nvidia 7800 gt oc and im using analog cuz well really i never even heard of it till...
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    Syncmaster 931B - Best settings for gaming

    So i just purchased the samsung syncmaster 931B for $250. I installed the software and set it to analog but im not sure what the difference is between analog and digital. But right now everything pretty bright and so im wondering if anyone could help me get the settings configured so everything...
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    2 GB of RAM...what now?

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    Teamspeak not showing servers

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    Im pretty much screwed right?

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    Help with drivers for BFG 7800 GT OC

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    Black Vipers list of services

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    Can u play BF2 in widescreen??

    Like i've been playing condemned criminal origins and it plays in widescreen and i think it looks really cool so can this be done in BF2?
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    Condemned=great pc game

    condemned: criminal origins for the pc is a really cool game and i was suprised that it actually could run smoothly on my computer. but im having trouble with the sound. like when the "addict's" or "bums" say something it sound likes it's really far away when they're actually close. it's just a...
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    Oblivion - Make it pretty mod anyone?

    So is anyone using this mod cause im thinking about trying it but if you install this does it impact your performance at all?
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    Anyone have the nvidia 7800 GT?

    Ok im asking this cause this is the card i have and im having alot of trouble with FPS in Oblivion. mainly when outside but i also notice when i carry a torch in like dungeons and stuff my mouse movement will slow down again like it does when im outside. So i need help on how to get solid FPS...