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    3080ti Sekiro Shadows Die Twice No Sound

    Didn't know were else to post this, I have no sound at all in game but in Windows, Youtube, etc. the sound is fine. One thing to point out is this happened after I swapped a 3080 for a 3080ti with a fresh driver install. I redownloaded the game also to no avail. Everything was fine until the swap.
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    PS5 turned off to Save Power. Even when in Rest Mode

    Might be a bug, I don't know, but my PS5 powers off to save energy even in Rest Mode. Is there a way to keep it on indefinitely without it powering down? I just bought Returnal and this is my only in game "save" option. Update : I guess everyone knows about it but me. It is a BUG. Just got...
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    HDR support for Control PC?

    Did Control for the PC get HDR support or was it just for the consoles?
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    Any thoughts on RE Village demo PS5?

    Didn't get a chance to play it. I dl it and missed the cutoff time. Gotta wait 5 days for the next demo
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    Nioh 2 Ps5 Upgrade

    Does anyone know how the download process will work from the PS store?
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    Evga 3080 2x8 pin vs 3 x 8 pin, why?

    Why does the Evga 3080 ftw3 ultra have 3x8 pin connections vs the XC3 ultra that has 2x8 pin? They both have identical specs other than the ftw3 having about 55 more Mhz of boost clock.
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    Can someone tell me what's happening?

    I think my 2080 Super is dying. My fans don't even turn on while benchmarking. SMH
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    Even if the 10 gb 3080 is available, I'll wait

    I guess I just got fed up with all the hype, acting like a crackhead, chatter and scouring the net for any news related to a possible release or sighting of a 3080 only to be let down by the dreaded "out of stock" or "sold out" screen. Even if I do happen to see one in stock somewhere, I'll...
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    How to make a Scalper pay

    If you buy a RTX 3080 from a known Scalper on eBay you have 30 days to return it no questions asked. Now I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure I am right. I sell a lot of stuff on ebay and have had people "borrow" my items for 30 days just to return it and say it doesn't work. I wonder if anyone...
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    The Hunt continues!

    I know it was sad to come home empty handed to not catch a 3080, but the hunt continues! Some will say that the prize is greater than the hunt. I say the hunt is more exciting than the prize. So here I am again seeking and searching the internet for the big game that is the RTX 3080.
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    What time is the LAUNCH!

    This kinda sucks having to ask a question like this buuuuuut. Any ideas on about what time sites will start showing prices and "add to cart" options? 12 midnight, early morn? I live across the street from Starbucks and was thinking about grabbing a couple of Iced coffees.
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    Does anyone still use Sweetfx, ENB or Reshade

    I want to play Mafia 3 but want to mod it with one of those injectors. Does anyone know a good tutorial on how to install one in Win 10? I know I'm late to the game.
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    Will the 41mm Samsung galaxy watch 3 ever come in Black?

    I hate the only 2 colors of the Galaxy watch 3. Why wouldn't they make the 41mm in Black? Does anyone know if they plan on releasing a Black version? I know the 45mm comes in Black but it would be too big for my spindly wrist!
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    Who is Ice Universe, any ideas?

    I wonder if he is somehow Samsung related. A Google search is very vague saying he's a "mysterious" insider. Duh.
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    How about a petition for someone to make a 43" OLED monitor/TV

    I know, don't I have anything better to do? Not really. What do you guys think. I know I would sign it in a heartbeat and judging by all the threads on [H] I kinda feel a lot of other people would also. Not that it would make a difference, or would it?
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    A way to keep 55" screen background black and only have your resized PC window showing?

    This might sound like a stupid question but I'm wondering if there is a way to keep my 55 in TV screen background black and only show my resized PC window which I have at about a 27" monitor. Like I said before, probably a stupid question.
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    Where can you buy UK versions of a TV in the USA?

    I'm wanting to buy a Samsung 55 in Q90r but they only make that screen size in the UK. A 65 in is the smallest size here in the good 'ol USA. Hence, my question. Can you buy or is it even feasible to buy a UK version in the USA?
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    Why does my Sony 900f display a native resolution of 3840x2160?

    Is this normal?
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    Note 10 Plus missed calls too frequently. Bad antennae?

    I just set up my Note 10 after trading in my Note 9 and have had maybe 9 missed calls here at home in the same place where my Note 9 would never miss a call. This is not an ATT issue. It has to be the phone. Could this be I have a bad radio antennae. SMH
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    Note 9 International version is not Trade-in eligible

    Just a heads up. You won't be able to trade in your "international" version of your Note 9 to Samsung through their online trade in program. Only US version is eligible. SMH. Someone please tell me where I can trade in my att unlocked Note 9 for $600. That's what Samsung is giving for the US...
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    When will ATT 5G be relevant in San Bernardino, CA

    I live in San Bernardino, CA and want to pull the trigger on the new Note 10 Plus but am on the fence if I should get the 4g or 5g variant. Samsung has offered me $600 for my Note 9 as a trade-in. Should I get the 4g or the 5g phone. In my city there is no 5g currently and it seems like there...
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    Just bought Samsung Q60 43 inch and called it a day

    I gotta say that all the confusion surrounding my monitor choices that I had to research before I purchased left me with a freakin migraine. I just said, what the heck and bought the Samsung Q60 43 inch TV. I gotta say guys, I couldn't be happier. I know it's only 60hz but it is all I need ATM...
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    What is the best 4k monitor with the best blacks?

    This has probably been asked before but I'm looking for a a 27 inch 4k monitor with the best blacks and little to no light bleed. It could be IPS or another panel with the best viewing angles.
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    Flash drive Slow Down

    Why does my new SanDisk Ultra 3.0 starts transferring at about 60mbps then after 10 seconds and 1/4 of the way it slows to 25 mbps?
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    No Win 8.1 support with Asus TUF Z370 plus motherboard and an i7-8700k

    Is there a way to get PCI Memory Controller, SM Bus Controller or LAN drivers working with this board coupled with an i7-8700k and Win 8.1 Pro? This motherboard is stubborn and giving me a real hard time trying to find a workaround. I know what some of you will say, "Just switch to Win 10". I...
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    Windows 10 update stuck at 98%

    Stuck at 98% then my computer freezes. I then have to hard restart.
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    Nvidia Shield android games in 4K?

    Are there any Shield games you could download from the Play Store that you can play in 4K?
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    Recommend me a PSU that stays relatively cool

    I currently have a Corsair CX 750M that gets pretty warm. Are there any PSU's that don't get too hot? With summer right around the corner I could use another solution. Thanks
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    Xbox Scorpio rumor mill info?

    Where is the best place to get the latest Xbox Scorpio rumors and info?
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    Can or should I keep KBoost enabled?

    This has probably been asked but I'm too lazy to search. I just bought a 1070 and would like to keep KBoost always enabled. Does anyone think that would be problematic?
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    EVGA Guest RMA?

    I just bought a EVGA GTX 1070 FTW KR series from an individual on ebay that has about a 950 positive feedback rating. He said he bought the card in January and that it has 800 days left on the warranty by checking the serial number on the card. He registered the card himself and if I ever need...
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    Boost mode on standard PS4?

    Is Boost mode enabled only for the PS4 pro or will the Standard PS4 benefit from it?
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    When will the PS4 Pro come down a little in price?

    I want one now but I'm hoping and waiting for the price to come down a few dollars. Has anyone seen any deals out there? What do you think?
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    Very slippery 10 inch tablet

    I have an acer 10 in. tablet that has a very slippery back side. It's really distracting trying to keep it from slipping out of my hands. Any suggestions?
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    My bluetooth headphones wont connect

    I have a pair of Bluetooth headphones that won't pair with a Logitech bluetooth adapter thats on my Yamaha audio receiver . Anyone familiar with this problem ?
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    No sound in Mafia 3. I freakin give up

    I have the digital deluxe version of Mafia 3 and for the love of me cannot get the voices to play in cutscenes or in game. All other sounds play fine. I think I have done everything that is possible within my realm of computer skills trying to fix this including, going to control panel and...
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    Mafia 3. Whaddya think?

    Anyone play Mafia 3 on a PS4?
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    How do you mask your wifi while streaming content at home?

    I have VPN software on my computer which is hardwired to my router, so I feel I'm pretty well anonymous there. But sometimes I stream content on my phone using the same router with wifi. Is there a way or a need to hide your wifi address when streaming questionable content using your home router?
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    Quick question about Darksiders deathinitive edition PC

    When using an Xbox controller, right after I dodge my weapon comes up missing and unequipped so I can't deal damage unless I equip my weapon again. Is this the norm?
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    Dark Souls 3 Firekeeper asks me to kneel but the option isn't there WTF

    I am at the end game trying to get to the last boss. After giving the souls to the 4 lord of cinder in the firelink shrine, the Firekeeper asks me to kneel but there is no fuckin option to kneel, only Rest at Bonfire option. This effin sucks balls!