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    Battlefield: Hardline

    Do I HAVE to install Punkbuster to play this Beta? I don't have fond memories of Punkbuster, and it never seemed to do anything but get me kicked off servers due to version mismatches. ugh. So, do I HAVE TO?
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    COD: Ghosts

    ... delete
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    Panasonic to Exit Plasma TV Panel Business

    So what's the next thing I'm going to buy when I need a TV in 4 or 5 years? I haven't paid attention to LCD/OLED and the last two TV's I purchased were Panny Plasmas because I'm one of those "black level" guys. I guess I'll never own a ZT series, since I have no need for one at the moment, nor...
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    Humble Bundle 9

    Wow, that person sounds like a joy to deal with
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    Only a matter of time until a new console player enters? Maybe Sega?

    Sorta looks that way doesn't it? I'd be more afraid of it looking like the clog that happened in 80's though.
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    Both consoles now are pay to play online

    You guys are always doom and gloom on here. They'll be fine for what they are and the audience they're intended for. Not everybody wants to fuck around with a PC when they just want to turn on and tune out. I'll have one or the other eventually, but most likely a PS4 because: Gamefly. Microsoft...
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    Any Xbox owners considering switch with next gen?

    The only thing I know right now is that I'm not buying either system at launch, and that I'm not buying a Microsoft product that blocks used games and requires an always on internet connection. I can spend the next year going through the PS3 and X360 back catalog, along with my steam library...
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    In retrospect, was the NES really a good system?

    Orgasms, fun? What a load.
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    Rosewill Windows Remote $12

    I'm about to finish building a HTPC and I've got a couple questions if you guys know the answers... What does "works with Logitech Programmable" mean? Will this work to play/pause/fast forward/rewind in Netflix and Hulu? Or, is it mostly for when you're using the WMC? thanks!
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    Where are the Superbowl 2013 HDTV deals?

    My local Best Buy was running a deal for $1699 on the Panasonic 55" VT50 (TC-P55VT50) I can't buy a TV right now, but I've had that one in my crosshairs for a bit. I did have to pre-warn the wife, if I catch it much lower than that on Amazon, tax free and with free shipping, I'm likely going to...
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    Steve Blum...most over used voice actor in gaming EVER?

    I recently loaded up Thief from the Steam sale, and upon hearing the voice overs in the first cut scene (and training) that was my first thought: "What intern/programmer/assistant did they get to read these lines?" Side note, it's funny to go back and play Escape from Butcher Bay after...
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    Your scariest moment of gaming?

    The scariest part of Dead Space 2 was where you revisit a certain aspect (don't want to spoil anything) of Dead Space 1. Knowing what went down in the first game, and seeing how it's been sterilized in an attempt to hide the carnage, and then the shit hitting the fan big style. Total...
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    Bosch Impact Driver - Half Off

    I have one of these. It`s awesome,.drives like a boss
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I would be forever grateful if anyone has an invite. Used Demonoid forever, bummed to see it leave
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    Rage - PC $4.99

    I was about to bite, and then I remembered that the ending sucks terrible ass and was phoned in, sloughed off, or whatever excuse we should use for something like that
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    25 More- Hawken Beta Codes

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    Dead Island vs Left for Dead?

    Dead island is fun with buddies, mods and the ability to get yourself some badass weapons early on. Otherwise, the pacing is shit, the game is buggy as hell, and the difficultly curve is ridiculously disjointed. I really enjoyed most of it, but there is a lot of inventory management, supplies...
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    PhysX in Borderlands 2

    What program are you all using to measure gpu load?
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    Sony PlayStation 24" 1080p 3D LCD Monitor $180 at Best Buy

    Hit up the monitor thread for some good info on this monitor. It's not all positive, but it will give you an idea. Long story short, if you like jumping through hoops, buy it for use as a 3D PC monitor. Not all the specs are entirely upfront. I believe it switches to 720p for 3D things. I'm...
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    PhysX in Borderlands 2

    I was using fraps, and just eyeballing it
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    PhysX in Borderlands 2

    When I was messing around with resolutions and physx settings to find the right mix of performance and accurately moving toilet sludge, having physx on 'High' makes so many particles during firefights that it was a bit much. Prime example was the Big Bertha fight with all the grenades and...
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    Battlefield 3 - Used - Sep 22, 2012 17:06:20 PDT $10.01 Like new, code has been used. No scratches
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    OCZ DDR500 2GB (2x1GB) Ends Sep 22, 2012 15:12:05 PDT $12.01 Used, never overclocked, gutting old system and selling anything people will buy
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    DOOM 3 BFG Edition Screws PC Users?

    I know that Doom 1 and Doom 2 were released on XBLA with multiplayer functionality at one point in time. So it wouldn't surprise me if they made no changes, and just slapped those already done ports onto the package.
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    Carmack apologizes to PC gamers about Rage

    I didn't hate the game throughout most of it, but they absolutely shit the bed with that ending. That ending was inexcusable.
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    Best Streaming Video Services Compared

    Oh, and how many commercials does Crackle stuff up your butt? On the Xbox, it's almost unwatchable the amount of commercials they push
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    Best Streaming Video Services Compared

    We're getting ready to go with a couple Roku 2's and an HTPC, to ditch satellite. Maybe not forever, but I'm so sick of paying $100 month for the second to base level package and HBO along with the DVR service. We're going Antenna, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus. Maybe not forever, but at...
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    HOT $161 HP elitebook 17.3" LED Notebook - i7 8GB ddr3/750GB/nvidia quadro 3000m

    looks like somebody moved a decimal over to the left one spot too many
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    Kicked Out Of A Concert For Negative Tweet?

    Yeah, after reading all the negative stories about him in the Reddit thread, I'm going with "No" That thread had tons of various people giving accounts: concert goers who like him a lot but can attest that he kicks someone out of every show, legitimate fans with stories of standing in line to...
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    Xbox Live, advertisements up, games down

    I get what I pay for. I hate the Metro UI, wish it never existed, and don't interact with it. I hit the Xbox button on the controller, launch games, check who's online, and join parties from there. The exception is for when I launch Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Go, which are in my quickplay square...
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    The "Drop <Your Carrier> and going Prepaid" Discussion

    Would it still be cheaper to drop three off of the plan and keep the one on Sprint? I'm not familiar with their plan pricing
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    Does it bother you when people skip Cutscenes/Turorials?

    urban dictionary is your pal
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    The "Drop <Your Carrier> and going Prepaid" Discussion

    I wish I'd thought this through/been aware of it when I just reupped my wife's contract for a Verizon Nexus. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeit. The T-Mobile plan is perfect for her and will be for me too when I get off contract in a year-ish. have to look into how much trouble it is to port to Google Voice...
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    What do you guys think of the Sony PS3 3d display as a 3D PC monitor?

    It was truly tempting, and I might bite if it goes down any more, but for $200 and with all the mixed reviews and not being truly designed with the PC in mind in terms of it's 3d support, I canceled my order. If I see it for $99 I'll probably no brainer it, but for right now, I'll stick with...
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    What do you guys think of the Sony PS3 3d display as a 3D PC monitor?

    Any updates on this thing for the 3d PC side of things? I grabbed one off of the Best Buy sale, but haven't picked it up yet. I wasn't aware that it didn't do true 120hz on the PC side, but I'm still curious about it's 3d ability as I do have an Xbox, a PS3, and a blu ray drive in my computer...
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    Getting Rid of Some Old Console Games (Advice, not a FS Thread)

    Do eBay. List them as lots. Make them one big lot per console, or break them into stacks that will fit a USPS Medium/Large flat rate box. $12-15 shipping. When you do ship, ring it all out online, as you get a slight discount which translates to lower shipping and makes your auction more...
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    Penny Arcade's On The Rainslick Precipice of Darkness 3 - Out TODAY!

    I'm probably going to have to fall back on sheer fanboy willpower to get through this one. I'm not sure how long it is, so I may be able to grunt through without it. I think it's great and awesome and wow: nostalgia, regarding the decision to make it a 2D SNES RPG style, but I loved the art...
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    Done with BF3, back to BC2

    OH RLY? Seriously, that's all you've got to contribute? Some ambivalent, non-committal ballbustery? Fine, for the sake of "sane" semantically accurate language, so we all aren't confused, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, the fact that most (can I say most, will the judges allow it?!), MOST of the...