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    Looking for advice: Zotac 3070 and EVGA 3070 Ti are the same price - which do I get?

    If your PSU can handle the extra load of the Ti then I would definite go with the EVGA.
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    Best Buy in-store FE restock, August 26th.

    The 3090s were the 2nd to last to sell out in my queue. The 3080ti's were dead last. The last 9-10 people before the cutoff only had one choice but they all took it. Probably because there was another 150 or so people behind them.
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    GPU prices — is the worst behind us ?

    If Ebay will force a shipping refund then why does ebay ask the seller specifically how much they want to charge for handling when they list the item?
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    GPU prices — is the worst behind us ?

    The high shipping amount isn't a scam. They are trying to save the buyer's some sales tax. Ebay collects sales tax for the item amount and not shipping charges, at least in California.
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    Why is Microcenter scalping people.

    Definition of luxury a : something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary b : an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease
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    For $200 can I do any better than dual 660ti s?

    Nope. gtx 760 has a 1152 cores and 256bit bus vs 1344 cores and 192bit for the gtx 660ti.
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    Fry's: Intel Haswell-E Core i7 5820K for $329 w/FS

    Except he was linked to a board that would cost under $200 with visa checkout. :rolleyes: BTW if a 6 core unlocked Haswell-E at $329 is overpriced garbage what does that make the i7-4770K and i7-4790K?
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    Fry's: Intel Haswell-E Core i7 5820K for $329 w/FS

    Welcome to the internet where people complain about price but demand the very best and every feature under the sun.
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    Vid card under $75

    There was a guy selling a HD 7870 for $65. But looks like it was snapped up. I would look around that range. 7850-7870 or a GTX 650ti Boost/ GTX 660 if you are lucky. Post a wanted ad.
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    [Tweaktown] R9 290/x price cuts begin

    Anyone actually running a $15 processor with a $200 video card is either stupid or doing it for kicks.
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    Warm? Newegg Shell Shocker: XFX 290X $419.99-$30 MIR = $389.99

    This isn't even the best deal for this card today. Its currently $370 AR at Tigerdirect. Plus I think there's a $10 off for Tigerdirect floating around so it should be $360 AR.
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    EVGA 780 GTX Classified $339.99 AR TODAY ONLY @ Newegg

    If the rumored GTX 960 comes out next month at $250 and offers similar performance it wouldn't surprise me to see 780s go sub $220.
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    GTX980 for over 700USD?

    Last I checked MSI, Asus, Gigabyte and XFX (if you don't register) all have warranties by serial number.
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    Should I sell my 6990 + 6970 to buy an nVidia card, and capitalize on the coin craze?

    Some people hardly pay anything for electricity. And a 6970 or unlocked 6950 are hardly slouches. They can pull close to 500k/hash with a mild overclock.
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    Should I sell my 6990 + 6970 to buy an nVidia card, and capitalize on the coin craze?

    You will get the best prices on ebay. But you have to factor in 10% fees and an increased risk of dealing with someone shady. You could also try selling on the F/S forum here. But expect a lot of lowball offers or they might try to get you to ship first if you don't have any heat. Just...
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    Should I sell my 6990 + 6970 to buy an nVidia card, and capitalize on the coin craze?

    If you have no intention of mining then sell them now. You could probably get enough to pay for a gtx 780. You should be able to get around $170 shipped for the 6970. The 6990 is probably double that plus add a small premium for only using a single slot. In 2-5 months asics miners will...
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    [NEW} Another Failed UPC Code Rebate

    This is Amazon's fault for slapping their own UPC over the original. How is this 4rebate or Galaxy's fault? BTW Amazon usually only slaps their own UPC on OPEN BOX items to differentiate between new items so they know which item to pack and ship. If this item was purchased from Warehouse...
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    Powercolor 7950 refuses to overclock

    That looks like throttling. Have you tried moving the power limit up? May also want to open up gpu-z and check the vrm temps if the powercolor card reports them.
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    Galaxy GTX560TI overheating

    Touch the heatpipe when your stressing the card. If its not hot to the touch its not making proper contact.
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    PNY GTX 770 2GB $266 AR

    Nice price for those that don't have to pay the tax goblin.
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    PNY GeForce GTX 770 2GB OC $290 after MIR

    Link is to a gtx 780 ti. Think this is the proper one.
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    Dell’s Venue 8 Pro tablet for $99 at Microsoft Stores on Monday

    Funny how fast the store starts working again after its sold out.
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    GTX770 or a GTX780 @ 1920x1200

    Gtx 770 is already coming up on its 2 year anniversary since its just a gtx 680 with better clocks you are probably better off with a gtx 780 for longevity purposes.
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    Upgrade question

    Gtx 660ti, Gtx 760, Gtx 670 or Gtx 680. The performance gap between all 4 of those cards is no higher then 25%. So its pretty much whatever you can find the best deal on.
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    Litecoin Mining with 2 7970s, not crossfire?

    Crossfire doesn't matter. You can put the card in any PCIe slot that will fit and it wouldn't effect mining as far as I know.
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    7870 LE/XT $270 amazon (in stock)

    Damn. I sold mine a few months ago for $150.
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    Strange issue with N580GTX cards

    It's a pita but you should probably try each card individually if you haven't already. Artifacts usually aren't a good sign at stock clocks.
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    What am I missing by not upgrading NVIDIA drivers?

    If it works and you don't play games. Just leave it as is.
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    should i use hdmi cable or vga on r9 270x ?

    What difference would there be between dvi, displayport or hdmi at 1080p?
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    Worth upgrading from a 2600K?

    Personally, I would just wait for Haswell-E in the 2nd half of 2014.
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    Refurb Evga GTX 670 2gb $160 shipped at Newegg 1 year warranty from Evga. 76 left as of this posting. ALL GONE 2 hours and 20 minutes later.
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    EVGA SC 780GTX Relisted item $439.99

    If you don't work with the buyer then ebay will send the buyer a prepaid label with your registered address on it. When the tracking shows it was delivered they will refund the buyer automatically. They will then put a negative balance on your paypal account. If you don't resolve the negative...
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    New 7950 twin frozr has a few anomalies

    That's AMD's power limiter throttling your card. I don't believe there is anyway to fix it with afterburner. You need to install Trixx or only certain versions of Asus GPU Tweak to raise voltage. You may also be able to find a modified bios or drivers to up the limiter or remove it. But...
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    Zotac cards?

    Zotac was started by the same parent company as Sapphire, PC Partners. It was obviously created so that PC Partners could get a slice of the Nvidia pie without loosing Sapphire's premier partner status with AMD. So Zotac definitely has the financial backing but similar to any computer parts...
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    is my friends cpu bottlenecking his system?

    Op has a Phenom II 940 not an I7 940. Downclock your i7 to around 2.2 ghz and see if you bottleneck. That's about the power of a PII 940 at stock.
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    R9 270x/280x vs 7950/7970

    I decided not to wait and got a used Sapphire 7950 with the 7970 reference cooler off ebay for $155 shipped. Got it today and I'm quite satisfied. I see no point in waiting. New gen cards are almost always poor value for equal performance of current gen cards at current street prices.
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    Video card recommendation for i5-2500k? Budget $150 - $200

    You would believe it if you actually bothered to read the OP's post. He wants cool and quiet over fps. 7950 is best bang for the buck but it is also an absolute pig compared to Pitcairn. And that $170 card you were talking about is a MSI POS with no heatpipes and a single fan. My friend got...
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    do you get coil whine on the first 3dmark test?

    "Send the bare product only (original packaging, accessories and/or other peripherals may not be returned)" Ripped right from Gigabyte's rma website. You are right to blame Gigabyte for the coil whine but please refrain from calling them shady because you can't be bothered to read RMA...
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    7950 price drops on amazon, xfx $360, asus $374

    Its for looks and keeps longer, heavier cards from warping over time. But the Gigabyte does have a metal brace built in along the top of the card that should work just as well. So yeah basically for looks...
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    GTX 670 SOC or GTX 680 Stock Clock???

    Not really much more to say. The Gigabyte gtx 670 is the best bang for the buck on the higher end especially if you don't overclock because of the high boost out of the box (I've seen 1120mhz to 1202mhz depending on your luck).