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    Chrome 39 Released

    So Google finally released a 64-bit version of Chrome for Mac. I love Chrome but it destroys battery life on OS X, so I try to use Safari as much as possible. I'm hoping the 64-bit version of Chrome will help with that on OS X. Anyone else install it and have any results from their usage?
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    iPhone 4 Camera Discoloration

    Is anyone else experiencing something similar? Please see the link here: Or, a smaller version right here in the post:
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    New AT&T Data Plans for the iPhone/iPad From Engadget's article: DataPlus / DataPro * The existing $30 fair-use "unlimited" smartphone data plan is being replaced by two new options: $15 per month for 200MB and $25 for 2GB...
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    Magic Mouse

    Anyone get one of these yet? I definitely want one from the announcements and the promo videos. I haven't been able to hit up an Apple store yet to get a feel for 'em myself.
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    PHP exec() Not Working on a WAMP Install

    Perhaps it's a security issue. Perhaps it's something else, but for the life of me, I haven't been able to get a PHP script working with a batch file I've created on an XP machine running WAMP. Here's the scoop. I need to obtain the newest .csv files from a remote SFTP every day and then...
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    .htaccess Redirection with HTTPS and Exception

    I've been scouring Google to find a similar situation but haven't been successful yet, so I turn to get help from the [H] crew. Currently, our .htaccess file redirects any non https URL to an https URL enabling the entire site to be secure. This has been great and has been working fine for...
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    CSV with Apostrophe into MySQL using PHP

    Hi all. I'm a relative n00b when it comes to PHP/MySQL, so please excuse me for that. I did a search but did not find too much information, so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I'm writing a script to import a CSV file into a MySQL table (nothing fancy), and it works...
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    Anyway to NOT use a theme in iDVD?

    I spent about an hour trying to play around with the preferences and available themes/options, but is there a way to not choose one of the available themes for iDVD? I recently bought a MacBook and figured to give it a try. If I'm limited to having to use one of the available themese, that'd be...